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  1. 29 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

    Woohoo, congrats on finishing. ANd how cool is that that you got to meet Peter Capaldi and introduce him to Doctor WHo!


    I can't see the photo for some reason.

    Out of curiousity was it all the photos you couldn't see?  (ie, the Rick ones)  because I didn't put up the capaldi picture... though I probably should.


  2. Well, I overwhelmingly FELL OFF THE DARN MAP.

    But if anyone was following this, I wanted to post this little success:


    So, yup.  Rick got made. He was enjoyed by all.

    And my Doctor Who puppet, PuppetCapaldi MET Peter Capaldi last week!
    It was a darn highlight of my career.

    Looking forward to getting into the next challenge (after October 14th), and getting myself back on track, but WHAT A DETOUR THAT WAS.

  3. UPDATE!

    First of all, a friend of mine and comic book artist/writer whose job I want to take (not really, I'd rather work along-side him) posted this today on twitter:  DFGjJpYWsAAO30W.jpghttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/DFGjJpYWsAAO30W.jpg
    DFGjJpYWsAAO30W.jpg(I tried to embed, and the editor said it was, but it's not showing up... whatever, it's his time blocking schedule for the next several weeks)


    I need to make mine still, everything was wonderfully, beautifully upended in New York, where I met with my mentor (squee, because I respect this dude's work so much, I am thrilled he's willing to make the time to sit with me and answer my questions and GIVE ME A READING LIST, which I asked for, just a "What works have inspired you?" Films, Comics, Novels, Weirdo Philosophy Books, All of it!) and ran around on many adventures.  I got stranded in Newark, NJ with a not-working plane, made friends with a dude from France, going to play music with him on Friday (he's in town teaching master classes on the Hang drum, or "Handpan").  It's been a bit of a recovery period, so my time blocking is nonexistent.  But I am going to use friend Matt's schedule here, and shift it to my own (basically include my money-job-day-job).


    Soylent was a lifesaver in NYC, I packed it and when I would forget to eat, I could just mix a little up and keep going, this is important because I totally forget to eat in adventure mode, too much low-level adrenaline.


    Rick's about to be coming along, nearly all the materials I need have shown up, and if not all, enough to start working on parts.


    Running hasn't been consistent, but moving myself around for 7-10 miles a day while in NYC was a thing, so I am feeling good there.  Can't run tonight, no time, but going to a contradance (because of course you are), so I'll break a sweat and shuffle my feet around then.

    DFGjJpYWsAAO30W.jpgMentor-friend suggested to me that I just get on it, and make stuff (which to my credit, I am), but I'm going to start doing a drawing a day, nothing precious, just get it on paper, get it out there, maybe I'll start that next challenge.

    I think that's about it.  Still need to organize my house a bit more, with all this building material, at least *most* of it is flat-ish....


    I'm pretty wiped out tired from travel, I get to sleep in on Saturday.

  4. On 7/15/2017 at 2:08 PM, juliebarkley said:

    Your puppets are beautiful, but your house must be a terrifying place to creep around in the dark.

    Ha!  Yes, I am sure it is.  Especially the studio, which is a little bit separate from the house, but yeah... with a candle or flashlight that reflects off the shiney plastic eyes....
    Kids love my house (though it is totally NOT KID PROOF), and adults are either just delighted or dismayed that I live in a constant state of make.  Not really too messy, a little cluttered, but just... colorful everywhere.

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  5. Oooooookay!
    So... I am sippin' on Soylent sitting at my computer at work on my lunch break, and things are going decently thus far, I mean I know it just started yesterday, but I've been sort of putting the pieces in motion so...

    1) ART.  I scored on clothes so hard at Goodwill, toddler white suit jacket for 3$, victory in all it's forms.  I ordered some heat moldable plastic to make eyelids, and I am sort of stuck on Rick until it gets here.  Well not stuck-stuck, I made some hands out of armature wire, and can cover them in foam and then pattern the skin, but I am still looking for the right color fabric. I have a corner of my "this will do if I can't find anything better" fleece pinned to my jacket today and I am trying to hit up the foam and fabric place today or tomorrow.  Tomorrow is more likely, though.  And then I'll be back at it.

    Oh, and I scored a cheap wig I altered up for PuppetCapaldi, photo at the bottom.  I'm pretty pleased he'll have poofy hair for his last-hurrah year.


