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  1. i noticed hehe yes i'm in andalucia, but I'll ask around! thanks! thank you sunmage! i'm from the midwest, usa, originally, and am living abroad (studying) for six months. i do have a lot of daily goals... i was thinking a little bit every day instead of trying to do a lot overall, but maybe that's not the best approach? i also have way more free time than i'm used to, as back in the states my studies were more rigorous and i worked two jobs, too, but here it's a lot of siesta and fiesta. i'll keep you updated on my little adventure thank you for the warm welcome.
  2. hey! it might take a while to get used to it, but my best suggestion is to take your coffee black. as a barista, i got used to seeing lots and lots of dairy and sugar in coffee, so i just prefer mine plain now, and if you find a bean you really like then it tastes even better! if you need, try switching over to using just a splash of milk or a milk alternative (maybe vanilla almond milk to get that sweetness?) to calm down the coffee overall, but that would be better than putting in lots of milk and sugar. enjoy the coffee
  3. zenLara, thank you so much for the reply! i am really enjoying my time here-- just want to get my life in order a bit too, and feel good. i'll try to get up like a schedule or plan, that's a good idea! by the way, did i read in one of your posts that you have sweet potatoes for lunch? i haven't found any here in southern spain...
  4. hello, all! i'm new here. i'm pretty small, partial to pastries, more inclined to sit and read than go for a run. really love nature and cats. currently, i'm studying abroad in a totally foreign country and have been a bit over my head, hit by culture-shock, bad anxiety, and isolation. i'd really like to get back on track and because i feel my mind and body are so connected, here i am! i'm visiting the druid group because i love yoga and definitely need some more balance and reflection in my life. with that lil introduction over, here's what i'd like to implement in the next mon
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