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  1. My dearest Soandso,

    I miss you tons.



  2. Hey everyone, for the past 2-3 weeks I have been finding it increasingly hard to motivate myself to eat properly and get up and exercise. I started on my fitness journey in late December of last year at 225 pounds. Since I've really dedicated myself to getting fit I haven't had any real problems self motivating and having the willpower to eat very strict paleo(when it is reasonable) up until about 3 weeks ago. I'm not really sure why i'm having such a hard time recently but I think one big reason is that i don't give myself credit for accomplishing anything. In about 5 months I've been able to
  3. I was a total dick to my parents during my 7th and 8th grade year. I acted out, got bad grades, started smoking cigarettes, drinking, and doing drugs during that time too. My parents tried the "take things away" route but it didn't do much except make me resent them more. looking back on it now I was completely miserable in middle-school and probably was pretty depressed. I kinda just grew out of it by my sophomore/junior year of H.S. though I have kept a lot of the bad habits I started back then to this day, especially my coping mechanisms. I wish I could go back and change a lot of what I di
  4. teehee "carriage". You should take the initiative and talk to him if you see him again
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