    2) Sipping as I said.  And Blue Apron's alright. Tried a "make a quinoa zucchini burger patty" one last night and it was a bit disastrous, but edible, just "patties" wouldn't hold together.  I added an egg and they did better, but come on, guys.  I am happy the way it works out though.  I am leaving Thursday, and live alone so the 3 meals they send work great for dinner/leftovers-next-day-for-also-dinner and I'll be wrapped up on Wednesday night and off to New York City. Bringing a package of Soylent (powder) to subsist on as I often forget to eat when I am running around cities.


    3) Yes.  Running. I am doing that.  That is a thing I do.  I skipped the weekend, but I'm okay with that, making sure that 30-60 minute hour is cut out of at least 3 days a week, and hoping for 5, is good enough for now.  I intend to run some tonight, we'll see.


    4) Not going to build any workbench, etc in my studio until I am home from NYC.  But I did clean my porch, which feels good.  It's still cluttered with tools and my bike and a table and tiny grill, but those things live there, and are organized on the sides.

    So yeah, off to a boring but good start.
    Boring except for this guy:



  6. Sidebar:
    Does anyone know how to delete attachments on here?  I am nearly full of the rather dismal 500kb on here, and that's fine if I could delete old attachments, I didn't realize this was going to be a thing, but I can't figure it out for the life of me, or find anything in a FAQ.

    Just curious.

    Should I be linking to or embedding images?

    Sipping on energy juice being curious.

  7. On 6/29/2017 at 4:29 PM, RogueLibrarian said:


    It's about attractive people ripping off bad guys by putting on improbable accents.

    Well this is a bit late, but that summary of a show I've never seen makes me think I might be able to make background-while-I-work friends with it.
    Also, there's a kitten in the mix, rendering all other matter here useless and inobservable.

    But meditation... I'm impressed.  I should be doing that.  Any specific method you are using?

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  8. Hello, nerds!
    I'm back. Was it more than a week since last challenge?  Has the new challenge not even started?  Who cares! I am IN IT.

    Let's cut to it, because time is money... or time... it's precious valuable life existence being wasted as I type meaningless banter, Morty! MEANINGLESS BANTER!
    That's who I have become.  I am a productivity machine and Lady-Rick ala Rick and Morty.  No, not really, I have been working on (slash chaneling) a Rick Sanchez puppet for Dragon Con (nerdy geek-fest coming up Labor Day weekend), and that is primary goal number one: GET IT DONE.  Well, done is a bit strong of a word, but this guy involves facial mechs, just so I know that I can do it, since one of my dream life goals is building and working props and puppets in TV and film (technically I am already doing that on the side, but I mean full time, forever and one hundred years film and TV art department!)  
    So goal one is just working on puppets, not even Rick constantly, just anything, I attended the National Puppetry Conference in June and it rocked my socks (I made a movie, some of you saw it!  I can post a link later when I need a pick-me-up!) and reminded me what I can get done when I focus.
    1) BUILD.  CREATE.  ART.
    Okay, now more health oriented goals, of which I have two.
    2) DRINK UP.
    As is... I am trying Soylent.  Yup, figured I'd toss some dollars to the genius nerds who made drinkable food with a clever name. But really, I have become unexpectedly fascinated with caloric intake numbers, and time management.  (This is where we get into TIME TRAVEL, which is what we are all doing... only in a very linear un-exciting way.)   We only get so much of it (time), so I am stream-lining some of it where I can: like breakfast!  or lunch, which I am at work so... drink up.  This stuff is portioned out pretty much exactly what I need, and I am using it for breakfast and lunch, but eating real food for dinner, I'm a vegetarian so lately I've been making peanut/sesame kale and whatnot and it's amazing and that's that.  I also signed up for my friend's Blue Apron trial, so I'm curious about those... really this week there's a Vietnamese rice stick thing and I am fascinated by those, so time to learn how to make them.  Then drop the trial methinks, because money is a thing, and I am a clever chef.
    Oh, the point of this goal is to keep track of caloric intake, but also to see how well a Soylent powered me works in the harsh environment of the real world.

