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  1. Hey guys! I've been gone for a few months but I thought I would check in. I seem to have missed the beginning of the first of the year challenge but that is ok. I'll try to jump into some mimi-challenges, and I forgot about habitica, thanks for the reminder! Question about that too, does anyone team up with friends to take out monsters? Just curious if there is a group here or something. Glad to be back, can't wait for the next challenge!
  2. I didn't get any points except two points for water yesterday. I drank all 8 glasses... and stayed way below my calorie goal though. It's amazing how being properly hydrated makes you less.... snacky....
  3. Well not the best weekend for drinking water, and I only got 2 outta 3 workouts last week, but I lost a pound and I'm still working on getting my points in Current Tally: Water: 3/32 Work out: 6/42 Pounds: 5/25 Chairs: 2/42.5 Napkins: 5/25 Flowers: 0/30 Featured: 20/80 Non-Featured: 10/20
  4. It's on youtube, Jake Mace I believe. Basically it's a workout series focused around the desire to do martial arts. I'll post a link when I get home
  5. Just checking in this morning. Nothing crazy yesterday. Got 1 workout (3 points) and 8 glasses of water (2 points) so that was good. DIdn't do so great food wise. Work killed us yesterday, then the workout, and Eric didn't want to wait for me to cook anything so we had gyros for dinner. Not the worst option but still, not the best. Oh well, soldier on. Very tired this morning.....
  6. Ahhhh spoilers! I'm in the middle of the first book. I'm glad the first challenge went so well for you though
  7. Yesterday was a doosey of a day. My fiance had to work late so we drove separately and I rode my motorcycle to work. I needed to get gas on the way home so I was on my way when my gear shift literally just came loose. I shifted up and and gear shift just kept going up and wouldn't come down.... So I coasted into a parking space I was luckily near, and had to walk home. It wasn't too far but by the time I got there I was done for the day. I waited for him to get home, got the tools we needed and went to get my bike. No chance I was going to work out yesterday, and didn't hit my water goal (iron
  8. Yes actually. It just so happens that they have an instructables wedding contest going on, so I'll be participating there
  9. Hello everyone, this is my second challenge. I've decided to join the monks, at least for a time as martial arts has always been a huge draw for me. I haven't been active since I was about 18, but I had achieved quite a lot by that point. I have trained in the Okinawan form of shitu ryu, and in Tae-kwon-do. I am currently working through a work out series specifically geared towards people who want to learn Kung Fu. Hopefully once my life settles down a bit (after I get married) I'll be able to join a dojo around here to continue my training. For now, I am looking forward to Losin
  10. I absolutely hate public speaking so, I could never do what you do. I don't blame you for being nervous at all.
  11. Seriously that is incredible, well done!!
  12. Welp here's the final tally for this month. I must say I agree with it. It was a "meh" month, I could have done so much better but I could have done a lot worse too. Just gotta keep working on it. I wont lie, I did NOT expect cleaning to be my strong suit..... Level up my health: Pack a lunch for work 4 days a week 10/19 - *lost one day due to lunch 'n learn *lost one day cause mondays suck *lost one day cause water heater *lost one day being a good friend Keep track of calorie counts every day 22/34
  13. Thanks! And yea, life definitely happens :/ I think I was a bit too specific and not flexible enough in my goals this first challenge. Definitely something I will take with me into the next challenge. I'm very pumped about what I've learned here and can't wait to give it another shot. Thanks!
  14. Not only did I complete my new how-to, I did it on instructables, entered a contest with it AND got featured by the intructables team with it. Boo-Ya AAAAANyways. I'm hoping to finish another how-to or two before the time is up. I'm still working out which wasn't part of the challenge but has helped immensely. Been a pretty good couple of days. So much wedding prep.... Only two more days in the challenge, and I look forward to the next one. I believe I'll be switching over tot he Monks, but I hope not to lose track of the awesome friends I've made this challenge. Follow me, I
  15. Hey still here Severine, I actually forgot to post yesterday >< Anyways, I'm doing alright in my last week. I'm probably going to finish with a C for the month which, is not what I was hoping for but, eh. Next challenge will have very different goals. But hopefully I'll keep up with some of the cleaning habits I've formed this challenge. I'm still hoping to get another howto or two done before the end of the challenge to bump up my score a bit, and looks like I'm gonna ace the cleaning. I've actually started working out as well (I know jumping the gun) but that is going to be the focus o
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