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  1. My husband and I saw him in concert and the Star Wars songs (Yoda and Saga Begins) were the encore and the whole audience sang along and it was a big nerdy campfire moment and it was awesome.
  2. What's up with ZOmbielink lately? I can't see any of my stats. ETA: Never mind.
  3. I know when I make a role playing character I am given a base amount of points that I must distribute between those attributes to help form a baseline for basic personality and physicality. (some people roll dice and make all of those attributes random. I am a control freak) I am guessing here that people are giving themselves points for attributes and then increasing them as they meet their goals. I am new here so I haven't created a personal character sheet yet.
  4. The legs were willing but the lungs were less able. I had to slow down my run, but I didn't stop.
  5. The first time I learned to run I used the Kick Ass soundtrack a lot. These songs always gets me pumped up for running.
  6. Big Woot today: I ran through all of the free-form intervals on my Zombie 5K workout today. That is one 5 minute and two 8 minute jogs. I didn't die! I feel great!
  7. You deserve a big WOOT. The hardest part of any workout is the walk out the door. YOU DID IT.
  8. In high school I played flute in marching and concert band. I sang in the jazz choir (alto) I had a kick ass cyborg in Heroes Unlimited I actually read the books in lit class I collect weird and funny sounding words (this helped me a lot in medical terminology and pharmacology class in nursing school) Fast forward to adulthood: I loves me some Harry Potter I loves me some Skyrim I play Pathfinder (level 5 Human Ranger and a level 1 Dwarven Druid) I went into labour with my first baby at a gaming convention and breathed through early contractions
  9. I went for a walk. A little walk. 10 minutes outside is better than a mouthful of cake, right?
  10. my arms just get flappy :-) I get strange looks when I run outside :-p
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