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  1. The research that I have seen on the topic seems to be rather mixed. When I have clients that think that their workouts might be suffering due to hormone changes I have them keep track of their cycle and how their workouts go. If there is an obvious trend we just make sure that heavy workouts don't end up falling on a bad day. That being said, we all have bad days under the bar. Just make some adjustments if needed and get through your workout, try not to let it bother you and move on to the next. You are still making more progress than all the people who sat on the couch instead that day.
  2. Remember your first fail ^-^ One day that weight will be a breeze.
  3. Great lifts! Congratulations on reaching the 1000 lbs club. Also, sweet shirt
  4. Haha I love that weird moment when you finish a heavy set of something then go to pick up your water bottle and it just shoots up because you were expecting it to be heavier. Keep making progress! Have fun at boxing tomorrow ^-^
  5. Overall your squats look good ^-^. I would highly suggest that you raise the safeties a little higher. Since you are a person who tends to come forward as the lift gets harder if you fail you will probably end up dumping the bar forward. Trust me... if this happens you will want those safeties higher than they are in that video. It will save you having a very bad day. When you get to a sticking point with your squats you will likely find it helpful to think about pushing your head back and your hips forward as you come up out of the hole. Other than that I love the socks and you are certainly
  6. Wow, at least it is fixed now. I hope you have a speedy recovery! If you are bored during your bed rest and like D&D you might want to check out Critical Roll. A bunch of voice actors playing D&D = hours of fun!
  7. Your basic squat form is pretty good! Way to go! But, you are backwards in the rack. You should not have to walk backwards and look behind you to re-rack your bar. This can be very dangerous. Please, for your safety, always face the rack. I would also recommend trying to squat within the safety arms rather than outside them. That way if you find yourself in situation where you have do dump the bar you don't have to drop it on the floor since you are in a home gym with no bumper plates. I would say you don't need lifting shoes your form looks good without them. It is 100% fine to just continue
  8. I would personally be wary of trainer #1, why? Because this trainer didn't do an assessment and chose to beat the hell out of you from day one. I worry that you will get injured working with someone with that sort of training mindset. Just because trainer #1 is more muscular than #2 doesn't mean that trainer #2 doesn't know how to program for muscle/strength development. I would suggest the second trainer if you were to go with one of those two. Of course, this is a recommendation based on some very limited info so take it with a grain of salt ^-^ Best of luck to you on your fitne
  9. You are right, do not fast! Instead, just get right back on the healthy eating wagon and stop beating yourself up over what happened. Chin up. Eyes forward. You got this!
  10. This is a great sign! Your body is finally getting used to recovering from the demands of those workouts. Way to go!
  11. Nice! You are getting strong. Gotta love picking up heavy stuff!
  12. Yay! Keep it up. Now all you have to do is not break that chain ^-^
  13. Remember why you started your journey in the first place ^-^ It is worth it. You can do it!
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