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  1. I haven't been able to follow it, the tension is too much for me. I've heard that they're unlikely to be able to defend their revocation of the original OGL in court so if someone starts a challenge I will probably throw money at that, but aside from that I'm just hiding in the corner in a fort made out of couch cushions and Fate rulebooks, lol/sob. I'm glad my tip helped with the map - it looks great to me! I guess the proportions and the large blankness of the plains are probably what makes it hard to look at at the wrong distance...I can see how those proportions make sense for a book endpaper, though. I'm so blown away by your dynamic mountains and sea, though! They're incredible!
  2. Thanks! I did! Although it turned out I only needed discipline...both vocal ensemble practice and gaming tonight were cancelled a bit last-minute. Kind of annoyed about the former - I baked TWO GLUTEN FREE CAKES (one for practice today, one for family sing-along tomorrow) and I think that might be too many cakes for just our little household. I wrapped one for the freezer; hopefully it's nice when I thaw it sometime later. Right?!? I'll see if I can post the photo I took from the session before I fixed the face, it was Grim. I keep painting things and then saying "NOTHING WITH FACES EVER AGAIN" but really how many barrels and wood piles can a person paint? (spoilering because uploading photos here is a pain and it takes me seventeen tries to get it right) (On a related note, sorry about the huge photos up-thread. I mostly browse on mobile and they look fine until I crack open the laptop and am overwhelmed by HUGE PHOTO OF SPINDLE) Round Up for Week 2 It's a bit early, but why not, I've accomplished Goals. All in a day's march: Success! And one of my faster runs lately! Still a long way from my past average, but that's okay. I'm meeting myself where I am. Got new running leggings too, and they didn't fall down as much, which I'm sure helped me focus on running. Combat training: Success! One RingFit session and two JustDance workouts. Strengthen the shine: Mild success. Some knock-on effects as I was a bit more mindful of activity choices often this week, really considering what I wanted and opting not to spend so much time scrolling. Sharpen vision: pretty sure I managed both an hour of painting and an hour in the garden. I had an early day at work that happened to be beautiful and sunny, so I moved the plants I've been wanting to re-home. Fair chance they'll die after my inexpert transplanting, but neither was something I'd planted, so I'm not too fussed if they don't make it. Decipher ancient mysteries: kept up my spinning. Finished embroidering the last set and started knitting the brown puffs. Say yes to plot hooks: a friend is celebrating her 50th birthday in a couple weeks! Sounds like a plot hook to me. Oh, wow, I just remembered what must have been the same friend's birthday, maybe even her 40th, when my social anxiety was cripplingly bad and I spent half an hour crying in her backyard trying to get up the guts to go inside. Finally calmed down enough to try, and left again within the hour after bursting into tears again. Things are so much better now.
  3. Thanks! I sometimes feel pretty down about my lack of progress because I don’t put in time on the regular, but that pair I feel pretty good about! The witch’s face was a triumph considering how absolutely awful it looked on my first attempt. this week’s going well so far. Just gotta make time to run on Saturday in between hosting vocal ensemble practice and Mage RPG. Wish me discipline and good time management…!
  4. Everything is great today. And I mean GREAT. Mr. Radost’s homemade pizza was GREAT. The episode of Star Trek DS9 we watched was GREAT. About to play some D&D and it’s gonna be SO GREAT! What’s my secret? A half hour of Just Dance after work, haha. gonna keep this in mind for the future…which is gonna be GREAT!
  5. Eek! What a pain, especially when you had it right to start with! When my sibling made some mistakes on their map, we went out to find a Gelly Roll white gel pen that’s apparently the best for going over ink…it worked well for them but it sounds like this might be for a much more formal purpose. Anyway, hope the fix goes smoothly.
  6. Week one roundup! Doing pretty good! All in a day’s march: success! Maybe double success (ran Monday and Saturday) or maybe retroactive success on this one for Zero Week, anyway, I got it. This week I was playing with what I’m calling Gerudo Meditation because it came to me as I was running and listening to London Musicworks’ orchestral cover of the Gerudo Valley theme. Basically it’s an exercise in running in rhythm; the rhythmic connection of step and breath and the need to refocus on the rhythm of the body is at the heart of meditation, and that’s something I used to feel more strongly out on the trails. Obvs not every song is suited to this, and I’m not looking to push it at this time, just notice. So this week’s Gerudo Meditations were Gerudo Valley theme (London Musicworks) Crystal Forest (Nox Arcana) Combat training: success! One RingFit, one ZR/Darebee Strengthen the shine: getting there. Still choosing sweet snacks a lot but doing better at actually celebrating when I don’t. Even if it’s got to be a 100% imagination dance party as I leave the grocery store snack aisle empty handed. Sharpen vision: plenty of time painting this week, although yesterday’s session was only made possible by a last-minute cancellation of our every-two-weeks Mage game. Thought about the garden (both like planting plans and like “maybe I should…?”) but I had a music/friends gathering that ate my afternoon. Decipher ancient mysteries : spinning is coming along nicely. I need to do some embroidery before I start the next round of knitting (I am keeping track of which puffs are the same breed by giving them an identifying mark…in theory, that gets written down in a notebook but I can’t find it right now, so I’ll make do with my running list over on Ravelry). Say yes to plot hooks: hmm, nothing yet.
