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  1. Lead/Metal pipe Bo Staff spins. Jake Mace has a YouTube series on staff spins that, by using a very heavy staff, will give your upper body a good workout.
  2. I suffer from bad knees as well. Started Taekwondo 9 months ago and have not had any problems kicking up to this point, but I'm not doing any flying spinning kicks yet. I have found that extra stretching help tremendously as well as sitting in Seiza each day. Some days are better than others; you really have to pace yourself and listen to your body.
  3. Getting back on track: Last week was much better in terms of hitting my fitness goals. I attended all of my TKD classes. My wife and I got up early on the first weekend and went hiking both days. The following weekend I had to replace the roof on my house, wood sheathing and all. I burned 8 pounds in water weight alone and by Sunday, I thought my legs were going to fall off. Still went to class last night. Score B- (did not do any body weight exercises, but lots of cardio) Nutrition was much better, did get takeout due to working on the roof for 12 hours straight each day. Score: C+ Still can’t get into a mediation routine and the other learning goals did suffer due to working outside. Testing for Orange belt this Thursday. Score C
  4. Progress Report week 3 EPIC FAIL!! It was like playing Dark Souls; beheaded by a level boss, stripped of all inventory, weapons, and armor, and trying to make your way back completely buck-naked. Except you die every 10 steps and have to go back to the re spawn point. The only positive was that I did attend my TKD classes, but everything else when out the window. Work combined with travel consumed me this past week. I am going to have to shut my system down for a complete reboot. Score for the week: D-
  5. @Kishi can you elaborate on your "It almost seems that your scoring system is working against you at this point," statement? I am trying to be as honest about my performance as I can so I can score myself accordingly. I am aware I am trying to accomplish a lot with this first challenge. In hindsight I should have made a smaller set of goals.
  6. I have been working on my TKD Master to add more Hapkido to the curriculum. There is only one dedicated Hapkido school in the entire state and it is far from me and I don't want to attend another school. The control aspect of Hapkido is what interest me as I believe it to be a great compliment to TKD.
  7. Progress Report for Week Two: Fitness: Score for the week = C Attended 2 Taekwondo classes Stretched only 3x during the week. 1x body weight exercises for the week. Crazy week trying to find the time. Nutrition: Score for the week = C Starbucks is still my main vice. Switched from cappuccinos to iced lattes (no sugar) but supplementing unsweetened green ice tea. Goal is to reduce ice lattes purchased from Starbucks, instead making them at home and only one per day. For every coffee and ice tea I drink, I will have to drink 24 ounces of water before I can have another one. Diet was much better this week. More meat and vegetables but still eating plain rice. Traditional oatmeal in the morning help me with my acid reflux. Only 2 beers for the week total. Had them on Friday and did not have any Saturday. Meditation and Learning: Score for the week = B Mediated once this week. Worked with learning the basic Hangul symbols and learn a couple of new words. Still researching the 3-way match. We added a new game mechanic that changes the basic code, so will have to step back and do more research. Did get through a couple of tutorials and I am ready to export my current tutorial game to android. On track with earning next belt.
  8. Morning Everyone, Stretching is progressing along, still can't touch my ankles. I can now sit up straight on the floor with legs spread but can't stretch forward with out help. It seems my left side is way more flexible than my right side. Does anyone else experience this? Should I focus more on my weaker side or keep it balanced, working each side evenly?
  9. @Evicious - thanks for the advice, love the diagram!
  10. Progress Report for Week One: Fitness: Score for the week - B Attended my Taekwondo classes Stretched 4x during the week using yoga techniques. Only 2x body weight exercises for the week and they were on the lame side. Focus on achieving 2 full cycles for each workout. Nutrition: Score for the week - D One cappuccino per week except for Sunday, I drank 3. The weekend was a carbohydrate orgy of pizza, stir-fry noodles, and breads EPIC FAIL - Saturday morning, trip to the french bakery for chocolate croissants and apple turnovers, ice cream in the evenings. Sunday I managed to pull myself together and cut everything out. Only 3 beers on Friday and 2 on Saturday - only reason I gave myself a D is because I did accomplish this. I am seriously considering cutting this out. Meditation and Learning: Score for the week - B Did absolutely no meditation. Accomplished this goal plus downloaded podcast to learn to speak Korean. Accomplished this goal - made headway with the 3-way match code and built the grid. On track with earning next belt.
