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  1. Nice work in the energy drinks! I know how addicting they can be so that’s freaking awesome! And nicely done on the meal prep. With the walks, what if you posted a pic of you and the dogs on your walk here? That way you can kind of keep a record of how well you’ve done. Maybe a bit more motivation and accountability? And this idea has nothing to do with the fact that it would mean cute dog pics either.
  2. Right, update time. First thing, I have to find a way to make a little bit of time each day to check the forums, post on my challenge and post on other people's as well. For someone without a job, I am incredibly busy. Guess I have a subchallenge for this week now. On to how I've been tracking. Challenge 1: Going well. I was up at 6:05 this morning. Unfortunately, my kids have decided that now is also the time to start waking up earlier again as well. So even though I've been nailing this part of my challenge, it hasn't actually allowed me to do the things I wanted to use that ext
  3. Awesome to see you got the meal prep handled nicely. It’s always a pain to get right, until you get the flow going. Sounds like you’ve been doing the best you can at the moment. Are there any healthy energy type drinks that you can use instead of the standard ones, that might help kick the habit?
  4. Hey there! Following along. Good luck on your first challenge. And Unstable Unicorns is freaking awesome! I know this might sound a bit of a stupid question, but what time do you go to bed at night? Not saying it will work for you, but maybe shifting bed time 10-15 minutes earlier might, eventually, start helping you wake up earlier as well. I know it works for me.
  5. Hi all So it's been a while since I was here last. Used to be active back about 3-4 years ago. But unfortunately I drifted away, life got in the way and I stopped. But after @FatboySuave noticed me stalking his profile he convinced me to get back on to the forums with him and start a new challenge. So here I am. I've lost all my old habits, but I have a plan! So things have changed and what I want to achieve as a person has changed. A combination of thinking, playing red dead redemption and coronavirus have made me realise a few things. So moving forward, my c
  6. Finally found you! You’re a hard man to track down. Good to see you again. That challenge looks good and filled me with nostalgia. You got this and I’m following. oh, do you still have the doggos? Give them a pat for me!
  7. That sucks. I don't really have anything much I can add in terms of advice. Beyond that I can sort of understand what you're going through. Everyone's different, but I get it. Here for you, if you need it.
  8. *facepalm* I forgot your cat was named Novel. Feeling kind of stupid now Comfy chair looks comfy
  9. Damn, I didn't even know you were writing a novel. Awesome work! I think it's amazing that you're doing that. That's some hard work! I have absolutely nothing of any more value to add than that.
  10. Poor Booklet. She's grown up. Hence why I'm guessing you call her Novel. Loving the chair too. From the photo it look suitably beaten and battered. Not in a bad way, but in a "had it's hard and sharp edges knocked off and happily moulded into a comfortable shape" kind of way.
  11. Dagger pretty much summed it up. I would add though that you end up being more mindful of how you walk. I find that if you do it for long enough, your feet can recognise what you're about to step on before you actually put all your weight on it. Sounds strange, but it does become almost instinctive. There are some things that are uncomfortable to walk on though, like Dagger said. I found that wearing them on concrete was actually the worst thing, so hard and unforgiving. OUCH! Can imagine how much those wires would have hurt. I'll pass on that
  12. I hate running in shoes. The less between me and the ground the better. I used to have a pair that were so thin and light, you could almost feel every pebble under your foot. But it's really good you found a pair of shoes that works so well for you
  13. All that sounds awesome. I'm sure I've said this before, but I can not agree with this enough. Have you worked out where you're wanting to go work wise yet? Minimalism is a wonderful thing, but only in moderation. I've always been pretty minimal (not by choice, more by necessity). Ms Kvedulf was the opposite but she read a really good book, the title of which escapes me at the moment, but afterwards she did a massive clean out and threw out a heap of her stuff that she didn't want any more. Now she works on the principle of if she doesn't immediately need or love the item,
  14. Hey Dagger! How's things? How's the travel going? I said I was going to spam some people
  15. Yeah, I kind of drifted away a bit and am fighting to bring myself back here properly. I don't have a challenge yet. My current "challenge" is simply to come here everyday and post something, somewhere. Don't have a thread yet. But don't worry, I intend to spam the threads of a few people
  16. Hey there. Just wanted to say hi! How's everything going?
  17. Heya. Will admit to not having read a single post in your thread yet, but I'll get there. Just wanted to say hi and how's it going?
  18. Hey brother. So happy to see you're still here. I got worried when I couldn't find your posts. Then realised you changed your name For what it's worth, since I started here you have been an inspiration. Keep up the good fight!
  19. I haven't read that, but I personally incorporate elements of the feudal Japanese honour codes in my own personal life. Or at least try to. I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate it into how I raise, discipline, teach etc my own son
  20. Tell me about it. This is about the third first step I've done On a happier note, for those who remember; as clever as he is, Kvedulf Jr has had speech difficulties. He's finally been able to get in and see a speech pathologist and she is amazing!
  21. Man, it feels good to be back and have people offer support. I forgot how good this community actually is @Bookish Badger Proper studies have taken a bit of a backseat recently, like pretty much everything else. Still doing a lot of personal study but haven't done anything towards the formal qualifications yet. Got a plan though and have actually put the first steps in motion which is a big step for me at the moment.
  22. Hi guys. Kvedulf respawning (again!) and reporting for duty. So fitness goals haven't exactly gone to plan at all recently and I completely lost all motivation. I tried to come back a few months ago and that didn't exactly work. So not sure if I want to do a full challenge again now, or simply get back in the habit of coming to the Forums on a daily basis. I think I might do a battle log, but have to work out what to write. I really just wanted to post something to make sure I did. So hi!
  23. Hey. Thanks for the check in. I will be doing a challenge again, just haven't got round to posting yet. Time got away from me again.
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