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  1. I'll definitely take a look into it a little deeper. I have fasted before, but not intermittently, longest I did was 5 days, but that wasn't easy lol.
  2. Congratulations! That's awesome, keep up the great work!
  3. Thanks RisenPhoenix! I tracked my food with MFP yesterday and the task of logging kept me from snacking much. I made better choices during the day and felt better about not snacking in the middle of the night! I’d count it as a success for one day and I’ll try to keep the ball rolling. I’m sure it’ll break at some point, but at least I know one method that might be a better solution.
  4. So what are some good ways (besides not keeping it in the house) for not eating in the middle of the night? I’ve found that lately I wake up multiple times each night (terrible sleeper) and find myself snacking because i feel famished. I’ve tried the mental prep each night “tonight i won’t snack, i don’t need it, etc. etc. etc.” and it doesn’t help. I’ve tried the have a bottle of water before going to bed to stay full (and it back fires because I just wake up to pee hahaha). It’s frustrating because i’m seeing my weight go up again lately and i know that it’s a big contributing factor. So any ideas or tips on your experiences and what might help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Who here, when they look in the mirror just have a distaste, or hate for their body? Thsfarther and farther I get out of shape, the more I hate my body. Now, I'm not going to get surgery to alter it, that's not the point. When I look it the mirror I just get disgusted. For those that have gone from fat to fit, and didn't like or even hated their body, how do you feel now? And for those that lost a bunch of weight and are in shape, do you still think and/or identify as the "fat guy/girl"?
  6. Welcome! What a story! Please make sure you give yourself credit for making it through and getting to today having dealt with all the loss and drama with losing a home and living on the road. And congrats on the new addition, it's good you want to be around for the little one. They need their parents! Best at of luck on your journey and make sure to keep us updated!
  7. We all have our ups and downs, hopefully you find more ups here then downs. Perhaps being healthier would have a wholistic affect across the board? Kick each goals ass and take it a step at a time, you'll do great. You've got a great mind, judging from your post. Highly intelligent people often have a harder time being motivated I think!
  8. Not how many times we fall down, it's how many times we get back up. Good luck on your journey
  9. Congratulations!! That's quite impressive, how are you maintaining? Do you find it as hard as initially losing? What's your final goal?
  10. Absolutely, I suppose it's a good way of putting it. It's going to take effort and a fight to overcome, but being healthy is the goal. Thanks
  11. Excellent points. And I see what you did there wonderfully out together; thanks for sharing
  12. I just finished reading Act II, quite interesting. I can see some good examples and valid points, not that her path would be the path I take, but thanks for sharing that. It's good to be opening Pandora's Box. Perhaps knowing yourself well enough would keep confidence in check and not going into arrogant territory? Kind of like you appreciate what you have because you've been without it? Maybe haha What kind of attention don't you want to attract? Personality I think has more to do with it than just personal appearance, but I could be wrong. best of luck with your journey, it sounds like you have a good handle and perspective on things!
  13. You're right, the fear of the effort is present, as well as a fear of failing. I can rationalize that I'll fail again, so why even start, I'll be back as square one in a week, month, year, etc.. Where are are you in your journey if you don't mind me asking?
  14. I know this sounds a bit silly, but has anyone else been afraid to lose weight? While I am aware I NEED to be healthy and lose weight I can honestly say the thought of losing it all and being fit scares me. im sure I'll regret not losing it sooner, but how will it affect my life? Will people treat me differently? Will I treat myself differently? Anyone else have have these irrational emotional thoughts before attempting a big change? Thanks!
  15. How many goals are you all working with? I'm thinking of starting with having one small goal each day. Maybe 2-3 if things go well. Then having one, maybe two overacting weekly goals, then doing the same for monthly, and annual. after reading the article about goal setting it seems that being specific will help substantially. Not going to do the "get in shape" goal again haha I'm somewhat excited now.
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