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  1. Hey hey Mahalak! I saw that you're working on a routine, I can understand how difficult that can be, but just remember to cut yourself some slack as you're experimenting with what works and doesn't! I hope your week is going good!
  2. Sigh... I know I'm MIA for now, but thank you for the Butt pics
  3. Sigh... no more butt pics s
  4. Hey hey! I do not, I'm focusing nearly every moment I'm not at work at studying intensely for the Board exams. And exercising sparingly and commenting on your guys' threads here and there
  5. I'm also echoing that your back feels better and that your garden is fruitful
  6. Enjoy your time off, buddy! I hope you get well rested!
  7. Well so long as I can get a firm grip on... Wait, what are we talking about again?
  8. Here to follow the Shiniest Puck!
  9. Following to see your gooeyness turn into a beautiful butterfly!
  10. I know exactly how you feel! I was working and being on-call and studying after work and close to the end of last week, I had to get pulled into my Boss' office because he's wondering why I'm not listening to him. And the worst part is that I couldn't tell that my mind/attention/listening skills were slipping! I've gotta make myself more present in the moment.
  11. Welcome back Nym! You were sorely missed!
  12. Hey hey everyone! WHEW! Sorry I've been MIA. So allow me to recap you on what has transpired. Cats are up to date on their shots, next appointment will be for neutering and my job will be to ensure that they don't rip out their stitches. That will be on the 4th of Aug. Push-ups have been on and off, mainly because whenever I'm studying that takes up the rest of my day. Speaking of studying! I've signed up for the 1st part of my board exams (which will be dubbed the First Trail of Orthos) this will take place in Dec. So I have 5 months to teach myself all that I need to do about this subject. Pull-ups?... sigh... no, I'm afraid not.
  13. Oh I'm not putting up with it, I'm currently finding ways to ensure they stop these bad behaviors, save for the knocking each other over stuff, the boys are surprizingly durable But it's all part of their roughhousing. So I don't want them to think that they can't play with each other nor me, it's a matter of how much claws are involved
  14. I'm here to offer my support, despite my timing
  15. I'm finally here to support you, buddy!
  16. Heya Puck! I'm sorry it took me so long to be here! Life's been interesting! But I'm here to root for you getting going!
  17. Hey hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA these couple of weeks. Life has been interesting to say the least. I've mostly failed to keep up with the Push-ups, mainly due to the fact that I've been doing REALLY well with the studying portion of my challenge! I haven't done any pull-ups, nor even gone to the gym, since I've gotten the boys. And living with them has been... something. I thought I was at least somewhat prepared to have them in my life, oh how wrong I was. I've had everything from bed wetting issues, to countless claws and scratches at me to worrying about them, when one pushes the other off of something with height. WHEW! Being a parent is definitely tougher than being an uncle, who knew? I'm still going to attempt to finish this challenge. Azrael has pretty much bonded with me, but Aster is funny to deal with: he'll climb on my lap, but doesn't want me to pet him and does that whole lower his body move; Or he'll cuddle with me to sleep, but when I'm going to scratch his head he'll freak out, wondering who's hand is touching him, I'm like, "dude, I am literally the only person here with posable thumbs, relax."
  18. I'm following! But the video game nerd in me is screaming that M. Bison is no hero!
  19. *Looks at temperatures for last week, this week and next week* Yep, 100+'s all of them... Coffee!!
  20. Aster is showing to be more reserved. Usually the calmer between the two. Which means, Aster is most likely going to be the sassy one. I... guess we'll find out. Thanks EG! Good to be back! Thanks Hal, Glad to have you here! I know, right?! Hell yeah! * * * OK First of all, I went to the Vet today and I have learned something rather interesting. I do not have 2 female kittens, I have 2... MALE kittens! Which would explain why they wouldn't respond when I used feminine terms to describe them So rather than Aster and Iris, they'll be known as Aster and Azrael! (I still liked the name Aster, so I stuck with it.) Now to the challenge! Challenge Goals: 60 Push-ups everyday: Done Read/Study for 30 mins everyday: Done Reach 5 Pull-ups without breaks: Will be attempted tomorrow Live with Aster and Iris Azrael: Took them to the Vet for their vaccine shots, Bought pet insurance, and pre-scheduled for their Leukemia shots, if needed.
  21. Trust me, it's far better for someone to want you for your mind rather than your body.
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