  7. Zero week was pretty much but Week One is off to a good start! Already made time for a RingFit workout, ran on my last day of vacation, and spent probably seven hours painting in the past three days. Finished my Halloween witch so she and Jack o’Knives can preside over next spoop season. And started another one. I am hardcore dealing with Fear Of Failure that’s holding me back from some of the awesome pieces I have so I keep getting out dragons and giants and axolotl adventurers and putting them away in favour of pieces I’m not afraid to “waste”…but this lady is a gas and I’ve decided she reminds me of an NPC from the D&D game I run for my in-laws. I’m excited to try some fun stuff with fabric textures, see if I can get an effect like those satins that look one colour overall but reflect another colour where the light hits them.
  8. You know, in the interest of setting up for success I’m gonna change this. Instead I will celebrate when I choose a veggie or movement snack instead of or in addition to a sugar- or salt-based dopamine hit. This change brought to you by catching the Bad Reasoning in action today: ”I want to take my Christmas chocolates with me to paint. But I should have a healthy snack instead. But I’m gonna have the damn chocolates so why bother with a movement snack when it’s not a replacement or a proper workout?” Anyway I’m gonna enjoy chocolates and tea, but dammit I did some toe taps and took the cat out for a backyard wander first. Celebration!
  9. Following! Looking forward to seeing the map as you fill it in. Thank you for sharing your journal pages! I almost never do anything cool with my bujo, because I need it to be absolutely basic and totally disorganized if I'm going to reliably use it, but I love seeing how other people use theirs.
  10. Sticking with Snowspire for my challenge soundtrack this month. Next month it will probably be something a bit more up-tempo, maybe even Solanaceae, thanks for the recommendation to @Rurik Harrgath! This challenge is part of an ongoing trek to the 5Peaks BC race at Alice Lake in April. Mr. Radost and I will head over to the mainland and crash with our buddy in Vancouver who last-minute registered to join me on one of my Island trail races this past summer, then all drive up together for the race. I've been imagining the training as a grand cross-country trek and wrote a little story about how I got off-track last challenge. This challenge I have some ground to make up, but I think my goals are solid, so...this might look a little familiar. Physical Discipline All in a day's march - run at least once per week. I will be hitting the trails every Saturday, or making time on another day if I know Saturday is too busy. Combat training - do at least two workouts per week. Could be continuing the Darebee Hero's Journey, Zombies!Run home workouts (have to finish Dragon Flight!), or 20 minutes of RingFit Adventure/Just Dance (thanks, Santa!). Mental Discipline Strengthen the shine - celebrate immediately every time I choose a veggie or movement snack instead of junk food. Check out my last challenge for an explanation of where this comes from and why. This was a tough one last challenge, I know I can do better. I need to make that good choice more often, and I need to follow through and actually do the celebration, not just think about it and then tell myself "yeah, but it's not like this is actually an awesome thing to celebrate..." Sharpen vision - one hour of painting or gardening per week. I'd really like to be doing more painting...which means I need to actually set aside time to do it, right? I do have some garden tasks that need to happen before spring planting, so that's the one activity that may bump this one. Both come under Mental Discipline because they help ground me when I'm struggling with executive dysfunction. Adventure? Decipher ancient mysteries - over the whole challenge, complete one set of hexipuffs from already-spun yarn, and spin one skein from the next puff of fibre. Long ago, I started a modular fibrecraft project: a Beekeeper's Quilt that I would knit out of handspun yarn. I realized this week that the project will be 10 years old this year! I'm not going to dream of an extreme goal like finishing it (I have probably 32/300 puffs made, haha), but I am committing to working on it regularly again this year. Say 'yes' to Plot Hooks - schedule two fun activities for this month. The past four years have been stressful. I was working 3 jobs, then 2 jobs/back at school, then one job + school during pandemic, and now back to pandemic + 2 jobs (which only add up to about 38 hours/week, but one of them is fairly high stress). I've definitely been hermiting in my home blanket fort. But this winter I decided to start seeking adventure. The important ones were going to the ballet (Nutcracker! Including one of the kids I've looked after for the past 11 years!) and sending hand-made Solstice cards to some pocket friends. Small adventures by some standards, but adventures nonetheless! I even inspired Mr. Radost to grab his own Plot Hook and register for a dance class at the local rec centre! So I'm going to find at least two novel activities I can say yes to during this challenge. Bonus: learn from the Hawk - watch two videos from the Painting Big Patreon collection during the challenge.
