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  1. Respawn Day 6 1) Exercise 10/40 mins. Okay so this definitely did not meet my goal of 20 mins of exercise. My body just hurt. Figure 8 fitness has a lot of focus on abs and arms and my arms (and to a lesser degree my abs) just couldn't take it. I'm decided to listen to them and call it short. Yes I am disappointed. Yes I am scared that this means I suck so much but I also know that pushing through pain is not right and so to compromise, I've decided to go for a walk tonight when the weather is cooler. 2) Movement 1 ) Marhsal Fitness - Level Up. 2 ) Marshal Fitness - Solo. 3 ) It's raining tacos (kids... have interesting taste in music... ). 4 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up. 5 ) Marshal Fitness - Work B*. 6 ) Marshal Fitness - Yummy. 7 ) Walk * I didn't make all 8 yesterday so I'm hoping to do 2 extra today to make up for it. No promises though 3) Food Log Lunch - Nachos - roughly 500 Calories. Dinner - Wedges - roughly 300 Calories Snack - Chips - roughly 300 Calories + Just Tea 130 Calories Total Calories 1230
  2. Respawn Day 5 1) Exercise 20/45 mins of today's Figure 8. I tried. 2) Movement 1) Marshal Fitness - Level Up. 2 ) Marshal Fitness - Bad Romance. 3 ) Marshal Fitness - Solo. 4 ) marshal Fitness - Yummy. 5 ) marshal Fitness - Bad habits. 6 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up. 7 ) 3) Food Log Lunch - McDonalds. - roughly 700 calories. Dinner Nachos - roughly 500 calories Total calories 1200
  3. Respawn Day 4 1 ) Exercise Completed day 4 of Figure 8 Basic. 30+ mins. I was dying. More exercise than yesterday but it was so much harder than yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be the 'proper' exercise, not just instruction. 45 mins. I really don't know about this...Terrified is the word I would use... At least it finally has music! 2 ) Movement 1 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up. 2 ) Marshal Fitness - Me Too! 3 ) Marshal Fitness - Womanizer 4 ) Marshal Fitness - Don't Cha. 5 ) Marshal Fitness - Yummy 6 ) Marshal Fitness - Solo. 7 ) Marshal Fitness - Yeah. 8 ) Walk 3) Food Log Lunch - Grilled corn and mushroom soup - roughly 400 calories Dinner - Lasagna - roughly 400 calories Snack - cheese puff things - roughly 300 calories Total Calories 1100 (Oo below 1200!!! wow)
  4. Respawn Day 3 1 ) Exercise Completed day 3 of Figure 8 Basic. It was all movement today. I made it to minute 17 before wanting to stop. Continued on to the end (23mins) yay me... 2) Movement 1 ) Just Dance - Gangnam Style (makes me feel totally uncoordinated lol) 2 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up 3 ) Just Dance - Uptown Funk 4 ) Marshal Fitness - I don't care. 5 ) Marshal Fitness - Good as Hell 6 ) Marshal Fitness - Love Shack. 7 ) Marshal Fitness - Can't Stop the Feeling. 8 ) ??? I can't remember but I know I did it! 3) Food Log Lunch - McDonalds - (don't judge me, no paladins allowed ) Calories - 1000 (ha and I thought meat would be more healthy) Dinner - Grilled corn, mushroom soup and coleslaw - roughly 400 calories Total Calories 1400
  5. Respawn Day 2 I woke up with a headache, a really bad headache which means it might be turning into a migraine. I am hoping it might just be dehydration related seems I didn't drink any water. Anyway just putting it here because if I do bad on the movement front, it might be because I am trying to sleep off the headache and I forgive myself and it doesn't mean the end of anything, it just means I love myself and care about myself and am willing on this day to do what my body needs to recover. 1) Exercise Today's Figure 8 was 2 videos. The first was mostly talking, the second was teaching moves and was around 7.5 mins of full movement. It was a lot and the fact that I think it was a lot scares me. Surprisingly it is my arms that are screaming the loudest right now after resting for a bit. Of course my headache probably made it seem worse that it is. Yeah... maybe... hopefully. 2) Movement 1 ) YMCA - just dance. 2 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up. 3 ) Marshal Fitness - Me Too. 4 ) Marshal Fitness - Work. 5 ) Marshal Fitness - Work from Home. 6 ) Marshal Fitness - Sorry. 7) Marshal Fitness - Worth It. 8 ) Marshal Fitness - Level Up (I really like this one) 3) Food Log Lunch - Mcdonalds. Calories 770. (Better than yesterday at least....) Dinner - Seafood Spaghetti. Calories (roughly) 400 Drink - Qoo. Calories 135 Total Calories 1275.
