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  1. Pollyanna Preps to De-Stress

    I've been trying to lose weight for some time now, and nothing has worked. As a matter of fact, I've gotten heavier and more tired. The more I try, the less seems to work. I would like to give up, so if you're reading this, please be patient with me. I'm not in a very good place right now. The only other thing I can think of that I haven't fiddled with is stress. So that's what I'm working on this time. And probably for a few challenges after this. For this challenge, I have a list of tasks to work on to help me relax, but my main goal is to 1) explore my stress like a body scan and 2) let go of what I can't change. I probably won't be able to let go of everything right away, of course, but I'm going to put effort into it. I'm not going to post my explorations on here because with a body scan, you're just supposed to observe things and not try to change them. I will mention the topic I'm exploring for the day and give it a 1-10 rating for how much it feels like it's affecting me to keep myself accountable as far as actually doing things. When I come to something I need to simply accept and let go, I will post about it, if it's not too private. I appreciate encouraging comments, but I'm going to spoiler the "Let it go" stuff and ask that you not worry about providing helpful suggestions for dealing with them. Everything outside the spoiler is fair game though, so feel free to post on that if you want. As a baseline, I took two online tests (linked), and will re-take them at the end of the challenge. I don't expect much to change, given that I'm just trying to explore things at the moment. I got a score of 75 on this one, and a score of "High between 43-70" on this one. I went ahead and took two different ones because there's a lot of variation in what the tests ask you. I would have really liked to see a cortisol test or something, but the docs would probably just poo-poo me, so I'm settling for quizzes. And here is the list of stuff I'm working on to help myself relax: Health support: Multi-vitamin/probiotic/fish oil 1x/day; 64oz water/day; min. 7 hours sleep/night; min. 5K steps/day; MFP Increase meditation: Aiming for 20 minutes/day, can be spread over multiple sessions Yoga nightly Develop a wake up routine Develop a wind down routine Schedule and actually do self-care tasks (trim nails, lotion, etc.) Fix bedroom up (it's cluttered from moving stuff around, need to get rid of old clothes, etc.) Make things easier--pack the gym bag/pick out clothes the night before, etc. Thanks for reading and good luck with your challenge!
  2. Pollyanna Chugs Along

    We found out yesterday that my grandpa has cancerous tumors. One he's known about since 2015. I'm upset and confused, but I guess it's his choice. I know he feels he's ready to go be with grandma, but this is a horrible way to go. And what if grandma hadn't passed last year? Was he just going to leave her? Or has he been too sick since then to do anything about it? So yeah. Much sads. Much confuse.
  3. Pollyanna Chugs Along

    Just keep swimming! 1. Eat--Didn't decrease any more, but didn't get worse soooo. Continue experimenting with calorie levels: I've been reducing my calorie intake by about 100cal/week to see where I start losing weight more regularly and checking to see what level I still have energy to exercise at. Don't worry, not going below 1200 calories. Actually, I'm hoping I won't have to go below 1500 which is where I currently am... Reduce sugar intake to MFP goal--This is like a mini-goal for the one above, but I can't do two things at once, so I'm reducing calories first and then adjusting from there. Increase protein intake to MFP goal--Ditto above. 2. Move--Same as above for steps; Going to the gym though? Pft. That didn't happen... Continue increasing Step goal each week--Working on 7K this week! Gym 10x (total)--I started going 2x a week near the end of this last challenge. 3. Train Dogs--Woohoo! Start KPA (Finally! So excited!)--I enroll on 2/9 Video all training sessions--The folks on my FB dog group are constantly talking about how much videoing helps, so I'm trying to bite the bullet and do it myself. I hate seeing myself on film, so this is an extraordinarily difficult task for me. Structured training 5x/week--I've been using a dog-focused bullet journal to plan our training each week and found that if I plan each day, I invariably miss one or two and that messes up my plan! I've switched to a more generic plan that allows for 2 days off each week. Now I need to stick with it... Bonus Goals: Start strength training again Hike with dogs* Visit park with dogs* Upgrade business website to include a blog Start crafting again Update Etsy Finish Inventory Spreadsheet Self-compassion workbook 1x/week *Bonus b/c of weather I'm still meditating daily and logging stuff for my points, but I feel like these are pretty set, so I didn't include them this time. Anywho. Here it is! Good luck everyone! UPDATE: I also just joined a walking challenge on the Walk for a Dog app. I need to get 15 walks in by April 15. It's for charity (you pick the shelter you want to walk for), so if you're interested, here's the info: http://www.wooftrax.com/walkandwin