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  1. rest day yesterday back at my crossfit gym at school and im so happy! the programming is the best. cheaper at my home box but definitely little structure... one day our coach scheduled a volume deadlift workout the day after finding a heavy deadlift???? anyway... work to a heavy back squat triple. got up to 140 and finally got even more depth thanks to better coaching. happy w it! spotter helped me on the last rep then strict pull up work, striving for a rep. obviously didn't get one but i felt slightly stronger while trying it if that makes sense. then 8 rounds of 4 burpe
  2. thursday deadlift. worked up to 2x5 @170 and 1x2 @185 then did 3x6 strict press @50. then push press 1x3 @75 (rep pr i think) and 1x1 @80. then jerked 80 and held it up for 30s. 20-15-10 kettlebell swings, wall ball, ring rows did three rounds. took ~9 minutes. then bear complex stuff. did 1x3 and 1x5 reps at 50 and it felt super difficult. today back at school gym... don't even know the amount of weight used on these unfortunately. definitely using a men's bar but don't know exact weight. just went by feeling rather than weight numbers which is probab
  3. front squat 100 5x5!!! and felt kind of easy 90 3x9 metcon 10 thruster (55#) 150 single under 8 thruster 120 single under 6 thruster 90 single under 4 thruster 60 single under 2 thruster 30 single under finished ~9:15 then finished off with 30 front rack walking lunges at the same weight
  4. bench press 55 3x10 60 1x8 (new rep pr, i think) power clean 60 2x3 65 1x3 70 2x3 85 6x2 12 minute amrap 8 push jerk (60#) 8 burpee 8 hang power clean (60#) got 5 full rounds + 2 jerks. jerks felt heavy (probably after strict press yesterday).
  5. back squat 130 3x6 125 1x7 115 2x10 (i felt nauseous during the last set so ending it there...) overhead press 45 3x7 50 3x5 55 1x3, 1x2 hip thrust 110 3x10 at crossfit work to max front squat triple. got to 115. was gonna do 120 and i may have been able to do it but my partner already started putting plates away... then tabata row calories, air squats, pullups (banded), pushups, and situps. score for each was the lowest number achieved in the 8 rounds of each exercise. i got 4, 15, 3, 4, and 7 respectively.
  6. sprints 8x40 yard 5x50 yd 1x400m thruster 5-5-5-5-5 (on crossfit main site) 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 (failed on last rep) front squat 70 3x8 split jerk 70 2x3 85 2x1
  7. back squat 35 1x6 55 1x5 85 1x5 125 1x3 135 3x5 140 2x3 145 1x3 120 3x8 110 1x10 bench 35 1x8 45 1x8 65 3x4 70 1x2 55 3x8 deadlift 125 1x5 145 1x4 180 6x2 155 1x6 then did a quick metcon after lunch. 12 minute amrap of 10 burpees and 75 single unders. 5 full rounds and then up to 16 single unders. feels good doing that many burpees!
  8. today is a rest day. got in a good 6 miles of walking for active recovery tho! here is what i did yesterday front squat 35 1x8 55 1x5 85 1x4 105 4x4 110 1x3 95 3x8 100 1x6 85 (pause squats) 1x5 85 (1 1/4 squats) 1x5 (these hurt a lot... i liked them!) so basically my quads are jello at this point. overhead press 35 1x8 45 1x6 50 2x6, 2x5 55 1x3 40 2x8 rdl 65 4x8 front rack reverse lunge 65 2x12 8 hill sprints
  9. overhead squat work... worked to 70lb triple then worked to a heavy clean and jerk. hit 95# again. managed to sloppily clean 100# but there was no way i could have jerked it. then 21-15-9 of russian kettlebell swings (44#) and ring rows. finished in 6:00. the ring rows were what killed me. and finished off w 6 minute amrap of heavy kettle bell farmer's carry (62# per hand) across the gym and back (one way was ~25 steps) and 5 burpees. got 4 full rounds + 1/2 a walk.
  10. so sore still from sprints over the weekend... back squat 55 1x5 85 1x5 105 1x5 130 5x6 (these felt really bad, especially the first two sets) 120 2x8 squats really sucked today. my lower back hates me. definitely knew i wouldn't be doing deadlifts today after this point. my core and quads hurt so much from sprints :-( bench 35 1x8 45 1x6 65 3x5 55 2x8 hip thrust 105 3x10 then at crossfit we did the chief which has 5 amrap rounds of 3 power clean, 6 pushup, and 9 squat clean. each round is 3 minutes and there is 1 minute rest after each round. only full rounds
  11. 9/10/16 sprints (haven't done flat sprints in QUITE a long time so will be sore tomorrow for sure) 8x40 yard 5x50 yard 3 rounds 50 yard overhead carry (70#) 10 pushups (slightly modified, of course) 50 yard overhead carry 10 air squats didn't time myself. forearms and triceps kill. then went to the 50 yard line and back by doing 35# walking overhead lunges then for the fun of it...... ran a hard 400m lap around the track. obviously this isn't a sprint for me and is more of a hard run but i wanna start practicing them a bit. didn't time myself as it would pro
  12. back squat 55 1x6 85 1x5 105 1x5 125 4x7 115 1x9 105 (pause squats) 1x5 bench 35 1x8 45 1x6 60 4x7 emom for 8 minutes hang snatch triple 55# then 9 minute amrap 10 front squat (55#) 8 push press (55#) 6 burpees i got 4 rounds + 10 front squats. then decided to do some squat cleans. working up to max single. failed at 95 but i think it had to do w fatigue.
  13. today 9/7/16 front squat 35 1x5 55 1x7 85 1x4 100 4x4 90 3x7 70 1x13 overhead press 35 1x8 45 2x8 50 3x6 57.5 1x2 pr!! 55 1x4 not pretty but rep pr!! 45 1x7 barbell row 60 3x8 front rack reverse lunge 55 3x16 then at crossfit was a heavy emom wod which was fun. i love those. tested some single attempt bodyweight stuff. got 54 max single unders, 6 pullups with a green band, and 0 toes to bar. boo. for the first emom it was a hang snatch + 1 overhead squat. i got 70! it was ugly but im happy. however im even happier w the next c
  14. a workout at my crossfit box today. i often come here and do my own thing because it seems like the metcons always would hamper my recovery if i did them. today my lower back is sore from deadlifting yesterday but today's metcon featured lots of deadlifting. boo. my box is v small so i actually had the entire space to myself fortunately :-) did some overhead squat work and worked to a 65 triple. wasn't testing myself that much though. then practiced clean and jerks without any sort of structure. i LOVE clean and jerks. snatches? not so much. i hit a new pr today of 90# though! unexpected
  15. back squat 55 1x5 85 1x5 105 1x5 135 4x4 (these aren't feeling any easier /:) 125 2x6 115 2x8 bench 35 1x8 45 1x8 65 5x4 (so happy w this!!!) 60 3x6 deadlift 125 1x5 145 1x5 180 2x3, 1x2 195 fail /: disappointing since i did this a couple weeks ago. feeling stalled. 160 1x6 8 hill sprints
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