  6. Respawn Day 1 1) Exercise I completed the 3 videos for day 1 of Figure 8 Basics. They were mostly explanation videos and while I did move along to some of the layering explanations, it wasn't much of a workout. I am okay with this though as I don't want to rush or push myself. I know I will be moving throughout the day and for my first day of respawn, I am okay with not wanting to die in the first hour I'm awake. 2) Movement Timer 1) Marshal Fitness's Ciara's Level up (4 mins) 2) Gummy Bear dance video 3) PE teacher dance video 4) Thunder dance video 5) Kung Fu Fighting Just dance 6) I'm Blue, just dance 7) Timber, just dance Gummy Bear 3) Food Log Brunch (cos I kind of slept in and also I hate breakfast) Subway 6' sandwich (I'm going to say 300 calories but it's hard to know because everything I looked at had a different number) and Vitamin water (90 calories). Total Calories: 390 Dinner Mcdonalds - chicken samurai burger meal. Total calories (roughly) 1000 (eek!) Total Calories for the day 1390
  7. Respawn I have two week so full time work in two weeks time. Because of covid I have been working remotely and at this point (like practically haven't left the house since June) I'm pretty sure I am going to die. I know that sounds super dramatic but that doesn't make it any less likely. I am not in a good place. So this is my short term plan. Two weeks to get fit enough to survive two weeks of work. My biggest problem right now is lack of activeness. So the biggest goal is to increase movement. I also need to start exercising regularly. To make some SMART goals: 1) Exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday. Everyday, after waking up and before doing anything else, I will complete that day's Figure 8 Basic's workout. On Figure 8's rest day (Sunday) I will go out for a walk instead - one lap around the river minimum (takes me 20-25 mins for 1 lap). 2) Move more everyday. After eating breakfast I will set a 1 hour timer. When the timer goes off, I will hit repeat and then either a) put on a dance video (2-4 mins) and dance or go for a 5 minute walk (even if it is laps around the house). I will do this a minimum of 8 times during the day. While I know sorting our my nutrition will also make a huge impact on long term weight loss goals, I am not yet ready to put anything solid in place. I do want to be more mindful of what I am eating though so everyday I will do an honest food log so, 3) I will create a daily food log and log everything that I eat or drink throughout the day. So that is my plan for now.
  8. Had a very busy last couple of days. Still did all the things and I cooked Sheppard's pie for dinner on Sunday. Left it a bit late but it got done! I like how the morning routine is going and don't want to change it. This week's goals are: Exercise 6 minutes of intentional exercise I've been dancing, most videos are like 3 minutes long so I've kind of been doing 6 minutes anyway. I've been doing Marshall Fitness videos. They are fun and surprisingly my favourite is at a fast pace. Water 3 cups of water every day. This one I struggled with a bit with the third cup and found myself having to kind of stand around drinking it before going to bed. Today's plan is to just be more mindful, and try not to order a drink with my food. Nutrition 3 Homemade meals I had left over Sheppard's pie which I ate yesterday for lunch and I am wondering if I should let that count as 1. Clean/Tidy Make my bed and clean/tidy for 7 minutes everyday. It's a little bit ridiculous how happy having a made bed makes me. The cleaning/tidying on the other hand is tough! I need to think of ways to make it more enjoyable. Is that even possible? Reading 7 minutes of reading everyday Takes me a lot longer than 7 minutes to read one chapter to the kids. I struggle a bit to read my own book but that is because I'm not really enjoying it. But I started it so I have to finish it... Habit forming Track goals on Habatica Still going strong with tracking. This is helping a lot to make sure I get everything done everyday. Meditation Meditate for 4 minutes a day. I have been doing a meditation that I know, of by heart? The guided part only goes for around 3 minutes so I tried stretching it out yesterday but now I'm not sure how long I actually meditated for. Might have to search for a new meditation. I do have an app, I just have to find one that suits me. Commitment to self Do all the things. And I am still here so I must be winning
  9. My family discussion went well. Now to do the action and not leave it at just talking. Decided I will cook shepards pie tomorrow, either for lunch or dinner.
  10. Tomorrow I am going to work on being an adult and am calling a family meeting. Bit worried about how it will go but things need to be discussed. Adulting is hard.
  11. I didn't post yesterday but it was quite intentional. Worried this is becoming a chore and what is the point of saying 'I did the things' everyday? Must work on cooking my second meal. I should make a plan.... what will the plan be?
  12. This morning was tough but I did get all the things done, well still drinking my second cup of water but I have all day to finish it so I am confident it will get done I didn't make my own breakfast this morning. Might try and cook something for dinner.
  13. There are libraries, and I know it is a solution. I hope this doesn't sound bad, but I am Australian but I am currently living in an Asian country and I find it hard to track down what we would consider 'popular culture' books in a library. Which is the kind of books I like to read. They do have the more classic stuff but also, if they have a series, they tend to always be missing books
  14. So this morning went really well, at least I think. It is nice to find myself at around 8am and have already done so much of what I want to do. I made toast for breakfast instead of buying it (yes really and pls don't judge). It was not as nice but it wasn't horrible. Why is everything always nicer if someone else makes it??? The book I chose to read is not the best. I thought it might be more... storyish? But so far it is very much focused on giving you things to do... which I don't do because I already have a plan.
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