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  1. Week 2/3 update Running - I kicked ass on the 3/4 runs I actually did. 11km last Sunday after a long recording session nourished my soul but was so. hard. by km 9, which was incidentally where I think I saw my ex, because what's better than being all "omg dying" and then seeing someone you really don't want to see??? But if it was him, he didn't say hi or text me with a "saw u running" so okay. Now, perhaps because of the run, or new shoes, or perhaps because of the basketball I played with the 8-yo I look after, my knee was in rough shape all week, so I skipped my mid-week run.
  2. Ooh, awesome! I have yet to sew pants or shorts that I’m happy with, I stick pretty much to dresses and tops. Post pics if you make them!
  3. Right????? And they seemed comfy, although I just tried them on over my jeans, haven’t worn them properly yet.
  4. I got a pair of these in a similar pattern...they are a fusion of Japanese, Thai, and western fashion in traditional Japanese fabrics. They had vintage Japanese jackets at their booth too but I didn’t want to look too hard ‘cause I’m not actually made of money, haha. Eta: siamuraipants.com is better for browsing than their tumblr, if you’re curious. I loooooove their skirts too but as a daily cyclist I thought I’d get more wear out of the pants.
  5. Week 1 roundup, a little behind... Running - I kicked ass. Did a 5k and a 10k, and I kept them pretty fast. I need to work a little on pacing for my long runs - my average time was about what it has been all month, but there was over a minute difference between my fastest and my slowest km...and the first half of my run was much faster than the second. It gives me a good target for my short runs, though! Strength - 50% womp-womp I’m feeling pretty fired up to work on this harder right now...I bought some really cool locally made pants that I think are going to ma
  6. It’s the first day of spring and I have already had too much of this sun and hot weather. I should be grateful for this sudden nice snap (on spring break, no less!) but instead I’m dyyyyyying. And sunburnt. It’s going to be a big challenge to get my strength workouts in this week. Stuff every evening and with my work kids home from school I am bagged by the end of the day, hard enough to get my butt out the door, or tidy up for company, before I try to factor in twenty minutes of personal time.
  7. Hmm, that's an interesting strategy. It would definitely work for some events! Or I could do the reverse, snack freely during the first hour, and then stop for the rest of the evening. *waves* Glad to have you back! Zero week was pretty sweet! I had the chillest work week ever...the kid I support is away, so no preschool, just before and after-school care and about eight or ten hours of housework and meal prep to split between the remaining days. And. Two out of five days both kids were out of the house on play dates with friends, a situation I typ
  8. Yeah, the other strategy I tried and might go back to was allowing myself a “snack break” every hour. There’s a limit to how much I can carry back to the table, haha. But I’d really like to get better at having *a couple* cookies, in the name of “making sustainable life changes instead of temporarily restricting.” If I’m gonna learn, I gotta practice. It does mean expecting a certain level of failure and being prepared to cheer myself on for the tiniest wins, haha.
  9. Love your description of your character. Hope she does a great job of inspiring you this round! I remember when you took this job and started realizing how terrible it was. I’m sorry to hear that hasn’t eased up...I’ll be sending mojo for a better opportunity to come up!
  10. Love the little things is a great challenge! So important! So challenging!
  11. Woohoo! Keep it simple, keep it positive. Sounds like an awesome challenge!
  12. Thanks! It felt like it did! Better than some I’ve done, for sure...
  13. Hey! I have a race coming up! In June, but that’s coming up, right??? I need to increase my distance and I want to improve my speed and I figure three months is a good length of time to do both without injuring myself. Snacks continue to be a problem for me. I made my goals last challenge but it was hard, especially keeping it modest at Board Games Night and Friday D&D. Oh and that Tuesday D&D where our host provided popsicles and also my sweetie brought cookies??? Whoops. But I can keep working on it. Even if I fail, I’m likely to do better than if I don’t try at all.
  14. Final round up Fitness Run 2x/week - 100% strength 2x/week - 85% Diet Workday snacking - 75% Games snacks - success Life I failed to actually accomplish most of my goals but for all of them I either took a step that puts the ball in someone else’s court or learned that I can’t do them at this time. Apparently my whole bank account will no longer talk to budgeting apps, so... But I did do some manual budget work and had a check in with my partner at least. So I guess I can start trying to track down an artist wh
  15. Big city = people stay out of others' business more, maybe? Nobody's ever said a thing to me at any of the gyms I've used here, although I also think I am...naturally not viewed as a person to make random comments to? (too chubby and frumpy to be a prize/evoke a wish to protect; too fit and pretty to look like an easy target)
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