  11. Oh wow, has it really been almost 2 weeks? Whoops. I wrote a microfiction about it, haha. Spoilered because microfiction is still a wall of text on a forum. In sum, a lot of things were on hold while I prepped for our family's annual holiday party, a drop-in Christmas sing-along. I was baking and cleaning all week, and then on Sunday had the joy of decorating and actually hosting the party. It was my first time hosting in MY space - this party is something I grew up with, but in 2021 my mom, partner, and I bought a house together with a suite for her in the basement...that is not large enough to hold a gathering. It was a bit stressful, but also so much fun. And now we have SO MANY COOKIES. So Many Cookies is usually a plus, but on Monday night we had a big dump of snow. Nothing like what folks deal with in many places, but we got probably 8-10" on top of the 2" that had fallen on Sunday and Monday, and because we only get this kind of snowfall about every second year here on the Wet Coast, we don't have the kind of ploughing infrastructure that exists in places where heavy snowfall happens a few times every year. Buses were completely cancelled for a day, and significantly restricted for one more, and driving remains pretty sketchy, so my usual Tuesday RPG session was cancelled and might be cancelled again next week. No one to show off to share cookies with! And Saturday game won't meet either of the next couple weeks due to holidays. Worst of all, there's a massive rainstorm predicted starting Friday and continuing for at least the next week, so we don't even get a picturesque white Christmas, womp-womp. Anyway, here's the goals update: All in a day's march: 50% - skipped my run last week but went out yesterday for a slow but beautiful snow run. Zombies!Run had a new Christmas themed story and I made a playlist with some Christmas music and some of my slower running music from the snowy-weather playlist I made a few years ago for a most festive experience. Pics under the cut! Combat training: success! Did a 20-minute Darebee workout. I should do one this afternoon too, I'm off work for the next ten days but tomorrow I need to be presentable because we have a plumber coming to fix our water heater. Strengthen the Shine: so-so. Not that many shine-worthy choices, but one that stood out because I made the desired choice, but I was feeling kinda silly about actually celebrating and did a halfhearted mental "woohoo." Then I said, no, that's not what you're supposed to do, and tried again with a full FF Fanfare and little dance and yeah, it instantly brightened my mood. Shine is hard but I can keep working on it. No adventure inside the box: Success! See above for creative challenge! Today and tomorrow I'm gonna bust out my paints too, and I will spend an hour or two prepping FamD&D for our Boxing Day session. Say yes to plot hooks: I'm calling snow run a plot hook! We also did our annual Christmas pub date night...the downtown streets were kinda grim, dirty slush everywhere and the icy wind blowing snow off the drifts and into our faces, but the pub we like has a lovely view of a pedestrian square that was beautifully decorated and absolutely picturesque in the snow.
  12. This week is going okay so far. Fit in my workout on Tuesday, and @Ike Eldrazi, I finally had a win on choosing a healthy snack instead of cookies or chocolate and did my best to shine it up! Yesterday I made the good choices but didn’t celebrate like I should. Tonight I will be baking shortbread for my family Christmas sing-along! Oddly, I don’t snack that much while baking, but there is also a 0% chance that I’ll drop and do push-ups instead of snagging a hot cookie fresh off the rack. We had a lovely time out at the Nutcracker on Sunday. It was a beautiful production and my work!kid had a pretty important part for a 10-year-old. The dancers in her group even got to interact onstage with one of the principals! And I got us seats only five or six rows back, so we had a great view. We went out to dinner before the show, and I mentioned my plan to “say yes to plot hooks.” The next day my partner G was musing “I wonder if anywhere in town offers ballet classes for adults who are complete beginners…I know I need to get in shape and I haaate going to the gym, but this sure feels like a dangling plot hook!” Anyway, he’s registered in a class that starts in January! At the Rec centre a ten minute walk from our place, even!
  13. Weekly roundup: slow going in thigh-deep snow but still making progress All in a day’s march : success! Bumped my run to Friday since Saturday was chockablock. Combat training : success! And I felt less sore than last time I did that many squats Strengthen the shine : this was the thigh-deep snow. Rough work days plus menstrual blahs meant I went out of my way to add junk food midweek. There were other days when I chose not to, but not much shining was done. There is no adventure inside the box : did some work on Ye Olde Mappe that my players may find soon, and designed a couple custom monsters for the catacombs they’ll likely enter today. Say yes to plot hooks : went to SIL’s vocal ensemble concert and started lining up a movie night with a friend. Might turn down the plot hook that just arrived last night, we realized our every-second-Saturday Mage game would typically run on New Year’s Eve, and I got excited bc I do like when a thing I was already going to do lines up with an event that I was otherwise not going to celebrate. But our GM has other plans and I don’t know if I want to make a board game night happen just for the other group member who doesn’t live here and then feel like we should really give her a ride home or let her crash here…and then wake up the next day to run D&D for the in-laws. Of course, I’ll probably be coming off a week of vacation, so I might feel differently by then.
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