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  1. I'm right by Ramaley park, south of 96, west of 61. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. This is a brilliant idea. And I think it would be cool if it were chronological: What you need to know 6 months out, 1 month out, the night before, the day of the competition. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  3. I'm up in White Bear Lake. Subbing the thread
  4. Tonight's workout: Barbell Squat135 lb x 5 reps135 lb x 5 reps225 lb x 5 reps315 lb x 5 reps365 lb x 3 reps425 lb x 2 reps445 lb x 1 repsStiff Leg Barbell Good Morning135 lb x 10 reps205 lb x 10 reps205 lb x 10 repsBarbell Deadlift135 lb x 5 reps225 lb x 5 reps315 lb x 5 reps405 lb x 2 reps455 lb x 2 reps
  5. Success! Tried it tonight, and his confidence level soared. And I think he got a lot more things on his own because of it. I'm excited to continue.
  6. I have the same kind of issue. I signed up to get some programming help, but there's no way my schedule (or my body, at this point) can handle the volume that they want me to do.
  7. Week 2 in the books. Not quite as good as week 1, but I'll give myself the thumbs up. Week 3 starting pretty well. I discovered that Aldi has some nice frozen vegetable packets that are just about perfect size. All I have to do it let them warm up, and they are just the way I like them.
  8. And, miscellaneous updates: Installed IRC client on phone to connect to chat. I'm starting to feel comfortable in the chat room again. Both there and here in the boards, I need to be patient, and I need to accept the limitations. There is goodness here, it doesn't have to be the same for me as it is for others.
  9. And here's something I want to do to become the kind of superhero I want to be: For my ADD-diagnosed son, who has a lot of troubles with reading, principally in retaining anything about the story, I want to change the way we read together. Right now I am a very typical parent (or so I read) where I get frustrated and I say things which are almost certainly not helpful, such as, "You aren't focusing." "Pay attention!" etc. I know these erode at his confidence, which only makes the situation worse. So, what we are going to do instead is when we read together, I will ask a question that I thi
  10. And... in less exciting updates, here's yesterday's workout: Barbell Bench Press (done at home in the evening):55 lb x 10 reps135 lb x 5 reps185 lb x 5 reps185 lb x 5 reps185 lb x 5 reps205 lb x 3 reps225 lb x 2 reps235 lb x 1 reps Done at work (I'm just getting back into doing this kind of thing): Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing55 lb x 15 reps55 lb x 20 repsOne-Arm Kettlebell Clean55 lb x 14 reps55 lb x 20 reps
  11. Chapter 4! Origin story and alter ego. This could be challenging. Let's start with the easy part, the origin story: By day... Jamie is a pretty ordinary 21st century middle-class (and middle-aged! ) man. He works at a 9-5 job for a major corporation. The job provides him with much-desired flexibility and some fun challenges, as well as a large dose of the inefficiencies and frustrations that accompany such a job. He has two children from a failed marriage. He has some poor eating habits (mostly binge and emotional eating). He sometimes misses out on things due to procrastination. His r
  12. The main point of this blog is going to be to track my progress with Steve's book: Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story I'll also log my workouts and food insights. Right at the end of the first chapter is the following: So other than reading this book, do yourself a favor and don't collect any more underpants for the time being. As you are reading, don't be afraid to put it down and get started and come back to it as you find different paths along your journey. So that's what I'm doing. I'm putting down the book and starting th
  13. Hey there Rooks. Yes, that's the one. Sounds about my speed for now. Calling me a powerlifting at this point is a serious stretch. My heart will probably always be in throwing stuff. Any powerlifting event I compete in would probably have to be in the fall or winter. You know, I think we interacted on the boards here back when I was active in 2012. When you figure out your schedule, I'd certainly come to watch, and cheer, if I can.
  14. LIfting Large 13mm Competition Single Prong Titan knee sleeves I already own a pair of VS Athletics weightlifting shoes
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