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  1. Figured it would be. I've to put things in story mode.


    the lady is my new wife, the tiger and panther our two cats and the fortress isn't the symbol for my home but for my life, I am in a fortunate position but still have a lot of work to do become the kind of man and husband I want to be.


    right now I am looking to get started and to have a base, a platform from which to work - e wooden hut - hopefully I will build that this challenge and be in a better position to move forwards in the next challenge.


    the bit with the half kings tells of my current progress on my food goal where I am doing well with keeping to my goal but am so far buying the food a lot of the time, especially lunches at work, which isn't a huge problem because I am keeping to my goal but eventually I want to get organised enough to make/assemble most of my own food which will be cheaper in the long run

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  2. Saxon looked out across the snow cloaked, blasted landscape. At his feet a fortress sprawled out ahead of him, although fortress was too kind a word for the charred and ruined mess he looked upon.


    yet it was his, and he was fortunate to have anything at all, a lucky stroke of Fate to be born with right last name. He was the son of a wealthy and powerful lord and the came with certain privileges. The ruined fortress had never bothered him before but things were different now, now he was wed to the beautiful Lady de Winter and that came with responsibilities and had a lit a fire under him to progress.


    despite, the cold, snow and poor surroundings of a ruined fort out in the wilderness they had eaten well thanks to a community of hobbits who lived nearby who sold him wholesome food. The food was filling and delicious but Saxon wished for a day when he could provide his own phone, which would keep a little more gold in his coffers.


    The frost coated, billowing sheets of his bell tent fluttered as from nowhere a winter gust howled across the grounds. The tent had been their home for some days now and whilst it kept them dry it was barely enough to keep away the cold, even through the thick furs they covered themselves with. What he needed was a structure, something with walls, something they could use as a base for now to keep them warm and drunk co for table whilst he rebuilt the rest of the fortress.


    Saxon was a warrior, not a builder, but even he knew how to make a simple alpine lodge, and for that he would need timber.


    he kissed his love tenderly and bid her farewell, leaving her in the protection of her two large pets, a panther and snow tiger and set off in to the wilderness, resolute not to return without the materials he needed to build them a home.




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  3. Hi all


    a long time ago I used to be on here under another name. I learned a lot from other people but otherwise achieved little, classic case of collecting underpants. Now I feel like a bit of different person so thought I would come back under a new name and embrace my knightly inner self.


    from the middle of England, surrounded by castles and history It is hard to not feel a bit like a knight. I reckon knights are the ultimate hero they are strong, tough and dedicated, and also kind and with a good moral compass - not a bad thing to strive for


    on to the challenge



    Goal 1 - Eat Like a Knight


    A little bit like going paleo or 'only eating food your grandma would recognise', But keeping it on theme.


    sure knights didn't eat perfectly what with beer and cheese but they didn't eat junk food, crisps and cola so for a first step that's good enough.


    i will eat like a knight every week day with 1 non knightly thing a day (trying to make small changes and not shel, shock myself)



    Goal 2 - Pull them Home


    Best way to travel in winter when you have a heavy pack is by sled. Saxon must pull his kit through the blizzard to the nearest town so that he can get warm and rest.


    In the gym sled push 5 times a session, two sessions a week.



    Goal 3 - Fight the Darkness


    been struggling for the longest time to find exercise I enjoy, way back when I used to do western martial arts and really enjoyed it so I'm thinking something similar could be a great way to lose some weight and get active.


    it isn't really close but there is a kendo group the next town over that I keep thinking of going to and keep bottling out of. Challenge here is to go to a class and give it a try.



    Goal 4 - Scale the Fortress


    back in university I used to live rock climbing, now I keep hitting a strange mental block in that I don't want to go back climbing because I know I won't be as good as when I used to go regularly.


    logically that makes perfect sense - of course I will be rusty. Illogically though my brain doesn't want to handle going back and starting over again.


    but I need to get past this block to try and fall back in love with something I used to enjoy. Challenge is to go climbing 4 times over the challenge

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  4. Hey all, I know we are some way in to the challenge but why wait for the next one to start and suffer through another few weeks of not levelling up my life when I can dive in right now?!?!?!


    I am Titans Fury, I used to be around here by a different name but after a lot of learning it ended up I was just collecting underpants and not getting anything done, I went through a through restarts as the old me that never went successfully so I've decided now it is time to hit restart and come begin afresh with a new username and a whole new me.


    Where I'm Going

    My primary motivations for levelling up are now pretty strong

    1. Levelling up for me, has always been a reason although perhaps not strong enough in and of itself - it should be but "working on me" is such an ephemeral goal that isn't time bound that that it doesn't really do the trick.
    2. I am getting married in 6 months, I am only planning on doing this once and I want my wedding photos to be awesome, for that I need me a V shaped torso, not whatever weird shape I am currently in. 
    3. End of last year I got one of the coolest jobs in the world, I arrange sports tours (holidays) for schools and clubs in the UK. I get to plan and help these people go to play their favourite sport all over the world from Croatia to Canada, from South Africa to Sri Lanka. I am also lucky enough to get to go on some of these tours. The first I will be going on will be a preseason training camp to the South of France with one of the best rugby playing schools in the UK, these guys go on to play for their country and are the top of the top. Now I now I'm not going to surpass these guys at training camp but I at least want to be able to keep up and not embarrass myself.#


    Where I'm At

    Couldn't really be much worse at the minute so the only way is up

    1. Overweight at 21stone10. I'm built to be a big guy but not this big, I want to get down to 17 stone and see where to go from there.
    2. Went absolutely flying the other day in the shower and hit the deck meaning today is the first day I can stand and walk properly since Tuesday.
    3. Loads of notice no action. I know I should exercise, I know I should eat well, I know I should level up but I simply haven't been doing it. There are all kinds of reasons for it but regardless of them the only person who can do anything about it is me.
    4. I'm not downhearted or negative, my life is awesome. I have great family, a beautiful fiancee who I am marrying in October and I have one of the coolest jobs in the world, getting fit and healthy is the last piece of the puzzle so let's go let's go!


    Challenge Goals

    After plenty of experience on here I know simple is best and something that is achievable rather than a pipe dream.

    1. Don't eat like a dickhead. I know what's right and what's wrong I just need to do it. To make things more measurable.
      1. No more than one takeaway/dining out a week
      2. No snacking at work other than fruit or veg
    2. Cardio Bunny. I'm well aware of the benefits of HITT and other such things however I am also well aware I just can't do those at the moment, I find them too difficult. What I can do right now is slow and steady cardio, and that is better than sitting on my arse.
      1. Over a week an average of 60 minutes cardio a day. This can be walking, swimming, gardening anything that is the equivalent of a brisk walk.
    3. Core Strength. Naturally a big guy I have the genetic advantage of being pretty strong everywhere, however what I don't have is much strength around my core and hips (mostly because of the stomach in the way and the sitting down most of the day), the slip in the shower really proved that my weak core isn't doing my back any favours and I want to lay off heavy weights until my core/back if fully healed. 
      1. Core strength and flexibility exercises 3 times a week
    4. Je parle francais. The primary sport I arrange tours for is rugby tours and if you are travelling from England then France is one of the most popular destinations it is close, cost effective, great food, lovely weather in the South and fantastic depth of both rugby union and league. In fact the preseason tour I am going on in August is to the South of France and it would be nice to be able to speak a bit of the language. I have always wanted to speak another language and this seems like the perfect excuse.
      1. Over a week an average of 45 minutes of learning to speak French a week.
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