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  1. Radost

    Radost runs again

    *cough*differentfoot*cough* I’ll take the cheerleading, though, thanks! Skipping the run was a good choice, for sure, based on my energy levels this week, which are high and free-flowing! I’m still pretty challenged by the food journaling but met my exercise goal and tacked on an extra run for the mini-challenge! To give some perspective on just how uncomfortable I am with calorie counting, a board games/D&D friend was mentioning on Thursday that she’s tracking her food and maintaining X caloric deficit and it’s going great and she’s seeing some results and likes the program she’s using to track. Yay! I love when friends are happy about healthy changes in their lives! But somehow when she described her X cal deficit, I immediately thought about how impossible it would be to maintain that myself, and I’ve been frequently revisiting for days now the way I felt at about an X/2 deficit when I maintained that for a while, and even that is giving me the stressed anxiety feels. I guess I just need to really take some time to remind myself that it’s okay if staying strong is more important to me than getting small, and just because X is easy for someone else doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me if a much lesser version of X is really hard for me, just that I’m different.
  2. After a long trek to Garen’s Gate and a busy day following leads around the town, it might be expected that a ranger’s energy would flag. But the sight of the mysterious bard in such a hurry to leave (was that even his horse or had he gone to the length of stealing one???) sent adrenaline coursing through Radost’s body. It was her power hour, anyway, the time when she was most alive, and although it had been some time since she’d visited Garen’s Gate, she knew the town well and could follow the sound of hoof beats in the night from a street away, taking the most efficient route to each landmark where she intuited the bard’s path would take him. As she ran, she chanted under her breath, songs from the 1997th year of the Mordalian Empire of her homeland. “They just don’t write ‘em like this nowadays,” she mused as she dodged shuttered shop stalls and leaped piles of refuse in the narrow side street. Finally, she heard the hoof beats slow and quickly adjusted her course to bring her back to the street the bard had chosen, slowing her own pace and controlling her breathing as for the first time she came close enough to potentially be seen. Got my run run in this morning, just under 6k. Which was kind of not my intention, I’d been planning more like 4 since this is the first time I’ve run twice in a week in a long while, whoops. Average pace 6:11/km, fastest km 5:32. Feeling pretty damn good. ETA I’ve technically fulfilled my distance feat from last week, too, with my step count Monday having been 15, 331. Booyah. Looking forward to next week!
  3. Multiclass Ranger/Scout Radost, reporting for duty! I’ll chase that horse down by adding a daytime run on Saturday and challenging myself to beat my average time of 6:30/km Gonna roll over my distance feat to this week. Last week was all Skyrim and family dinners and I just didn’t make it happen.
  4. Radost

    Radost runs again

    Well, it looked good for a while, but week one was a hard fail in the end. Fitness: failed on running (kind of excusable with my ankle trouble) failed on strength - just got one workout in, 50% succeeded at stretching every day, 100% there. Diet: completed food journal in the first half of the week but stopped halfway. Fail. Life: made some progress on the computer stuff and achieved my RPG goal, so that’s a small success. This week I'm starting fresh on the food journal rather than worrying about catching up. I’ve also already done my run for the week, so that’s a good start, and I’m not working extra shifts at the preschool, so it’s likely that I’ll be able to squeeze in a lunchtime workout on Thursday at least. I think I’d better also hold myself to not picking up Skyrim on Saturday until I’ve met my fitness goals for the week. My sibling’s just started going to the gym at their workplace, and I think they would also really enjoy a D&D-themed workout shirt, so I gotta get on track and earn my swag.
  5. Social feat is in the works. But boy, scheduling stuff when everybody has work and scheduled hobbies plus not to mention other friends is a pain in the butt. (Yeah, yeah, that's why it's a challenge...)
  6. Distance feat: either take a walk with my sweetie, or log a day with 15 000+ steps Social feat: make a coffee date with a friend I haven't seen in a long while (and yes, I have a couple specific friends in mind)
  7. Relax feat status: good enough. Only got to bed early enough to read about half the time, but had good reason other nights (prepping lunches for the work week but still got to bed on time one day, board games with a friend who just got home from a month in hospital another). I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading at night, The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. He has crafted this amazing voice for the novel that's reminiscent of 19th/early 20th C fairytale retellings (like the Andrew Lang coloured fairy books, if anyone else read those) as well as drawing heavily on much older romances like Le Morte D'Arthur. I just want to live in his storytelling forever!
  8. I’m here for this! This challenge is about rebuilding discipline for me. Doing The Thing, even if I don’t do it well or for long. My Relax Feat this week will be to be in bed early enough to read for :15+ Happy new year, all y’all!
  9. Radost

    Radost runs again

    Hiiiiii I’m back! I kinda burned out in the fall with my cat health drama and all but I’m feeling the need for some structure and challenge AND I’M RUNNING AGAIN AND IT’S WONDERFUL. Except for the part where my discipline is so lacking that I’m getting like 1-3 runs per month, whoops. So. Goals! Fitness * run at least once every week - pass will be 75% * strength train 2x/week - pass will be 75% * stretch every day - pass will be 80% Diet * food journal every day * be mindful of snacking at work * I need to figure this out. Something needs to change but I just don’t have the energy for counting calories (and that hasn’t been a successful strategy for me in the past) and there’s no obvious, straightforward things to cut down/out. My best success was a few years ago when I just went for the “half your plate” veggie goal and - in concert with running 2-3x/week and being so sad even chocolate had no appeal - that worked great. Now, I think I can make the activity levels happen, but I have no plans to get my heart broken and suffer unexpected financial stress, sapping enjoyment from almost everything in my life... Speaking of which... Life * get my files fully transferred to the new computer. It’s been a month, ffs. Pass is 100% * 30 mins/week of prep for the Fate ttrpg I’m planning to run once my current D&D game wraps in a month or two. Pass is 100% but I can get bonus points for extra time. Swag If I pass all sections this go round, I’ll commission the art I’ve been thinking about putting on a workout shirt. Then next challenge if I pass I get to make the shirt. And yeah, auto-fail on this if I don’t get a proper diet goal in place by the end of Week 1.