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  1. AgentsSka

    jstanlick does more MetCons

    Why hello there. Glad to see you still kicking ass, friend.
  2. AgentsSka

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    Raptron! Hi. I miss you.
  3. AgentsSka

    AgentsSka :: Fuck it. I'm back.

  4. AgentsSka

    AgentsSka :: Fuck it. I'm back.

    Correction: 3-4 weeks, butt-carrot. And, harass away. Prior to the stadium would be better than after.
  5. AgentsSka

    AgentsSka :: Fuck it. I'm back.

    I'm sure most of you have read the title and had the reaction of "Uh... who the hell are you?". (or maybe, "Language!" If so, get over it. There's more coming.) Well, I'm AgentsSka & I'm a ranger who was very fit for a while living the physical lifestyle that I love and thrive on. Then, I fell of the wagon and let it go all to shit. Now, I'm soft. Have been out of it a bit mentally. And, grinding my gears trying to get back going. Today is a particularly interesting day for me. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. Most of my friends are either in Wisconsin racing at the North Face Endurance Challenge as part of November Project's Summit. Another group of my friends are in Killington, VT taking part in the Spartan Beast. I am doing neither. Personal reasons have kept me from going to either. But, honestly, I'm also not in shape for either. And that, nerds, annoys the ever living fuck out of me. So, it happens that I was focusing on making a game plan for keeping me accountable for the next several weeks & I thought - "well, the Nerd Fitness Community has helped before. I wonder when the next challenge starts." And lo and behold, it starts in two days. Perfect timing. Serendipity. So, fuck it. I'm back.