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  1. Red1263 learns to Enjoy it

    Well, it was more like the... other way... around...
  2. Hardcore Witch Doctor: D_R's final 2017 challenge

    I was reading and the hype got me like:
  3. Red1263 learns to Enjoy it

    So let me do a quick recap seeing as to how my progress was a bit jumbled. I had 3 days where I pushed myself in my shadowboxing. First day: I had a little under an hour where I just keep swinging the entire time. It felt good. I did everything I knew, from the punch combos to counters to knees and teap kicks, I even threw in some combinations made up on the spot. Second day: I had roughly 45 minutes. So I decided to do three rounds. I honestly didn't keep track of how long each round was but it went as follows ● first round: general shadowboxing: punch and elbow combos, with a focus on form and wrist locking ● second round: mainly punch combos with arm weights ● third round: mainly kicks, knees, and step 1-2 punch exercises with leg weights Third day: I had 15 minutes before getting ready for work, so I decided to see how long I can keep up a singular combo. Turns out, it wasn't very long seeing as to how I try to move around my room and crash into something like my dresser or bed ^_^;; whoops. So I simply went to punch and elbow combos for the remainder of the time.
  4. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    I'm doing good, busy but good. I know I haven't updated in a while, I try to keep up with other people's threads more so than my own. But I'm good. I'll try to post something today.
  5. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    Very thorough reflections you got there! I can see why one can never really give up sugar, possibly because glucose is one of the main components in having all of those neurons firing. But there is no doubt that we do consume it in excessive amounts.
  6. Hardcore Witch Doctor: D_R's final 2017 challenge

    Clingy app, eh? Maybe it needs the ole delete and uninstall.
  7. Red1263 learns to Enjoy it

    No story this time. This is just for me. For the past few challenges, I would push myself to do something, and I would simply let it slide and fail at doing them due to Life/Excuses. Then at work, someone said something that resonated with me. "You're so boring, being so serious all of the time." And quite honestly, she was right. I had forgotten how to have fun in life and in NF and Rule #32 in Zombieland "Enjoy the little things." So I'm not going to hold my exercising in such a high priority that if I slip my entire progress is ruined. I'm simply going to move and train and push only when it feels right. And I'm going to (re-)learn how to enjoy my progress, and not worry to the point where as it was pointed out to me, I become so serious all of the time. My routine will still be the same. Push-ups, Planks, Side-to-side Lunges, Regular Lunges, BW Squats, and shadowboxing. But the goal this time is simply to Enjoy it.