    3) RUN, MORTY!  RUN
    Oh, am I still doing that?  Like I said, I've been drinking energy cut with coffee, and I mocked up an eye mech last night that I get to expound upon once I leave the moneyjob.  Also, I am trying to "run" (lots of start and stop 5K training, I am sure, but the point is 30-45 minutes a day of activity).  It's hard to do sometimes, to motivate, but I do know that when I do, I feel awesome.  And it's been raining on me lately, which somehow feels awesom-er.  Hitting that step-goal would be great too, but I'm not going to say it's a necessity this go-round.
    Okay, health-aside, let's look at more sort of social emotional functional goals

    Previous lurkers on my challenges may notice a theme.  Funny, when you make art, your house seems to become a cluttered disaster area.  I am trying to cull that, I've Konmari'ed pretty hard, but did not make the final adjustments of fixing my house to serve my needs.  Hoping to make some strides there with this goal of batcave improvement.  Studio-wise I need to build a work bench that's not my fold out cardtable, then affix my scroll saw, bandsaw, vice-I-am-buying-today, and any other hefty tools that are super dangerous on a card table (I've just been using them on the floor which isn't great, but safer for sure.
    Also want to cull my kitchen, I never quite did that when I Konmari'ed, so I need to.  I make pretty darn awesome food, and I am starting to learn to simplify and organize my cabinets... so... I should.
    Time in check is more divvying up the hours alotted to me after work and on my days off, and making them productive, and relaxing, I know I need to rest too.  This is me trying to make a chart, which I've not made yet (but it's July 5, and the challenge starts July 9, so I've got time) and stick to it.  It will include time for art/building, running, house cleaning/ordering, and REST.  
    I'm noticing a need or desire to sort of orient myself into a routine or schedule, that I can break out of as necessary, but also fall back on. We'll see how it goes.

    So, I've babbled on quite enough, now to get back to drinking energy and working at my money job!  Any ideas? Suggestions? Running commentary? Requests?
    And awaaaaaaaaaay we go!
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  9. 31 minutes ago, Manarelle said:

    Sounds like one of the unspoken goals was to keep making good art, and you definitely nailed that one. Love the video, and so cool that you got to hang out with snuffalupagus! Hopefully you're leaving the challenge, maybe not with the original goals, but feeling better about everything you do.

    True that!  I am assessing my goals for the next challenge, and I think I am going to keep this three part thing going, 1- Health and fitness, 2-Japanese, 3- Puppet Build or similar art project, 4-would probably be a time management thing, I need to read some time blocking tip articles, etc, I think I'd benefit from them.

    Also yes, Snuffalupagus is great, but Telly Monster I love even more, and they are the same guy <3

    I'm even trying to get up the nerve to cold call one of my mentors and study with him in NYC in July.  Even if we just meet for tea and start that process, I want to learn from him so much and all-of-a-sudden I am super shy again and don't want to bother anyone.... so maybe interim goal for me is "suck it up, you're actually pretty good at what you do!" I have (and many, MANY people do, in all businesses) super Impostor Syndrome, so a large part of my time is wasted worrying about such nonsense.  I should just be building and performing weird shows, really.

    See you guys next challenge, I hope!

    v and marty.jpg

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  10. Whelp, that's a four week challenge nearly done.  I don't think I quite hit any of my perceived goals from up top, but I feel great anyway because ART.
    I'll probably re-up these goals for the next challenge.  I am a bit more (but never totally) feet-on-the-ground next month, with only one escaping to hit New York because I miss it.

    Watching mech videos on my lunch break to wrap my brain around how I want the eyes and brows of Rick to work, I'm getting closer to understanding it.  And I need to place an order for supplies to make it happen. That's a good feeling...needing to get supplies because you're ready.

    Oooooo.  I haven't really much to say beyond that.  The two weeks away really upended my goal progress, but at the same time was the perfect thing I needed, so it's a draw but I feel like it was a victory anyway.


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  11. OH MY GOD.

    Did any of you attend Camp NerdFitness?  If you did, you'll note there's an incredible high of finding your tribe, and a ROUGH A.F. fall out after you leave them.  This is The O'Neill, in some ways, for me personally, this even more the O'Neill because it's about making art, and just breaking down your walls until you are just a shining mess of soul and heart.  You're over the moon in love with like... 30 people at the same time. Because your heart is so interlaced with them and their art and what they can do with their minds and their hands a bit of cardboard and masking tape. I'm not depressed, thank god, I'm inspired beyond words.

    I had goals?  Probably did.  But I crushed it.  There is a fish film, I am uploading it in a few hours, I will post a link.  I made an incredible marionette with the help of masters.  I am now super buds with so many amazing people and Martin Robinson (Sunffalupagus) has asked me repeatedly to sing him "i'm Just a Fish" and whistles it to himself when I am not able to.

