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  1. I was stoked to get out tonight with my new bone-conduction headphones and hopefully-better-fitting sports bra that arrived in the mail this week. Then this morning I woke up feeling...gritty...and heard later in the day that my 1:1 support student (who has a mask exemption and low hygiene skills) is out due to Covid in the home. Now I have a headache and sore throat, and am not going to hit the trails, maybe for a while. Upsetting.
  2. Noooooo! I had a push-up tree branch on my run route for a long time and I was so sad when they had to take it down!
  3. Five veggies! That’s more than no veggies! I read a great book last year, Tiny Habits, that suggests if you’re not meeting your goal, find a tinier way to do it. Don’t do a workout, do one wall push-up. Or don’t go for a walk, just put on your walking shoes. And celebrate when you do! I think it’s a concept most of us here are familiar with, but that piece about celebrating when we do A Thing, no matter how tiny, is key. Here’s to week 3! And give your tortoise some…skritches…? from me!
  4. Full points for the week! Runs: 2/2 Not fast. Not easy. But done! And it was really beautiful on Saturday. I won’t post photos every week because I usually run a variant of the same route, or at least the things worth photographing are the same. I will probably actually have to stop running the golf course trail for a while as Omicron keeps raging, because it was quite busy again this week and there are a lot of places where I can barely give other users 1m space, let alone 2. But here are some photos if you like. Workout: 1/1 I didn’t get to it until today, but I’m counting it anyway. It’s a win to be robbed of the opportunity I thought I would have and then make another one instead of just letting it slide. I did a morning yoga, looking forward to my favourite fitness drinking game (not that kind! The game is “which poses let me drink my coffee!”)…drinking game challenge was high, yoga challenge was manageable even though I’m way out of shape, but easy to see how it could be a good challenge if I wasn’t. Definitely bookmarking it. Unpacking: 90/70 Did a lot of unpacking, decluttering, organizing…plus brought home the very last thing from storage!
  5. Had a really productive day...still having a tough time getting the brainweasels to shut up about all the stuff I *didn't* do, including "find the box labeled 'Painted Minis' that Mr. and I both agree we have DEFINITELY seen around the house" and "prep apples for freezing while watching The Witcher," not to mention "finish reading a library book" or "mop floors" or "become a Much Better Person." But I did go for a run on a beautiful, foggy morning empty and clean around the cat box bathe senior kitty clean tub/shower after kitty bath multiple loads of laundry, including changing bedlinens unpack 3 boxes...I think that's actually ALL my clothes now. I think. prep for Family D&D make dinner After that I kind of went into a spin because my sibling let me know they are going to be moving back to town and needing a place to crash for a while, probably at the end of the month. It's not unexpected - I made the offer over Christmas - but it's a stressor, both in terms of making space for them and because I'm worried about them packing up in another city where I can't help them. Trying to focus on the unpacking and decluttering, since that's something within my control. Tomorrow is Family D&D with my in-laws, which will be fun - I enjoy running for them, we're about to start a new mini-arc, and my MIL always makes amazing snacks and a delicious dinner. But I also need to fit in a non-run workout, since I didn't manage that during the week. I'm thinking yoga again; I need to breathe like whoa.
  6. I can definitely recommend the basket-under-the-table organization solution for yarny craft projects. Even when I would have things in project bags, the basket helped keep them tidy and easy to find. I also kept my finishing supplies in it (darning needle, crochet hook, and scissors for weaving in and trimming ends, a few stitch markers, measuring tape) and knowing where those were helped me actually FINISH-finish things much quicker, haha. Just…clear out the basket once in a while, it can be amazing what you forget is even in there! Kudos to you for your awesome advocacy at work. It’s a tough time to be working retail, doubly so with bad management, but it sounds like you are really making the best of it.
  7. I can imagine! You made some excellent choices for deliciousness.
  8. It sure looks picturesque all icy! About half the year it’s pretty blah - it dries up into basically a big mud puddle - but in the rainy season it’s a lovely part of my usual route.
  9. I’m feeling totally great today, so I guess I took it pretty easy even though I felt like I was working hard. But that’s okay, I’m here to make the habits right now, and once they’re in place I can worry about making sure I push myself enough to grow. Also, running tomorrow will be better since I’m not wrecked!
  10. Thanks! I did it! It was terrible and I am so tired now but I did it!
  11. Anyone got a spare kick in the pants they can send my way around 5:30 pst? It’s my only chance for an evening run this week because my other option (yesterday) was filled up with booster shot. I’m definitely feeling this one more than the last two and not looking forward to getting out on the trail in the dark after a long day at work, before I even get any dinner! I’m going to put a photo from the last race I ran in my upcoming trail series on my phone. Maybe it will help me remember my Big Why.
