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  1. I'm moving to Montreal this weekend and would love to meet some fellow nerds Though I'm respawning and not very fit yet, so not sure if I'd manage the whole mountain
  2. I'm moving to Montreal this Saturday (from Germany) so I'm new
  3. Same here, I'd already be on the same continent this year even!
  4. It was! Thankfully, here in Germany we're not that big on Halloween That's a good idea! Thank you!
  5. I went to a pole dance class! So much fun, but I have such bad bruises
  6. I managed two days without chocolate, now it's the third day with it again. I don't know what to do But at least the working out part was fulfilled this week. I have my third day tomorrow: First time trying out Pole Dancing! And the writing works out as well so far! Thank you!
  7. Gym done, writing done, but I ate a bit of chocolate. But less than usual. And I got a new haircut
  8. Second day without chocolate! YES! Also in so much pain Now off to writing and back to the gym tomorrow.
  9. First day for me! Went to the gym, even before work! And I didn't eat any chocolate. No writing yet, but it's not the first yet after all
  10. Hey! I'm still a German rebel, but I'm moving to Canada next August. Still looking for a job, but for a start I'll arrive in Quebec city No idea where the wind will blow me then Just wanted to say hi in advance (and if anyone knows where German teachers or translators German/English are needed, please drop me a message :D)
  11. Okay, hey! This is my first challenge, yay!!! After I stopped going to the gym for various reasons, I'm now back in the game (well. After I beat this damn cold that puts me in bed this week), so this is a perfect time to stab my first challenge on the calendar! ! It has three parts: 1. Go to the gym 3 times a week! 2. Cut out the chocolate. Once a week is fine, but only in moderation, but not every day! 3. Write every day, because it's NaNo Hope someone mi
  12. Kenn ich, ja, aber bisher hab ichs auch noch nie geschafft dahin zu kommen
  13. Hmmm... da lohnt sich ja die Investition... Aber ohne Gruppe zum Zocken... *seufz* Ich hab früher neben Vampire noch Kult und Degenesis gespielt
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