    I can't even describe the amount of joy in my heart and sleep deprived body right now.
    I'm sure I met my step count or something.
    I am about to clear my studio out for film making and building Rick.  

    Meanwhile, if you've ever had to leave your people behind like I just did, here is a song that fell out of my brain in 20 minutes, I am performing it at a pub on campus at our last pub show.  Please enjoy.


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  12. "Ack!  Sinus Nightmare!

    Film proposal swappage!
    I am in a dead run!"

    I started writing that last week, got distracted (would you believe?) and never updated.
    My film proposal went from lofty intellectual film about free speech and ingenuity in 2015 Spain, to... a cute film about a fish looking for love!  Seriously.  It was another storyboard I sent in and Monday last I received an email saying: "Let's do that one". So I've been in a scramble to get it all done.  This skyrocketed to the top of my priority lists, and my goals have slipped a bit, but I don't mind.  I do want to keep track of the calories in/out while I'm on this trip, which technically starts this evening, and I'll arrive there Tuesday morning.
    My bag is packed with foam puppets and tightly rolled clothes, vitamins, and that sort of thing.

    I am attaching a photo of some of the puppets I scrambled to make.  Thus confirming TSA will totally make me unpack and repack my bag.  I have all sorts of meticulously tetrissed weirdness in there.



    Hooray!  "I'm just a fish and nobody loves me" is going to be A THING!

    Other than that, I've missed my stepgoal, but that's because I've been sweating out my free time in the studio as opposed to walking.  I am hoping to kick it up when I am at the O'Neill, but I don't know quite how that will work, if I'll be walking a bunch, or crouching (squatting, what, what!?) over a computer working meticulously on a scene or shot. And later carving a marionette, that's the second half of this conference, but the first is film and needs the most work done upfront.

    Japanese is coming along pretty well, I missed a day or two, so my streak is not epic, but it's getting there.  My travel focus is all Japan once this trip gets sorted out (see: happens).  So yeah, things are going along well.  I have a killer headache, I need to pound some water after this very necessary coffee gets done.

    Enjoy your week!  I know I will.

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  13. Ouff!  Stumple up top!
    But that's okay.  I went on an impromptu tour with a band I knew from way back (This Way to the Egress, they are delightful and circus-y). I played saw with them when we toured together and they came through and what else was I to do for the weekend?  This means brilliant fun, but it also means my sleep habits were thrown of a cliff and dashed upon the crunchy waves below.
    But now its Tuesday (for all intents and purposes, a very Monday Tuesday.) And I am back to my routine!  This doesn't bode incredibly well for running off to The O'Neill, but at least the O'Neill has its own sort of routine.


    I actually had to come back here to check in with my goals.

    1) Starting up again with the Fitbit (it's charging right now, bless it)  My weight is fluxuating a whole bunch (hello, being a lady-type!), I'm keeping an eye on it, but it's annoying.  It's not "the goal", but it's weird. I went through a few days of being absolutely starving all the time.  I ate pretty healthy, but that feeling was weird.  It's gone now, but worth nothing for myself.  I was also on tour which is brilliant, but is sort of a stress on the body, so that might be related.

    2) I have actually made decent progress on my puppet film set, need to make the puppets and have a call with my director/instructor/mentors about this process, I'm saving Rick-work until after The O'Neill (where I can check in with Jim Kroupa, who is THE GUY. HE. IS. THE. GUY.)  But I have been binge-ing Rick & Morty and Doctor Who in the background while I work.

    3)  I am back on the Japanese wagon, desperately awaiting the Duolingo app release of Japanese (iOS has it, but Android and the website do not.....COME ON!)  But Memrise is still kicking butt and taking names in the meanwhile.  And I got a Japanese font working on my Mac.  Not to get into the PC v. Mac debate (I use and have both) but PC handles Japanese writing WAY BETTER than Mac, I was really disappointed.  It's faster to just type on my phone in Japanese.

    4) Zombie 5K, I am actually RIGHT ON TRACK (finally) with this, starting week 4 this evening.  A little nervouse because it steps up from "1 minute running" to "5 minute running" and that's a big step for my very crappy lungs.  But I have an inhaler, and I am up for it.  Training is hard.  That's why it's training.


    That's it.  Hope everyone here is enjoying this first week of it all!