  12. Oof, it’s rough to have to reintroduce problem foods for testing. I hope your test gave good data and that you’re feeling better with a few safe meals in you.
  13. Weekly round up! Overall strong New Challenge energy! Now to translate that into some discipline for the long term. Runs: 1/2 I did not do a midweek run this week. It’s been a snowy couple weeks in a region that doesn’t get much snow, which means public infrastructure and private practices aren’t well set to mitigate the risks, and I just don’t feel safe running on potentially icy sidewalks at night. It’s beautiful and sunny today, a balmy +6C, and rain expected midweek, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out Wednesday or Thursday. I did run yesterday, long for me right now at nearly 8k, because I was doing a ZR New Adventure (Whiteout!) and I guessed wrong about how much more story there was and committed to a second loop around the trail instead of just taking the long route home after one. I got some LOOKS from walkers I passed two or three times going the other direction…I choose to believe they were more impressed than disapproving, but it really could go either way based on those eyebrows. It was totally beautiful, but treacherously icy and I badly chafed my underarms - why is that so much more of a thing in winter? Or maybe it’s just me? Anyway, have a frozen pond looking picturesque: Definitely tired today, but took a walk down to the FLGS with Mr. Radost and have plans to walk with friends later too. Take that, hips. Workout: 1/1 Did some yoga while Mr. Radost was making dinner on Thursday. Pigeon pose was just the thing. Unpacking: 120/70 I did A Lot while Mr. Radost was working yesterday. Emptied a few boxes, reorganized some tubs of long-term storage and brought them down to the basement, and finally took the first steps towards divesting myself of some stuff I thought I’d use that I’ve now carried for nearly 10 years, through two moves, without needing it. I’m fortunate that if I suddenly need it I can buy some more. But letting go also means letting go of a dream and it’s hard.
  14. *waves shyly* I see a few familiar handles here, looking forward to running with y’all this year!
  15. I guess it’s been almost three years since I was around here, whoops. But I signed up for a trail race series this year (using credit from 2020…hoping it doesn’t get canceled *again*) and I need some structure and accountability to make sure I get the most out of it! Intro??? Call me Radost, my pronouns are she/her. I’m a scout at heart but I hung with the Rangers a lot in the past because I love their convivial atmosphere and I’m always up for trying a bit of everything. But really what fitness is about for me is whatever I can do to enhance my trail runs, long bike rides, hikes, and combinations of the three. So I dabble in yoga and do a little strength training, but really I just love to throw on some headphones and GO FOREVER. When I’m not running or posting about running, I work as an Educational Assistant providing learning and behavioural support to a primary student, as well as doing out of school care for a couple almost-middle-schoolers I’ve been nannying for for a whole damn decade now. I’ve been super into ttrpgs the past several years, currently running Fate and 5e and playing in Changeling: The Lost. I also like to paint minis, because I am a stereotype. I sing folk music (check out my vocal ensemble: The Balkan Babes) and love fibercrafts, baking, cats, and board games. Goals Fitness: Run 2x/week What it says on the tin. This is probably the toughest item on the list, but also the most important. It’s been years now since I was super consistent about running and both my mental health and my fitness suffer for it. I’ll start working on speed/distance challenges once I get the consistency up - I’ve been doing pretty well at 1/week since September, but I work later now, getting home at 5:30-5:45, so it can be really tough to get a midweek run in. Fitness: one additional workout per week Could be yoga or strength training. Mr. Radost makes most of our dinners, so I have plenty of opportunity to fit in a :15-30 home workout while he cooks Life: 70 minutes/week of unpacking, organizing, or cleaning/tidying We moved in August and…it’s a long story, but didn’t have access to half our space (and half our stuff) until December. There’s a lot of unpacking still to be done, and things need to be re-organized now that we have our stuff from storage. I also have a senior cat who is peeing on the floor daily, so there’s a lot of cleaning to be done. Stretch goal: finish canning! The new house has two huge apple trees that produced several hundred *usable* apples this year (and at least as many that fell before we could pick them and got gross enough to just compost). There are still two bins in “cold storage” on the deck that need to be processed, and a couple canning recipes’ worth of already-processed apples in the freezer waiting to be turned into applesauce or whatever. At this point I have enough chutney, jam, apple butter, and barbecue sauce to get through to next fall, but I hate the idea of them going to waste!
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