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  1. On vacation at my moms house and she doesn't understand paleo/primal and i think shes adding things I don't eat to food without telling me and won't let me help cook. Now I have a stomach ache. Lovely. Good thing she warned me that there's sugar in the deviled eggs (who does that???)

    Sigh. Home in 2 days.

    Sugar in deviled eggs? Blech!

    Argh, I wanted to go out with friends today and I ended up with a major migraine and spent all day sleeping instead.

  2. Nothing's wrong with muscular women. Although I do have a problem with female bodybuilders. But that's because I have an issue with bodybuilders in general. Something about them just makes me want to avert my eyes. Not saying they're ugly or anything. I really have no idea why.

    To me, that kind of muscle doesn't look useful. Whereas, I look at someone like Georges St. Pierre and his muscles, while defined, look like someone who uses them. Does that make sense?

    Also, I don't like the word toned because it has connotations of a giggly, "Oh, I don't really want to be strong" attitude. At least to me.

  3. This is not a nerdy movie, but in Beauty and the Beast, despite turning into furniture and a beast, the inhabitants of the palace were all aging right? (before the 21st b'day of the prince etc)

    So if they were under the spell for 11 years, the teacup (chip) should be at least 11 years old, right? He looks like a child of 5!

    My presumption was that they stopped aging while under the spell. I know in Robin McKinley's Beauty that Beast was bespelled for hundreds of years and everyone was still alive. It's fairy tale logic.

  4. I once came into work and my friend looked at my legs and told me in a totally serious voice, "If he lays another hand on you, I'm gonna rip it off." My response? "Thank you for your willingness to spindle, fold and mutilate in my defense, but I just tripped. Also, not dating anyone." That was a fun conversation.

  5. My anesthesiologist informed me after wisdom tooth surgery when I was 16 that I came out of it singing the French national anthem. He thought that was hilarious!

    I came out announcing, "It's Helios!"

    Don't ask.

    My Argh: I'm trying to get my driver's license updated and there's a problem with my paperwork so I won't get it before it expires. Luckily, I won't be driving, but I still need it for ID!

  6. I have had moments where I'd like one, but I've chosen not to become a parent for a number of reasons. I have no problem telling people to back off if necessary, though I usually start with, "I can't have kids because my landlady won't allow goats" to get the point across.

    For repeat askers, flatly changing the subject or calling them on it may be indicated. For more extreme cases, if they nag on the phone, tell them to stop or you'll hang up. Then follow through. If they nag in person, tell them to stop or you'll leave. Again, follow through.

  7. I'm in a similar boat as yourself, but a few years further down the line. I'm also an English teacher, EFL instead of ESL, but I can relate to your situation. I started reading those Art of Manliness articles on being better dressed and I've been working on implementing the advice. Some things that I've found work particularly well:

    *Sport coats in winter. They keep you warm and add a touch of class. I find suits to be much too formal, and I always felt I stood out in a wrong way when I wore them. It's important not to under-dress, but you should also avoid over-dressing.

    *Also in winter, a nice tie. Leadchipmunk mentioned adding a little touch that makes you stand out, for me it's my ties. I read the aforementioned Dressing the Man, which gave me a much improved sense of color and patterns. I got the different styles of knot down, and now I'm often complimented on my ties.

    *No jeans! Slacks are much more comfortable in my opinion and look nicer. Plus, you're an ESL teacher. I don't know where you live or work so I can't guess where most of your students are from, but in most of the world, or at least where I've been, jeans are not really considered appropriate for work. It'll make a much better impression on your students, even if only subconsciously, if you leave the denim for the fishing trips and yard work.

    *I agree with the shoe comments made; get yourself a nice pair of leather shoes.

    Wear shirts with collars, slacks, nice shoes, and maybe a jacket in the winter, you'll been seen in a much better light than your co-workers in jeans or polo shirts. Plus, dressing better will make you more confident. When I first started changing my appearance I felt uncomfortable, like I was wearing a costume, but I'd think to myself, "I'm dressed for the part, I might as well act it." In time, it became much more natural, and I grew into the part.

    Bottom line: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

    PS, I know polo shirts have collars, but you know what I mean.

    Yep, this. All of this, especially the bolded.

  8. I don't think there's any magical perfect diet for everyone. I try to eat more on the paleo side because I feel better. I have vegan and raw food friends who feel great and have buckets of energy, whereas if I went vegan/raw I'd be anemic and exhausted.

  9. I send hugs, good thoughts, the knowledge that if they do remove her colon she can live without it (I've been doing so for 20+years) and one of my favorite pieces of fanfic:

    A VERY long Tuesday in the life of Minerva McGonagall. With rampant Umbridgeitis, uncooperative Slytherins, Ministry interventions, an absent Dumbledore and a schoolwide shortage of Hot Cocoa, it's a wonder she's as nice as she is.

    This story always makes me cackle like a loon.

    Minerva opened the door to the staff room, expecting to see a pot of tea and, if she was lucky, some ginger newts. She was not expecting to see Sybill Trelawney sitting on Severus Snape's lap, singing about 'Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens' while attempting to punctuate each line with kiss on one of his cheeks. However Minerva firmly believed that sometimes the unexpected could be better than what had gone before… Thought's of blackmail danced merrily through her head as she watched the scene unfold gleefully.

  10. Which would you regret more, "Gee, I had a gelato," or "I went to Italy and was so focused on my diet that I didn't enjoy eating at all?"

    Enjoy the food in moderation and don't get all wound up about things- you're going to be running all over the city so it's not like you're not getting any exercise.

    FWIW, I go to NYC each August and we end up eating out somewhere fancy each night. I have a sensible breakfast and lunch and then if I want dessert (which I always do) or fettucine Alfredo I have it and don't fret about it. Panna cotta is good for what ails you!

  11. This is all very helpful, thanks!

    But that said, is buying a reasonably well-fitting suit from a thrift store and taking it to a good tailor simply polishing a turd, or a smart use of money?

    Not a guy, but I check thrift shops and alter things that don't fit just right- I can't do fancy tailoring but I can hem and such. Think of it this way- if you get a good suit that probably cost $200 retail at the thrift store for $25 and a tailor alters it for $60, you have a great fitting, elegant outfit for $85.

  12. No I'm letting go of a dream does suck. but on the other hand i've looked at it and noticed how the dream I thought it was is not the dream it really is. It's a bummer. It sucks. but I'd rather let go of it and move on to better things than let it kill me.

    My $0.02: One of my longtime dreams was to work as a restaurant/nightclub bellydancer. I have been bellydancing for a few years now, and last fall my school offered a class for people who were interested in dancing professionally. I went, all fired up and ready to go- and by the end of the class, I had no desire to dance commercially. The teacher was great and honest and helpful, she certainly wan't trying to put us off. However, after learning about the restrictions and issues involved, I realized that what I really enjoyed was the performance aspect, and I could get that in one of the school's student companies or creating solos for student shows.

    Did it end a dream? Yes, but I consider the lesson cheap at the price. It helped me target exactly what I thought I'd get from being a professional, and instead channel my energy into what I really want.

  13. "I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don't work."

    Thomas Edison. /librarian search mode off.

    I was thinking of the same quote!

    One thing to consider is alternative medicine/complementary medicine. It might not be what you first considered, but it's an option. Just FYI, the reiki master I studied under has facial tatts and piercings. Hasn't stopped him from having a job- or two!

    Also, (((hugs.))) You've come so far in such a short time- be proud of yourself!