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  14. Thank you!  I've already "moved on", though it took a day and a half, and I am back to making my own projects.  I am deciding to assume it's a "no", and then if I get a call or email in a week or so and it's not a "no", well, holy dammit!  But in all seriousness, I am doubtful, still.  I might even tell them I am happy to volunteer if they need an extra set of hands.  Again, I have been doing film work for free (DIY Internship) and this isn't a union gig so I would not be undercutting the union... maybe we'll see if they ever need the help.  Doubtful again, but I want that IMDB credit like bonkers a lot.

    Oh!  I have started a new challenge! Feel free to pop in!  I'm going to try to be more forum active and follow up with other people's challenges too!  Making new friends!
    It's here:  There will be puppets!  I am working on a film and a build for Dragon Con, both a part of this next challenge!


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  15. 2 minutes ago, Nina-Rose said:

    While I was at Uni I lived with a year with 3 students who were taking Japanese. I learned 100 Kanji and that "sakana" is fish. I think... :P Unfortunately, I remember more Irish Gaelic than Japanese though :)
    You got this :D

    I didn't even know that!  But I do know that "kata" is shoulder, and my cat likes to be carried around the house draped over my shoulders, so I always tell him he's "Kata no Neko" or... "Shoulder Cat"!  He's deaf and doesn't care either way.  But I tell him.

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  16. Soooooo!

    I am getting in on this new challenge too!  Last challenge was a sort of "grand" return to these fine forums, and I had a lovely time doing it, and could not wait to sign up or volunteer as tribute for the new challenge!


    My goals in four parts are thus, this time, not all fitness oriented, because Summer's coming and I have art to make!

     1) I have a FitBit. Time to make use of it's nifty app. I'm aiming to hit my step goal (10,000) everyday, but the goal is more to track food, water, sleep, and calories in/out. I tracked calories last challenge with a different app, but I am trying to take advantage of the Fitbit's all-in-one-stop-shop-ness. (This is the "pattern" part of my title, in that I am trying to sort out my eating, drinking, sleeping patterns)

    2) Here's where things get more interesting, and a bit more... ME.  I am building a Rick for DragonCon (ala Rick & Morty), I've not been publicizing this, but I try to bring a new puppet down every year.  I've been leaning on #PuppetCapaldi from Doctor Who (you can google it, I actually show up!) but his tenure as The Doctor is ending and I feel the need to move to a new puppet. #PC is still coming with, I might even give him a new hair cut (wig).  But his days are numbered. I LOVE having grumpy old man puppets, I don't know why.  So I am making a Rick with mechanical eyes and brow. This is a huge step in my mechbuilding, and I am attending the National Puppetry Conference in June (during this challenge) to pick up tips from the incredible Jim Kroupa, who I studied with last year, and just wrap my brain around it all and STOP BEING SO SCARED OF JUST TRYING TO BUILD SOMETHING.
    Anyway, it's going to be a lot of work, but it's going to be fantastic, I hope.


    3) JAPANESE.  I am trying to head back to Japan to study Kuruma Ningyou Puppetry with a master there.  I've been invited, which is stellar, but I want to brush up and rebuild my Japanese. Right now I have been using Memrise (I've paid for it at a discount), and I just need to keep up once-a-day practicing. This will be most difficult when I am at The O'Neill (Puppet Conference mentioned above) but I can make it work. And if I fall off the wagon, I can climb back on.  Just trying to keep it a priority.  Japan is freaking amazing and I need to go back.

    4) My last part of my goal was going to be veganism, but I am not sure.  Really it was going to be "Freeganism" because I wasn't going to complain if someone made me something that had egg in it, or dairy, I am just not that picky, or pretentious. But for myself at home, I was going to cut out dairy and animal byproducts.  I am still on the fence about how much a actually care about this though.  I am a vegetarian and have been for 15+ years, so that's not going anywhere... but veganism interests me, I just don't have the commitment to it.  That said, I am interested in trying it out, veganism with intent rather than vegan-by-accident. Maybe I'll book mark that for the next challenge.

    PROPER GOAL 4) Zombie 5K Training.  I tried this last challenge and utterly, utterly failed.  I just couldn't get my schedule to fit it in.  I am attempting 3 evenings (or mornings?) a week with this app. I just need to do it. I intend to keep up running at The O'Neill, so that's a goal the conference won't shove-off. And maybe I'll eat a bunch of vegan lentils after.  Oh, and keep running shoes and clothes in a bag in my car, with an inhaler, so I am always ready to go.


    That's about it, I would still love accountabilibuddying!  It helped me SO MUCH last challenge!