  11. A meager strand of glistening light cascades gently, gliding its way through the worn cracks of my life. A shadow lurks about, hovering, waiting to consume the legendary habits built on the sweat of my back from years in the making. It screams, spewing forth an oath out from the darkness as I watch the dust swirl and dance wildly about around the gauntlet lying directly in front of me. Chugging several gulps of sweet ambrosia, a Japanese beer name Asahi, I lean in to pick the worn metal glove, pondering the implication of my actions. I pause for a moment, “Do I truly wish to see this journey to its end? What truth am I seeking? What demon has possessed me to alienate myself from all of life’s blissful creations…beer, bread, pastries to name a few?” A smile glides across my face as I savor the last sips of ice cold beer sliding the cold metal armor onto my hand as I continue to type. Goal: to possess at least ½ of the speed, power, and talent of Bruce Lee! 4-week challenge #1 – The Shadow Reveals its True Self. Start Date: 5/10/2016 Age: 47 Current Rank: High Yellow. Fitness (5 points – STR or DEX: A = 5, B= 4, C=3, D=2) 1. Taekwondo classes two nights per week 2. Flexibility: Yoga stretches 3x per week 3. Body weight exercises 3x per week: a. Squats – 3 sets of 10 with front snap kicks b. Single leg lungs – 3 sets of 10 each c. Regular pushups - 3 sets of 20 d. Single Arm kettle bell row – 3 sets of 10 e. Archer Pulls with Resistance Bans – 3 sets of 10 f. Bicycle Crunches – 2 sets of 40 g. Leg lifts – 2 sets of 20 Nutrition (4 points CON: A = 4, B= 3, C=2, D=1) 1. Reduce Starbucks cappuccino to one per day. 2. Reduce carbs to only steamed rice once per day. 3. No sugar sweets. 4. Max 3 beers on Friday and Saturday Night. No drinking any other night of the week (I am being realistic here, people). Meditation and Learning (5 points to WIS or CHA: A = 5, B= 4, C=3, D=2) 1. Mediate 15 minutes per day 2. Practice Hangeul (Korean) for 20 minutes 3x per week. 3. Work on C# coding for mobile game project 3x per week. 4. Obtain Next rank – Orange Belt on June 9th.
  12. @Machete Let's see....nope, I can't do that with my heels on the floor. Any suggestion on how to progress? @Sahaja - Thanks for the video! I am familiar with this stretch and will incorporate it more into my routine. @stubborn_girl - I do have a beginning yoga DVD and it has helped, especially with my Quadriceps. I have made progress in the past 6 months (I can now sit up straight while on the floor with my legs straight in front of me without any pain) but reaching those toes is very slow progress....it is frustration. Thanks for the information!
  13. Hello Everyone, Does anyone have a kick-ass stretching routine for the hamstrings/calves? Right now I can barely touch the middle of my shins while standing and can only touch just below my knees while sitting on the ground. Forget trying to open the legs in the sitting position and touch the ground. This is making certain TKD kicks difficult. @Teirin led me to @Cheechoe 's hip stretching routine and it is helping.
  14. Hello fellow Nerds, I'm near Princeton, NJ. I am always willing to meet up on the weekends for activities; training, sparing, gaming, or just hanging out.
  15. Hello Everyone, I have been trolling (but not in a creepy way) around the forums for a couple of day so here is my official introduction. I’m a 47 years old, 6’ 5”, father of 3 daughters all in college (please say a pray for my wallet), lover of all things D&D/video games, full time accountant and part time game developer. I was topping the scale at 300 lbs. and a health scare finally woke me up. I was able to drop 75 lbs. but cutting out soda, beer (very hard to do), sugar, and working my butt off at the gym. That was 2 years ago. Since then I have put back on 30 lbs. (beer is the culprit) and I am completely out of shape. Being a fan of the old cheesy Kung-Fu action theater movies, I decided 5 months ago that I was going to finally get off of my rear end to get healthy again by taking martial arts and committing to earning my black belt. I chose Taekwondo due to the proximity to my house and the Master includes Jeet Kune Do into his curriculum. At the end of each class I lie in a pool of sweat, gasping for breath, flopping around like a flounder out of water. I can tell that I am getting stronger but my stamina and speed, well…they basically suck. I am hoping that NF will help me get organized so I can build my stamina, eat healthy and lose weight, and achieve my goal of becoming as great as Hong Kong Phooey (cartoon from the 70’s for the younger generations). Enough about me, I look forward to meeting everyone and getting starting on the right track.
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