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  1. Rode for 10 miles tonight. Distance-wise, commuting to work should be a piece of cake. Just have to worry about dodging traffic on the way home (in the morning, there's not enough cars out to be concerned.)
  2. Went to the gym to lift last night after having not gone for something like 2 weeks (I pulled a muscle doing side lunges, then had to work late a bunch of nights, excuse, excuse, etc.) Didn't struggle as much as I thought I might, but I also didn't pull any spectacular numbers. Still have to get 2 more sessions in before the week is over, but tonight I think I'll go on a bike ride instead. It will be my first ride on the new bike and the first real ride in many years if you don't count test riding a different one at the bike shop a couple weeks ago. Once I jump that hurdle, I'm hoping I'll be confident enough for my first ride to work.
  3. You've got a great nutrition goal. It's pretty challenging, but easy to measure. Makes me think I shouldn't have gone with something so complicated and subjective.
  4. Eating primally on the nights when you're feeling tired and lazy is tough. I'm still trying to come up with something quick I can fall back on besides bacon and eggs when I don't want to cook dinner. There are some nights when I miss the days of having cereal in the house at all times.
  5. Going full-on paleo could easily lead to an empty wallet. I've found it easier to avoid sticker shock in the grocery store by easing into the grass-fed and organic versions. It's all pretty easy to find in my area so I've started with organic eggs and I haven't completely given up dairy yet so that's organic too. For now, I get antibiotic and hormone-free beef that is grass-fed but grain-finished. By replacing a couple kinds of items every couple of weeks it doesn't feel quite so expensive.
  6. I took the last few challenges off, but it's time to get back at it. I've kept up working out and eating healthier, but it's time to participate in a challenge again to refocus and get me closer to my goals. It's harder to amp up your routine and eat better if you're not doing anything to measure progress, right? Goal 1 Lift more! I need to make it into the gym to lift 3 times each week. Once or twice hasn't led to any real progress in my lifts (shocking, I know) so I have to quit half-assing it if I want to see some bigger numbers. In addition to lifting 3 days a week, I want to increase the following lifts. (I'm following the New Rules of Lifting Supercharged program and am about to transition to a different phase of the program. That is what's determining the set/rep scheme.) Deadlift Currently 125lbs 4x6 -> 150lbs 4x4 DB bench press Currently 25lbs 4x6 -> 35lbs 1x4 (a 20lb jump is probably not realistic, but I'm not far from doing working sets with 30lb DBs, so I'll aim for one set of 4 with 35s) DB row Currently 30lbs 4x6 -> 40lbs 4x4 Goblet Squat (My gym only has a smith machine and I don't feel confident cleaning more than 55lbs to do a front squat.) Currently 50lbs 4x6 -> 60lbs 4x4 Goal 2 Ride my bike! I've lived in a bike-friendly city for more than 6 years without a bike or my own car. After some persuading by friends and my boyfriend, I just bought myself a bike for my birthday because I finally agreed it's kind of ridiculous not to have one when I don't even have a car. I hadn't ridden a bike in over a decade so I'm not going too crazy with this one to keep it realistic. My goal for the next 6 weeks is to ride at least 12 days for an overall total of 72 miles or more. This could easily be accomplished by riding the 3 miles each way to work twice a week. Goal 3 Get more primal! Initially, I started with something really complicated for this goal. Then I realized I was setting myself up for failure. I've been gradually altering my diet to be more primal and I need to stop giving myself so much wiggle room. I can only, knowingly, eat wheat products 5 times each week. I'm not going to count soups that may have flour in them to thicken it or anything that has a trivial amount in it. I won't go crazy and have a bowl of pasta with garlic bread and try to pretend that counts as one time either. Goal 4 Make pretty things! I've lived in my current place for a year and a half and still have nothing on the walls. I bought some paint, canvasses, and boards to create some art to hang. I started several of the pieces, but haven't finished any of them or even worked on them in months. There are 7 total that I need to complete. Since, they are mostly stenciled, it really shouldn't be that difficult to finish. I just have to make the time. For anyone who made it this far, here is how I'll grade myself. Goal 1: A - lift 3x per week and hit my numbers. B - hit one goal and barely miss the other C - nearly reach both goals D/F - don't get close enough to either for it to count Goal 2: A - 12x and 72+ miles B - 10x and 65+ miles C - 8x and 55+ miles D - 8x and 50+ miles F - less than 8x Goal 3: A - Eat wheat 5 times or fewer B - 6x C - 7x D - 8x F - If it gets this bad, I have to be honest with myself that I'm not even trying. Goal 4: A - Finish all 7 and hang them on the walls B - Finish 6 and hang most C - Finish 6 and don't hang D - Finish 5 F - Finish less than 5
  7. It's awful, but I kind of hope someone makes a smartass comment to me while I'm lifting. Could be kind of fun to blatantly dismiss them. It's more likely someone will make a genuinely kind comment and I'll mistakenly be rude with my reply.
  8. I like your workout goal. I use not being able to conveniently get to the gym as an excuse to not workout more often than I should.
  9. Those look like solid, yet challenging goals. What weight are you starting at for bench?
  10. Congrats on reaching your deadlift goal! What number are you aiming for next?
  11. I hope your shoulder turns out to not be too bad. Injuries are so frustrating.....and painful, but sometimes it's worse to have your training program messed up.
  12. I'm up to 15lbs for Bulgarian split squats. Veggies....check! Push-ups.....check! Time to go see how others are doing.
  13. 30 really isn't so bad. That Thanksgiving menu looks delicious!
  14. Today was the first day I kinda had to force feed myself veggies to hit my goal. It definitely works better when I plan meals in advance. Got all my veggies in yesterday and haven't missed any push-ups. Yesterday was a planned rest day for the gym. Today, a combination of laziness, inconvenience, and a mild headache from not drinking enough water with wine last night kept me from working out today. I'll just have to push hard tomorrow and try to get some increases in my lifts.
  15. It's good to see your water goal is going well. I drink a decent amount on weekdays, but forget to drink enough on weekends. Did you start out drinking little else to start with, or has it been difficult to cut out other drinks?
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