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  17. What?  What? That's it?  I did it?  We did it?  Well I did 3/4 of it, though I did get to running last week.  My house is way more ordered than before, and I am financially stable-ish as I get ready to pay the last bit of my conference and my kitchen makes some sense.

    I enjoyed the FitnessPal whatever it was, but I've already uninstalled it on my phone, but I plan to keep tracking with the Fitbit app, it tracks my sleep, calorie burning, steps, etc, and has a food tracking section. I'm jumping to it.  But I feel much better, just even knowing what 200,500,600,1200,1500 or so calories looks like in a snack, a meal, a day, etc.  It's all about wrapping yo' brain around it!  And I like that Fitbit at no time suggests 1200 calories to me as a goal to stay under, since you guys helped point out that was a bad idea.

    I got through this challenge easy peasy.  I owe it to you all for checking in.  Yesterday it occurred to me that the challenge was over and I hardly noticed 4 weeks go by.  And what a 4 weeks it has been?
    I'm going back to that nifty work sheet to figure out what my next challenge will be.  May 27th, here I come!

    Thanks again, nerds!

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  18. Oh, oh, oh!  I am also picking out the perfect color (it's a medium cool gray) for my livingroom.  I am going to paint my living room gray.  It doesn't sound sexy, but I like it, should make all the colorful things in it pop.  And if that fails?  I can always paint over it later.
    My bedroom is Tardis blue (hello, nerd), but it's a dark color to put everywhere in the house.

    All part of putting my house in order.

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  19. On 5/17/2017 at 10:45 AM, Manarelle said:


    The best-laid plans of mice and men... Hiking is still, as you say, good for you and outdoors-y. May I ask what "parkour kung fu shoes" are? I've just been parkouring in my regular sneakers - all the "made for parkour" shoes are either super expensive or zero cushioning. : P

    Grats on the weight loss! I hear on the "not really a goal but always a goal" thing. It's nice to get a little boost of unexpected good news. How'd week 3 go? Closing in on the end of the challenge. You've got this!

    My parkour shoes are low/no cushion, but I love them.  I am wearing them now.  Under 20$. Amazon. "TimeBus Chinese Traditional Breathable Martial Arts Tai Chi Kung Fu Shoes", sadly the color combo (bright blue with yellow laces and kanji) seems to not be there, but there are black, red, and white ones.  I am interested in the highly touted "Feiyue Tiger Claw" shoes, very similar make, but more rubber coating on the toes, that will likely hold up longer, but I saw the blue ones and wanted them so...

    Week 3 was good.  Are we in week 3 or 4?  THIS WEEK has been incredible, even if nothing comes from it, last year, as a life-goal, I started working on film stuff in Atlanta and builds, etc, just to keep active in the industry because whenever my "money job" goes away, I want to jump over to my CV of film, prop, and puppetry work.  Anyway, I've been doing a "do it yourself internship" once a month in ATL or NYC, and Monday I was invited, out of nowhere, to audition in ATL for a TV show, as a puppeteer.  I signed an NDA so I can't go into detail, and really, I don't have details to share anyway, but it's for a show ordered by (drumroll, please) THE BBC.  I LOVE the BBC. I want to work for the BBC more than any other production company (okay, so really, I want to make props and puppets or puppeteer for Doctor Who more than anything, it's just true).  I auditioned yesterday, met the creator who was super charming and sweet, and is responsible for some epic young children's programming, and got a call back. Auditioned again in the top ten, and we'll see.  I'm also up against UK puppeteers auditioning next week, so who can say.  I am a little doubtful I'll get it, which is a shame, but I am proud that they came to me, because I had worked to put my name out there, and viola, it happened, and for my favourite network in the world (sorry, NHK).  Even if nothing comes of it, this week alone has been quite a success.  And if I do get it?  Freaking life changing.  LIFE CHANGING.


    Either way, making it to the top 10 (sounds like some reality TV show) goes a long way to suppressing my Impostor Syndrome (we've all got it), and now I am going to go back to working on puppets for the conference in June and my special puppet for Dragon Con in Aug/Sept.

    Still have not been running... well, not with regularity.  I have gone running twice last week, and tried to on Monday after I got that email, I needed to expel some frantic energy, but got roped into talking with friends that I passed by, which is not at all a problem.

    I think I'll try to run tonight. As for the audition, I won't know anything for two weeks so I'll just be nerves and productivity until then.

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