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  1. I wrote an article for Canada's National Post about my personal struggle with games and whether or not they're art and they ran it today. Yay! http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/03/15/douglas-trueman-video-games-level-up-to-become-modern-art/
  2. Hey, all. I used to be pretty into jiu-jitsu back in the day. I took it for six years and made lots of friends but then my teacher left and I lost my drive. Last year at this time I joined NF and got into the best shape of my life I've sinced moved to a new city (Toronto) and want to get back in shape and meet new people, but I can't seem to decide which to do (I can't do both due to financial reasons). My problem is that if my heart isn't into it completely (some would say obsessively, as I have OCD) I tend not to do. I was 20 or so when I started jiu-jitsu the first time and now I'm 38
  3. My biggest dislike about my body is my stomach. I'm trying to eat better and have lost about six pounds, but every few days my stomach starts to hang out a bit. I found if I do a back plank and a front plank x 3 every odd day, it seems to tuck back in. I'm wondering about doing them every day when I get up before my shower. Is this a good idea? D
  4. Wow, this is great! Thanks, everyone. Seriously, Nerd Fitness is awesome. Now only if this !@$#ing cold would go away, I'd be able to work out again.
  5. Hey, all. I'm a terrible cook (I really just can't be bothered) so I bought a slow cooker. You take your ingredients, dump them in, come back in a few hours and bang, you have a meal. I'm just wondering if there's a way to assess a meal from a recipe book, or if there are any healthy recipe books out there for them. My latest meal I was going to try was sweet and sour beef. You basically take your beef cubes, shred some carrots and then (here's where it gets dicey) pour an entire bottle of sweet and sour sauce into it. By my calculations, that's 330 calories in the sauce alone. I'm put
  6. I tried P90X for a while but gave up because I had almost zero strength and couldn't keep up with them. I was also completely exhausted after finishing a workout (like, dead) and this always ruined my day. Things might be different if I were to try it again now, though. Also, the women have bad technique in the karate section. Most of them would break their wrists if they tried to punch anything for real.
  7. I agree that NF is awesome. I had never even heard of a deadlift before I got here and I've been slowly adding them to my workout routine. I started with two 45 pound plates a side and now I'm up to 195. If you can grab the square step-thingies to get the bar at the right height that should help a lot. Better to ease into them slowly and properly than to rush it and hurt yourself.
  8. Going on Plenty of Fish dates and having multiple women tell me I had a belly. Realizing, after years and years of denial that the gut that I had was not because of my spine (though I do have scoliosis) but because I was eating fast food all the time and drinking Sprite and Coke like it was water. One of the women in my class wants to be a nutritionist and she finally convinced me of the truth of what I was eating (I don't know why wouldn't accept it for so long, I would always rationalize it). I quit soda cold turkey and haven't gone near any of my old stand-bys like pizza and chicken wing
  9. Are these all American brands? I just moved to Toronto so I'll be needing a Canadian brand, or at least one I can get here. Quaker's available pretty much everywhere, right?
  10. Hey, all. More than a few people have told me about oatmeal so I bought a variety pack and tried to make it (apparently the guy who plays the head wolf in True Blood is a fan). I tried following the directions of one packet, 2/3rds a cup of water and 75 seconds in the microwave, but it came out with the texture of a bowl of snot (or like that gross stuff the guys on the ship were eating in the Matrix). I couldn't finish it. The wolf guy apparently eats two packs, so I tried that with a 2/3rds a cup of water and 75 seconds but it's this kind of coagulated goo. I'm not exactly sure what the e
  11. Hey, Spezzy. Can you help me shrink my stomach? I'm not sure what I'm still eating that's keeping me above 10% body fat, though I have no idea what I'm actually at... :S I can keep track of what I'm eating and tell you, if it'll help. :)


  12. Is it true that if one is trying to burn fat, one should do cardio on a relatively empty stomach, like first thing in the morning, or before eating? Someone mentioned to me that if you do cardio while your stomach is full you just burn the energy it contains and not the stored fat on your body. I didn't think this was true but then I looked up the guy who plays the lead wolf on True Blood (who I'd kill to look like) and apparently his trainer does the same thing with him. I've got fat around my waist that doesn't seem to be going away, so maybe this would help?
  13. I'm not sure that I could ever get to 10% body fat. I have flab around my waist that just doesn't seem to want to come off. I've overhauled my diet and am working out harder than ever but still it persists.
  14. If I stand in the mirror and flex my abs pretty hard I think I look halfway good. But if I relax my abs I look kind of "meh." Is there a way to get a flexed look all the time? I used to do the P90X ab routine but there were some things I just couldn't do. Then I started doing a weighted ab crunch machine at the gym but I could never tell how to set it and what weight to use (if I was cheating by using my arms, etc.) So right now all I'm doing is lying on my back and raising my feet with straight legs so they're at about a 35 degree angle and holding them. I'm not sure if this is an offic
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