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  1. Juliebarkley is ready for adventure

    This is the most important sentence from your post.
  2. Red and the Paranormal Monk (Part 2)

    Last we found Red he was being trained by a monk who insisted that he kept his identity a secret. "OK, good, now try punch combo 1-2-3 but with elbow combo #3" Red followed suit. "Good. That's really go-- Wait, something's wrong." the Ghost hesitated "What is it?" Red quired. "It's here..." the Ghost whispered, "Over there, there's an opponent that I cannot face. But I... I can't..." Red turned, only to see a monk zombified. "Whoa! Look at this guy! He looks as if he's been decaying for a long while!" The Zombie stepped forth, and took a fighting stance. "What the? Heh, you're not match for this guy!" Red turned and saw that the Ghost was gone! When Red turned back, the Zombie attacked! Rotting fists were flying all over the place and Red was blocking them, and throwing punches whenever he saw the chance to. Except one such punch got stuck within the torso of the Zombie. The Zombie hesitated for a moment and then used the now-stuck Red as a punching bag, pummeling him until his arm came loose! "Grr. This guy is something else! OK I've gotta get this before I'm done for!" Red took a stance, "OK! I'm ready for you!" As the Zombie attacked, Red fought back using elbow strikes with his counters. (1) The Zombie took heavy damage at the elbow strikes and even staggered backwards. His corpse broken, but still wanting to fight. "Heh heh, I'm not done yet!" Red chased the Zombie with blinding speed! (2) The Zombie was unable to fight back, his limbs battered and barely hanging on. Red finished him off with a Time Magic Spell, "Time has come...crash down on the wicked! Dwarf Star Burst!" (3) The Spell caused an accumulation of silvery-white energy to gather within the Zombie and the energy turned into a dark brown and then into a near black and then exploded with the same silvery-white energy! "Ha! That'll teach you!" Then in middle of the smoke, Red saw something stir. "What the?! That can't be!" It was the Ghost, "Oh, it's you! Where have you been?" Red sighed a sigh of relief. Then he saw the Zombie standing behind him. "Look out! Behind you!" The Ghost calmly raised his hand to quiet Red. "It's ok." He said "You did it. I couldn't do it, because that was part of the curse. If I faced myself, even to save others from it, my spirit would vanish and he'd... I'd go on a killing spree." Red had a puzzled look on his face. "Heh, it's a bit much to take in, but let me show you." "What the!? You're the same person?!" Red shouted. "Yeah, it was a battle a long time ago with a powerful Necromancer. He separated my soul from my body and made my body fight my friends. I don't even know if they survived. So I stayed nearby to see if any fool would come into this swamp, and if they did, I'd teach them how to fight me." "Fool? Gee, thanks >_>" "Ha ha ha, You're a quick learner, You've got some future ahead of you, I can see it! Do me one last favor, If you see anyone who has this coin, can you tell them about what happened to me?" Red obtained the Strange Coin! "Errr... Sure, but now what is going to happen to you?" As Red looked up, the Ghost and the Zombie were gone. "I... Oh... Well, then... Thank you." As Red continued into the Swamp, he realized something...
  3. Nymeria thinks less; does more

    This would be my recommendation. To keep your body loose and active even on the days that you aren't exercising, I think something small, like a warm-up or solid stretching would help.
  4. Red and the Paranormal Monk (Part 2)

    I know, I have the same thought process. The end of the challenge was surprizingly well! I'll do an actual update tomorrow. Ha ha ha, So far there isn't any more Space dwarves! So I'm going to start thinking about my next challenge. Here's a sneak preview.
  5. Wild Wolf Joins Orion Team

    Great challenge, wolf-brother! And I'm definitely looking forward to the next one! I don't know what lularoe is, but I'm crossing my fingers for you guys!
  6. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Winter is Coming

    I was just gong to say this. Congrats on a successful challenge!
  7. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    Congrats on completing the elements! Now you will be the avatar master bender of all 4 kingdoms! \o/
  8. Red and the Paranormal Monk (Part 2)

    Ha ha ha! Just for you we'll talk about dwarfs dwarfs! Like the ones from the Hobbit. Their armor that goes on their beards! That was awesome! I've always been excited when I hear about some astronimical phenomenon lie the 2 black holes that are going to collide in about a thousand years. Imagine what the possibilities that sort of event can provide!
  9. So I really liked my last challenge, but I utterly failed at it after the first week. So I'm going to attempt it again. Only this time I plan on actually finishing it! Here's the story from the previous challenge if you wish to read it: And here are the goals (with updates) Red learns a new Technique! - I've decided to teach myself a new Muay Thai technique: Elbow Combos! Using a video from a very successful Muay Thai instructor, I'm going to learn 5 Elbow combos. Utilizing my 3 rounds, I'll start slow so as to perfect form, and then I'll speed it up to add more speed to the combos. Now I'm teaching myself by watching said video carefully and then imitating what I saw, so I might have it perfected by the end of this challenge, but I'm giving it my damnedest! (I'm currently up to Combo #3) Body still feels different! - I liked stretching every day, but I slacked off on it last challenge. So I'm renewing it for this one. Stretching 5 times a week! "I.. I think I remember something..." - A few nights ago, I lost sleep to an idea that I want to learn something new, it didn't matter what it was or how random said thing was, I was inspired to learn SOMETHING. This list was random, but I'm going to start learning something new and broaden my horizons. This is what my quick 1am list looks like Knot-tying Face Reading Lock Picking Finances Language Learning (Tagalog) Astronomy How to fly a plane General Business