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  1. Olympic style saber fencing, or a historical style? Just remember to load your rear leg with a tiny bit more weight than feels natural.
  2. Sorry about the weather. I remember that storm, I had to drive up to the Lake for a meeting and back. I was just ahead of getting snowed in.
  3. Don't forget the Zombie's 5K app. Great stories in between the missions S1:1 and S1:2. Another Runner 5 here. But I listen to it a lot while I use a rowing machine.... I'm not ashamed to admit I think of myself as Rower 5, and just imagine Abel is on the coast.
  4. Will definitely check this out. Zombies Run has been my go-to for a few years, I'd love another motivational tool in the arsenal!
  5. I never preferred fencing with the other hand for balancing muscles. Fencing time should be spent getting better at fencing. Intentionally doing it backwards doesn't seem to advance that goal. I know a lot of people who play squash or tennis with their off-hand. I know other people who strength train who will add in just a few reps extra on their off-side to help it catch up. Also: People do splits in fencing. Sometimes on purpose. .
  6. All three weapons are great, don't specialize too early, enjoy them all! And if you find that you like the history and "practice" better than competition, know that there are a ton of resources for historical fencing and other swordytype sports and martial arts. I've been fencing off and on since 1992: even in years when I don't compete I always think of myself as a fencer. You gotta work the off-hand and rear leg to stay kind of balanced. Even then your sword hand and forearm will be stronger. Honestly though, it's kind of cool, because you see the size difference as the result of really good work!
  7. Imagine you are being pulled by a string, the point moves first, then the arm, then the leg! A good exercise is to stand straight, tuck your lead leg behind you, reach up with your weapon arm, and do rear leg hops. It helps you focus on your launching leg, and helps with balance!
  8. Which weapon are you fencing with? I'm best at epee, but enjoy sabre the most. Good luck with your challenges! Make sure you work out your off-hand!
  9. Hello Thom: I am not "still" here, I also found this thread recently. I'm profoundly new here. Good luck with your studies. I assume you're familiar with the HEMA Alliance group for the various schools. I'm a fencer. And I think WMA/HEMA is fascinating. It's very enjoyable to practice, and I really enjoy seeing people getting into any form of swording (which is totally a real word). What are you using to practice with?
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