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  1. Bring over all of this yummy food. We can work on squat form in my garage, then eat all of those goodies, and drink - whatever your drink of choice is!
  2. I, too, calculate the total weight moved during my work sets....
  3. Seems to spin a ton for a bushing bar!
  4. Do nothing is the best plan for today.
  5. AgentsSka

    Xena is Restless

    shower beers are the best.
  6. Thursday - walked a 3.5 mile loop with the lady, then ran a short two miles. Then did some 5x5 work. Should probably get some form checks from someone who knows what they are talking about. This morning... Hills with peeps from NP... and all the buffs.
  7. Do not worry about walking goals at this time. You and your family's health is always the primary focus. Once your body is healthy, you can start worrying about your walking goals. (I know you know this already. But, confirming with a voice other than your own can be helpful sometimes.)
  8. Testing is an option. I also hear that those administering the tests are frequently...
  9. Cadence and speed can definitely go hand in hand. This is a pretty reasonable overview of working on increased cadence without increasing speed.
  10. A - you don't have a thermometer? (Neither did I until a couple months back. I share an Amazon Prime account with my sisters. One noticed an order for digital thermometer and pulse oximeter and freaked right the fuck out.) If you'd like access to either, I don't mind swinging them by. B. Neighbor feeling ok? It is too bad that meeting her comes with such a permanent side effect. I do believe she'd be lovely to hang with.
  11. Seriously. If I wanted to be a swimmer, I'd be jumping off bridges and shit.
  12. Let's see.... Last few days. Did a walk run bit on Monday morning. Strung together close to 3 miles with a run a mile, walk a few mins, run a mile... etc. Legs felt a bit heavy after Sunday's ride and the air was not air... it was dense liquid. Yesterday morning, I rucked 5 miles. And, followed it up with a 5x5 session in the afternoon. As for pulling, I still haven't been able to have my friend check the shoulder. I did manage half a pull-up without feeling anything.... although deadhangs still seem to tweak it. So, that bit's still mostly on hold. Today will be an unintentional rest day. But, my body apparently needed some extra sleep today. And, I have a short day since my oldest is having a more formalized high school graduation this afternoon. Back at it tomorrow morning.
  13. It’s one of my go to shows just before bed. Makes me so happy.
  14. What are you Canadian? Stop apologizing. This is your thread within a forum that is meant for some more long form writing. Write as much as you want!
  15. How have the first few days gone for you?
  16. I believe they took that video & other feedback to heart. I now own the T-3 rack and there is no issue with working at all. I also have their Safety Squat bar which is getting high marks around the interwebs & a flat bench if theirs. All good stuff.
  17. Ha! Nothing is in stock anywhere these days. It's very much a crapshoot... unless you get involved with the various stockbots to alert you when something comes in stock.... but, even then no guarantees you are going to land one. I've been waiting on Titan's rackable curl bar to come back in stock (as well as a myriad of other things as I've been trying to build the garage gym during this pandemic).
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