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  1. Still kicking it. I realize though that my plan was a bit.. ambitious. So I am working on a scale, stay posted.
  2. Still here, doing the things. Eating a healthy lunch is harder than it seems, subway has been a huge help, although bread is not exactly healthy... it is way better than what I would usually eat so I won't hold that against me.
  3. So of course it rained for three days straight. Hard to walk around the block in the rain so not off to the greatest start, but I'm still here! Eating a healthy breakfast is easy, it is lunch and dinner I struggle with so next week is going to be hard. I have been getting down on myself a bit over what I eat so i just have to keep reminding myself, baby steps, and I have a plan so I just need to stick with it. Meditation - 2 minutes is too easy, but I'm not going to rush it - baby steps.
  4. So lock down for me was 10 weeks and I kind of locked down everything. As a person who hates to leave the house anyway, this gave me the perfect opportunity to hone my gaming skills and I pretty much sat on my ass for 10 weeks and only got up to walk to the bathroom or to bed. And then bam! just like that back to full time work and I almost died. Everything hurt, my back and feet were killing me, I had leg and feet swelling that never went down, even with rest on the weekends and I pretty much had to work and sleep just to survive. I put on close to 20kg during lock down. Hardly any of my clot
  5. I am still here! And I will live!
  6. So, last time I was clinging to the bandwagon and I totally fell off! I guess I need to be more careful where I put my feet! I guess this is a classic tale of 'life happens' but that doesn't make it the end of anything even if I do get to begin again. I am also aware that I am late to the party (challenge) but I figured, why not? There is only a little over two weeks of this challenge to go so I am going to focus on just two areas, nutrition and exercise. Because I don't want to just rush into doing everything and set myself up for failure again, my plan is to work on one new thing
  7. End of the Week 3 Update Goals for This Challenge  Nutrition Eat Keto 90% of my meals. I am now down to 92%. I am still winning but I am worried. I think there is something about the weekend that just.... hurts? I am going to have to be very strict now with how I eat. Exercise Complete the first 5 weeks of the 12WBT.  I am now in week 4 of 12WBT and today I did (or re-did) my fitness test and I kinda smashed it. Feeling so proud! Tomorrow is my long run and I'm goin
  8. Some More Random Wins for the Feels I have been diligently practicing Japanese and have gotten (once again) to level 3, soon to be level 4! This time around I have been writing up each radical/kanji/vocab character/word as I learn them and have been working on turning them into little books. This is a major work in progress but here are some of my pages so far! One - as in 'one flower' Two - as in two people Mouth Fins (the radical) This one is a bit tricky but I do love to dra
  9. I read something today and it made me think of you. I hope you don't mind me sharing. I am reading Tony Robbins book Awaken the Giant Within. In the chapter I am reading he is talking about changing the dis-empowering words we use. His suggestion is to change the word lazy to 'storing energy'. It makes me smile and it is hard to feel lazy when you are happy, for me at least. As for benchmarks, it might be hard work but why don't you try something like asking yourself, what categories of things must I work on to not feel lazy (for example, cleaning something inside, cle
  10. Some More Random Wins for the Feels This morning, for the first time in over 5 years, I made my bed. Like I actually made it! Okay, so I realise it looks nothing like what you would image a made bed to look like. But considering it is usually covered in a ton of mess, and I only have a single sized blanket on a queen sized bed... I am so proud! Like it is ridiculous how happy this has made me! Who knew having a made bed could be so amazing? No amazing isn't quite the word... exhilarating? Too much maybe... what about awe-inspiring? Thrilling? Spectacular? W
  11. Some Random Wins for the Feels Every year I make a list of 100 things to do or try. I have never managed to actually do the 100 things but that is besides the point. One of the things was to complete a jigsaw puzzle. I love doing jigsaw puzzles but it has been years since I have so I put it on the list. And here it is! It is an impossible puzzle but I didn't actually find it that hard to do... It looked like quite the disaster for a while there... But I figured it out in the end!
  12. End of the Week 2 Update Goals for This Challenge  Nutrition Eat Keto 90% of my meals. With one non Keto meal I am now at 98% so still going strong. This week I hope to try some new keto recipes. I even found one for Keto Nachos! Exercise Complete the first 5 weeks of the 12WBT.  Thankfully the haze seems to have died down quite a lot. I am now into week 3. I didn't fully complete Saturdays workout but I tried my hardest so I'm counting it as complete! Nerd Fitness Complete the Nerd F
  13. So this week I hit my first little snag. In hindsight I can say, foolishly, I decided I would do my Yoga challenge at night before bed. It seemed like an awesome plan but I neglected to take into account the fact that I am already struggling to get to bed on time. I lasted 3 days, which looking back I am surprised and proud of. Instead of just giving up, I actively decided to stop and restart the following Monday (today) and during the rest of the week tried to come up with a better plan. So the plan that I came up with is this. If I am not working I will do my Yoga straight after my mornings
  14. So it's Sunday night and I am supposed to have done an update today. I am actively choosing to leave it till tomorrow! I am still here and still doing the things, don't worry!
  15. So I have been thinking about how I have been feeling like I am not doing enough or I feel unproductive and have decided to make a routine. This routine is not a set in stone thing but more like a rough guide to follow. The only timing on it set in stone is the 4am wake up for exercise. If I don't do that then I know it won't get done because it gets too hot in the day or if I do it at night, there are too many people around and it makes it hard for me to fall asleep. On a side note, totally work up at 2:30 am yesterday because I was coughing and when I got up to get medicine it made me wide a
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