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  1. Starpuck Rerolls a Hard Six

    D'oh! I find your challenge and you took off! Have lots of fun and I hope you feel better quickly!
  2. Red1263 And the Paranormal Monk

    Thanks! This is more like attempting to learn these new things Thanks Nym, but I haven't learned them yet! Exactly! I don't have enough space (yet) to practice low kicks, but I've got plenty for the elbows! Glad to have you here, Wolf-Brother! * * * OK So far, into this challenge, I've kept up with the stretching every day, but what's been bugging me is that I haven't had a decent workout since this started. To be honest, I wake up each morning exhausted, and with barely enough energy to get out of bed before getting ready for work. Speaking of, I think that might be what's causing my exhaustion, there was a mini exodus and that means that there are less people at work, so the workload is much more for the rest of us who remain. I get home exhausted, and I don't think I'm getting enough rest to put myself into working out. I really hope I get something in soon, because I want to train my body further!
  3. Hey You Guuuuuuys!

    Ok so now you've got goals, now what you're going to do is make plans to achieve said goals. This is where you'll experiment and do some trial-and-error and learn what works for you
  4. Hey You Guuuuuuys!

    Hey hey Kitty! Welcome to the rebellion! So what is your plan? You mentioned diet, but what about exercise? What about your goals? Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  5. Red1263 And the Paranormal Monk

    Last we left our hero, he was wandering a swamp searching for a new shard of the crystal. "Man, what's with this place!? I feel like I've been stuck in one spot for days! I think I better take a breather over here." Red builds a small fire and tries to observe his surroundings. "The crystal hasn't changed it's brightness in a while. I wonder if I'm making any progress in this swamp." After a short rest, Red decides to continue walking. The fog continues to make his body feel weaker and stiffer, yet, he knows he must press on. He then stumbles upon a peculiar clearing, and upon further examination he realizes that this place was where a severe battle took place. "What on Midgard happened here? It's just... horrible." As he slowly paced around, he heard a voice, "It's terrible, isn't it?" Jumping back Red looked for where the voice came from. "Who said that?! Why does it always have to be a random disembodied voice?!" A cloaked figure stepped forward. "I didn't mean to startle you, I'm sorry. I just saw you here, and thought you'd might like some company." Red after catching his breath, introduced himself, "I'm Red, I'm... looking for something in this swamp, but I think I'm lost. Actually, I'm certain I'm lost. What's your name?" The Cloaked Figure hesitated, "I'm... umm... I... Don't... Know?" the Figure looked away shaking its head, "I can't remember... I was here with... some... one? And then every... thing... was gone... I looked up and saw you..." Red looked at him puzzled, "You don't know who you are? Well, maybe I can help, Why not take off the hood, an--" "NO!!!" ".... Ooook. So the hood, stays on." "I'm sorry, but this is... you shouldn't... I'm sorry." Seeing the sad Figure, Red decided to comfort him. "Nah, Hoods are all the rage now a days. As a matter of fact, I--" Before he could finish his story, Monsters appeared! They slowly approached and Red and the Figure stood back to back, preparing to fight. "Uh oh! Looks like we'll finish this conversation la--" The Figure disappeared in a blur! Each monster was dispatched as quickly as it came and the Figure reappeared. Red was completely astonished by what he saw! "That. Was. Incredible! How did-- where did you learn how to do that?! You moved like a Lvl 99 Monk with Haste!" Red asked. The Figure hesitates again, "I... I don't know... I just... Moved." "Well you did a hell of a lot more than just move! I only saw a blur! You did something like this?" Red swung his elbow terribly outward. "Heh, no it's more like.. Well, I'll tell you what, why don't I show you? Maybe I'll remember something in the process?" * * * Red learns a new Technique! - I've decided to teach myself a new Muay Thai technique: Elbow Combos! Using a video from a very successful Muay Thai instructor, I'm going to learn 5 Elbow combos. Utilizing my 3 rounds, I'll start slow so as to perfect form, and then I'll speed it up to add more speed to the combos. Now I'm teaching myself by watching said video carefully and then imitating what I saw, so I might have it perfected by the end of this challenge, but I'm giving it my damnedest! Body still feels different! - I liked stretching every day, but I slacked off on it last challenge. So I'm renewing it for this one. Stretching 5 times a week! "I.. I think I remember something..." - A few nights ago, I lost sleep to an idea that I want to learn something new, it didn't matter what it was or how random said thing was, I was inspired to learn SOMETHING. This list was random, but I'm going to start learning something new and broaden my horizons. This is what my quick 1am list looks like Knot-tying Face Reading Lock Picking Finances Language Learning (Tagalog) Astronomy How to fly a plane General Business And that's about it. I am not going to have a fourth goal this time, if I did, it'd probably be a list of chores I need to/plan on doing. Changing an (expensive) fuse in my SUV, Rearranging my entire room, Selling stuff on Ebay, Shipping the thing that someone bought from me on Ebay, And general cleaning that my room desperately needs... Probably when I rearrange the room...