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  1. Yo! I'm hiking up the ridge line of the "M" trail (the path that goes to the windsock) When: Sunday, May 8th at 10am. Where: Meet at trail base on the stairs. Who: Me! I'll be the dude wearing blue water pack. Why: Because life. Because social. Because GTFO of the house. Because friends. Because meaningful. What: We'll hike, talk about life stuff, you'll see me do stupid things like hike barefoot and grunt about it. Do. It.
  2. There's another! we keep this up and a small group will begin to form. Anybody else? i live in Stevi, just south of Missoula.
  3. Howdy from Montana! My character name is Sagiquarion, but you can call me "J" or Justin. I'm a former World of Warcraft junkie, transformers collector, and love playing magic the gathering with friends. I like long walks with a great podcast or book, super curious everything and have a decent job. But something is really wrong, like, depressingly wrong. I'm here because I'm at a crossroads in my life and I don't know which way to go. I'm 36 and still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. I'm tired of being afraid to make "the wrong choice" ya know? I'm tired of wondering when I'll start living and working towards something rather avoiding things. I use to be 285 pounds in my early 20s but lost (and kept it off) the weight many years ago. I'm fully confident in my ability to mind my health and fitness, and teach others to do the same. I'm not at all confident in myself to become an entrepreneur and I'm reaching out to you guys for solidarity. I've been learning a lot about Internet marketing and building an online business these last several weeks. I know more than enough to get started, but I'm dicking around and I can feel the urge to self medicate creeping in because of that uncertainty. Sure, I have goals: maintain a web based business that brings in $3k per month before taxes. Host or be a part of a podcast (got the loot and the talent)! help others forge a better version of themselves. i want the freedom to travel without having to ask for time off the job. I want to wake up and look forward my work rather than fight the urge to call in sick. Be a part of a community of self driven people whose goals and life philosophies align with mine. In short, from the outside I looks like I'm in a good spot. But not so much on the inside. I need to be ... more. Better. How? I need to feel like I'm progressing towards something rather than collecting underpants (thanks for that analogy, Steve!). is this resonating with anybody? Cheers!
  4. Welcome to the area! I live just down from you in the Bitterroot (Stevensville). If you're ever feeling adventurous, you're welcome to join me for a hike up the "M". Barefoot if you dare.
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