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  1. That's great! I kinda want the caffeine shirt, I work at a a very nerdy coffee shop, so that would be rad.
  2. The two I like to use are very, very simple. The first one is to focus on your breath. Just focus on your breath as it goes in and out. The second one is to focus on your mind's eye, a spot in your forehead, and just focus on that spot. Whichever you do, when you notice that you're having thoughts, just return back to your point of focus.
  3. It's the Alcoholic's Anonymous handbook. It's pretty awesome. It was written in the 30's so I thought it would be outdated and lame, but I'm really enjoying it. You're very welcome for the kind words
  4. I don't want to be that person, but I do these every day. Usually multiple times a day. I have had to work hard to make these habits. Really really damn hard, but it's so worth it, and I feel better, and am a better person because of it.
  5. OMG DUDE I used to live there and I LOVED IT. If you are a bar person, check out Bob and Barbara's, Tattooed Mom's for sure, and Dirty Franks. Dirty Franks got a mention on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. South Street from 12th (?) down to the waterfront is pretty awesome. It's kinda a touristy place, but it's also actually really, really cool. Lots of cool shops. If you want a cheesesteak you have to go to either Geno's or Pats, or you could do both, since they're right next to each other. My dad swore that Pat's used horse meat, but I'm fairly sure that's just stupid. For good it
  6. I second or third or whatever the tea shop idea. If your town is like mine and doesn't have a tea shop, coffee shops also tend to have a good tea selection and you can buy bulk from them. And I second or third or whatever the whole "check the ingredients" thing. Some teas have artificial sweeteners already added. Ish.
  7. I think your routine is good. For me, though, I like to hold poses as long as I feel I need to, rather than a set period of time. Sometimes I need to hold them longer to feel the tension release, and sometimes I get out of the pose fairly quickly if it feels too strenuous, or uncomfortable, or whatever. I think you're on your way!
  8. Just to clarify- I mean this pigeon pose http://elsieyogakula.files.wordpress.com/2007/02/pigeon-prep.jpg There are others that are a little more scary looking, so... just an FYI
  9. Your goal about eating everything in your farm share is great!
  10. I'm pretty sure I've seen some general threads on this back issue, so if you search the forums, you might get some good info. I'm realizing I kind of have that, too. It really hinders my flexibility too, I know other muscles still have some stretch in them, but my lower back muscles seize up. I had thought it was caused by a weak back, but I'm coming to realize it's due to my back being much stronger than my abs. So now I'm trying to improve my ab strength. For me though, yoga helps to stretch out my tightened back muscles so that it's easier for me to have good posture and a straighter s
  11. A Couch to 5k program at your school? That's awesome!
  12. Hi, welcome to the Druids!
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