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  1. Well nerds, here I am at the end of my first week. I'd rate it a solid B+. I stuck to 90% of my goals and feel inspired enough to continue on next week! Sword fighting was a mixed bag. I feel confident holding the sword in my left hand for sure, but my fighting was pretty average, as was my level of fitness/endurance. That was disappointing. Still, just going to practice was a big deal for me (first one in like 2 years) so that's good. Trying to focus on the small steps and remind myself that realistic goals = goals you'll stick with. I also swam for the first time in a long ti
  2. Well, last night was the party, and I let my hair down and didn't worry about most of my goals - still chose healthy foods (vege kabobs on the grill, fresh made salsa, etc... ) but had some wine and chippies - and didn't feel bad for it. Still avoided ice cream tho, even though it literally came flying out of the fridge at me and landed on my feet! (My husband's ice cream, I should point out. Which I must make him eat so it's not tempting me!). Today's trick is to hop back on the path and ignore all the bags of chippies that got left behind.
  3. Thanks! 'Dance partied' is totally a verb! Amusingly, when I admitted on FB that I'm doing that, dozens of my mates chimed in to say they also do that. It was a great moment for all of us private dance party people! The practice is roughly based on generic European steel fighting techniques, borrowing from SCA practices. But modified for larping (so no 'stabbing' motions, more hits to the sie of the body). The practice is really boring actually, but super important for building muscle memory and what not. The real test will be Sunday when I fight other people! Today went well. Did
  4. Awesome inspiration - and best Tyrion gif!! Following
  5. Ha ha ha, so I'd hoped to do my dance party before my husband came home, but... nope. So rather than go hide away, I put on the most ridiculous music I could think of: The Vengaboys. And then I FIVE MINUTE DANCE PARTIED at my husband as he sat on the couch and tried to pretend I wasn't there. Ha ha! This is turning into an unexpectedly fun ritual. I'm having a party on Fri and I think I'll see if I can get all my BBQ guests to join me in a 5 minute dance party then! So today I met all my goals, including... TEN SQUATS. Yeah that's right gentle readers - I SMASHED it. BURNINATE THAT! Yeah
  6. Hey Rinna! Thanks for the welcome! Setting a goal of feeling awesome wen you dress up as Black Widow sounds like a good thing to aim for - screw what other people think! <3 It's how YOU feel in the costume that matters <3 Dragon Age does have romance and some adult themes. Not sure what the actual raiting is but there is a bit of nudity in some of the sexy scenes - but it's a bit tame and if you don't follow the romance plots you may not see them.
  7. Thanks everyone for your latest comments! You're helping inspire me to keep logging into NF at least once a day. You rock! Achieved all my goals today and learned I -like- unsweetened yogurt, and that I SERIOUSLY over-cooked the tofu for my healthy bulk lunches. Ick. This Sunday I'll take care to make a more edible batch of prepared meals. Once I won't have to choke down! But the glorious part of today was my 5 minute dance party. I'd sent someone a Motley Crue video as a joke, and then ended up dancing to a bunch of Motley Crue songs - dancing as BADLY as I could. Arm-flailing, head-ban
  8. *Day One* Food goals! BURNINATED! I did not eat ice cream. I made a weeks worth of healthy lunches and breakfasts and put them in the freezer. Even the yogurt which I didn't mean to freeze. Ho hum. Luckily it thawed out normally! Fitness goals! I started the Couch to 5k program yesterday. Today I went for a walk to the beach after work. I was not even remotely tempted to do a squat or a lunge. I DID, however, do 200 sword striles - 100 each hand. I use a wooden dowel that's the same weight as my sword, and hit it against a wooden pole (or 'pel' as it's called). Today I did alte
  10. Hello! Thanks for jumping aboard! I'll hope to keep things interesting! I'm in Auckland so it's still pretty warm. Was 26 on Saturday! So, no, icecream still appeals, ha ha! Love your user picture. <3 Joker!
  11. Welcome fellow newbie and Dragon Age lover. Such good games, aye!
  12. Thank you!! I've seen some gorgous faun costumes out there! I do larping as a hobby so there's scope for alll kindsa wild costuming there. At the moment I just play a noblewoman so it's kinda medieval-ish inspired, but I have plans for more fantastic costumes down the track. Oh man... I really really really recommend the Dragon Age trillogy. You can get Dragon Age Origins (the first one) super cheap on Steam these days. If you get it, let me know so I can hear how you're enjoying the story!
  13. A marvelous mash-up of mixed metaphors for my first-ever NF 4 week challenge! Whereby 'Mother of Dragons' = me, your mild-mannered technical writer in New Zealand, and 'Peasants' = my bad habits! Note: While I do not aspire to be wholly like Trogdor, I wouldn't mind his guns! So I'm going to include some arm shapey-upy-something or other into my goals. Though I am doing lots of other fitness goals atm, I am going to follow the advice of this site and choose really small, measurable goals for my first challenge. That's hard for me - but also a good break from tradition (where I go all-out, th
  14. Hey! I'm new here and SUPER unfit, but I want to be Aragorn too (girl version) and live in New Zealand and have been lucky enough to go to a lot of the LoTR filming locations (and I live a few hours from Hobbiton!) I have a couple of bows (recurve and longbow, traditional made of ash) but no idea how to use them. I do LARPing and swordfighting for that but I suck. I'd like to learn more archery and general badassery. Somehow I think you can be an inspiration for me! Willing to swap something nice from NZ for inspiration that brings results, ha ha!
  15. Hi! Welcome! I'm brand-new too. Today is my first day! I hope you do really well here. Is Spanish your native language? I'm trying to learn Spanish at the moment through Duolingo!
  16. Found it! Or, rather, discovered I just make my own challenge. I'd thought it was something the admins post, and we follow.
  17. Tala

    Day Zero

    Hey, I'm a newbie too. Your goals are inspiring for me! The rationing ones look really great, especially. I thought the 4 week challenge was a challenge set by someone else. Didn't realise we set our own 4 week challenge! I'll have to post one too now.
  18. Er... real dumb question, but how do I find the current 4 week challenge? :/
  19. Howdy Nerds! New to Nerd Fitness. At a pretty low mental and physical point in my life. Been here before, but finding it hard to get energy, motivation, commit to change. You all know the drill. So I've got the usual goals and drives (lose weight, gain strength, gain flexibility, blah blah)... but I'm giving myself a very specific 'vanity' goal - I wanna be able to dress up in the costume of Flemeth as she appears in Dragon Age III. So badass. I'm seeing this as a more realistic goal than to turn into a dragon. Anyway, hello and howdy and I hope to get some help
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