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  1. I actually had not considered that, for now I was trying to run the mile as often as I could and just pushing myself to go a little faster than before. I find that doing it after my workout tends to make it harder and it gave me more gains in time when I did it stand alone during my testing day. I also don't really have a place to measure out sprints like that, there is a high school nearby me with a track but I don't know the rules of using that track when it isn't in use by the school.
  2. Thank you both of you for the help and that is actually a really good way of thinking about how the flow of a lunge should be that I never even thought baout.
  3. So my first challenge taught me a number of valuable lessons. First that I need to not just set goals that sound nice, but that I really have to consider what I know about myself when planning them. For example only drinking 4 energy drinks was a nice easy sounding goal, but ignored the fact I tend to binge on them so even just one is just a very good way to open a flood gate. I also need to keep up my reporting on here, because I was doing best when I was posting about it and keeping my positive energy flowing with all of your support. Now on to the challenge! Fitness Challenges Run a mile in 7' 30": This one might be hard to obtain but my current time is 8' 2" and that was after shaving off a whole minute with a month of consistent jogging. So the basic plan of attack is to run a mile at the end of each of my workouts this month. Perform 10 fencing lunges with good form: The lunge is most basic maneuver in fencing but I struggle with it so much. I tend to not extend my arm before pushing forward, as well as not counter balancing and keeping my torso straight. So in the past I have lost my balance and hurt myself, making additional practices hard. So the plan is to take all of the lunges in my regular workout and modify them to fencing lunges. Nutrition Challenge Have a protein source three times a day (total of 84 times): I haven't found it hard to get protein with my lunch and dinner, but I still am pretty sluggish during my day and I've found that I'm kind of flat lining in my bid to gain weight. I say three times a day instead of at three meals because I rarely eat breakfast, so more of then not my third source will be a protein shake after working out. Personal Challenge Learn 4 Kendama Tricks: It'd be too easy to go with books again like I did last time, but I'll already be reading so I'll go with something that is on my list and has just been collecting dust on my desk. I figure if I just give a trick an entire week's of practice I should be able to give it down. So the plan of action is to practice at least half an hour every day with my kendama. My year goal is to learn ten tricks so if I can bust this out it'll be a big boost to that as well.
  4. It felt like I should have carried with my a fire extinguisher. I was riding a very high head of steam but I tried to be a little ambitious it feels and the whole set up fell a part at the seams. That being said, I really enjoyed doing this, and even if it was only have a month that I was able to really keep on it, that's still better than I've done before. I definitely will be participating in the next one, some of my challenges maybe the same albeit a little humbler.
  5. I have been trying so hard to want to get into that series but it's such a beast of a book series I've done everything but that.
  6. So everything kind of blew up in my face after a rough weekend. I drank way too many energy drinks, so many that I'm not even gonna give a number to it in a three day period which basically through an entire week into recovery mode from poor decision making. A bad of batch chicken from my local grocer also derailed my lunches at work. So yeah, definitely this challenge decided to actually challenge me. On the plus side in the words of the infamous Sterling Archer 'It's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.' So the past ten days there have been no energy drinks and a few obligations made me skip fencing but the couple classes I have made since my last post were very rough. I felt beat up pretty bad the last couple times I went, and even though one of the teachers has assured me I am making progress it sure doesn't feel like it. I feel like I'm slow and clumsy, and I realize a lot of the problems I have on the strip is I keep trying to pull my punches because I feel bad for stabbing my opponent, even though it's totally the point of the sport. So yeah that's a quick brief to catch it all up to where I am at now. The reading has changed, instead of reading the books I listed I've ended up reading a pair of table top gaming books for Savage Worlds.
  7. You're quite alright I think I understand it much more than I did before, and it is certainly something I will look into in the future. Challenge Update Time Got one meal out of the way, used the article to do my meals a head of time so I'm all set for the whole week, meatballs, yams, and broccoli. Also went to my first fencing lesson, and ooo boy did I get my butt kicked. Nothing I don't think is as equalizing or humbling as that strip. I've got three nice welts and more sore muscles than okay ones. I also got my butt handed to me by a twelve year old and lost my team their match. So tons of room to improve.
  8. I will remember that, thank you. I didn't actually know it was around until I was digging for information on grips in fencing. So it's all very new to me.
  9. I had read a little bit about HEMA it seemed pretty interesting, a lot of the conversation was about how young the sport is and how its still developing. It's always awesome to have a variety of styles there's always something to take from each to adapt to what you need. So I hope we all get along. Thank you for the website Kyellan, I've never heard it referred to as multipotentialities before. I'll probably spend a good day just delving through the archives of the place. it is a bit frustrating, because every where I turn for advice says to focus on one thing or just a couple things. I personally think that the better idea is to be really good at a two to three things that are just your things, your true passions and then be at least serviceable in as many skills as you possibly can.
  10. Sweet, thank you for welcoming me.
  11. I've just gotten started on the fencing, my first earnest class in epee will be on Tuesday. I was doing a little poking around to see if there were other fencers on the boards, funny enough it's actually what caused me to finally buckle and join the forums. So you will probably be seeing me plenty lurking around the Courtyard now that I know I am not alone.
  12. There really is almost no end to it really. As for books, I had compiled a 52 week reading list from books I hadn't read yet in my own personal library. The four for this month are what I have left of A Dance with Dragons, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, and two books by Dale Carnegie, I'm also really hoping to exceed four and get to read The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier.
  13. I also live in Vegas, up in the Nellis area. I've got a pretty full schedule but I'm willing to make space for a meetup.
  14. So the concept of the Renaissance Man, a person who's talents and interests are as varied as the stars in the sky has always captivated me. I feel like being human allows us so much potential that it's impossible to ignore all the endless possibilities we are capable of. This seems to be the same approach that the Rebellion is suited to encourage. So I've been floating around the website and have had an Academy membership for almost a year now. After reading Level up your Life though everything seemed to click and I've made a lot of strides just on my own. However, I've decided it's time I actually join the community, and what better way to do it then with my first four week challenge? So here goes nothing. I've decided to use the model of the example challenge, since I have no idea what I'm doing and also the less I have to think about it the less I can stall. Nutrition Goal 1 Bring Lunch to Work 20 times. Nutrition Goal 2 Drink only 4 Energy Drinks. Fitness Goal Attend 8 Fencing Classes Life Goal Read 4 books, where a book equals either cover to cover or 400 pages of a larger book which ever comes first.
  15. I just started fencing this past month, and have a blast doing it. I'm torn between the epee and foil, and am thinking about learning both but my primary focus is the epee at the moment.
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