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  1. Radost

    Radost ramps things up

    Hmm, that's an interesting strategy. It would definitely work for some events! Or I could do the reverse, snack freely during the first hour, and then stop for the rest of the evening. *waves* Glad to have you back! Zero week was pretty sweet! I had the chillest work week ever...the kid I support is away, so no preschool, just before and after-school care and about eight or ten hours of housework and meal prep to split between the remaining days. And. Two out of five days both kids were out of the house on play dates with friends, a situation I typically try to avoid (especially when one of my bosses is working from home, awkward..."don't mind me, I'm just gonna be down here organizing your kids' clothes and watching D&D live plays...") but due to friends' schedules and the kids saying "pretty please, we were at our house last time..." I let it happen. Actually, one day, the parent said he was going to drive kid + friend by his place so they could feed the cat and then drop them at home, and I was like "sweet," but he still hadn't arrived by the time parents came home, so I guess the kids talked him into staying where they were? I could have used a text. Whoo, that was a lot of work update, please excuse. All that is to say, I got in two strength workouts, including one that was bonus-point ready! And both my runs! I signed up last minute for British Science Week's Run With the Ancestors, a virtual 10k interspersed with informative tidbits about prehistoric humans in the British Isles. It was fun, although it took a bit of tweaking to make sure I didn't overshoot my distance for the week - walked the first km and then started another tracker going for the next nine. The weather was beautiful...can't tell if it was too warm already or if I'm just not used to two-digit temperatures yet this spring, but it was lovely to get out in the sun and the crocuses sprouting and the cherry blossoms hanging low overhead. I had a tough time getting into it, kept having to stop for a walk break. Evidently I was really pushing the pace, but by about km 4 I'd settled in to something fast (for me) but manageable. Need to work on pacing, I guess. Although with all that I didn't burn out and maintained my faster-than-my-average pace pretty much the whole rest of the run without burning out. Snacking this week was not super. I enjoyed more than my six points of weekday snacks, and more than a reasonable number of those points were donuts (I usually allow myself 0-1 large baked goods of the sort, other snacks have to be much more modest). And Board Games Night fell on Pi Day, and we had two pies, so I'm currently sitting at 3/15 points for evening fun times snacks. That said, snacking was also not terrible? I will do better the next two weeks, since it's spring break and I'm pretty good at keeping my food intake healthy when little eyes are watching. In fact, one day last week I was feeling a little light headed and asked one of the kids if I could have a slice of her apple and she was like "...are YOU HUNGRY? You're NEVER hungry!" Oh child, how little you know. Also you've clearly forgotten all the times I've told you about how hungry I am for lunch, haha. "OMG GUYS I'M STARVING ARE YOU HUNGRY TOO I AM SO HUNGRY." *cooks grilled cheese sandwich* "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE A BITE OF MY LUNCH I AM TOOOOOO HUNGRY TO SHARE."
  2. Radost

    Radost ramps things up

    Yeah, the other strategy I tried and might go back to was allowing myself a “snack break” every hour. There’s a limit to how much I can carry back to the table, haha. But I’d really like to get better at having *a couple* cookies, in the name of “making sustainable life changes instead of temporarily restricting.” If I’m gonna learn, I gotta practice. It does mean expecting a certain level of failure and being prepared to cheer myself on for the tiniest wins, haha.
  3. Radost

    In Which KCAleece Prepares to Flee the Country

    Love your description of your character. Hope she does a great job of inspiring you this round! I remember when you took this job and started realizing how terrible it was. I’m sorry to hear that hasn’t eased up...I’ll be sending mojo for a better opportunity to come up!
  4. Radost

    Kestrel: Joy In The Morning

    Love the little things is a great challenge! So important! So challenging!
  5. Radost

    Radost ramps things up

    Hey! I have a race coming up! In June, but that’s coming up, right??? I need to increase my distance and I want to improve my speed and I figure three months is a good length of time to do both without injuring myself. Snacks continue to be a problem for me. I made my goals last challenge but it was hard, especially keeping it modest at Board Games Night and Friday D&D. Oh and that Tuesday D&D where our host provided popsicles and also my sweetie brought cookies??? Whoops. But I can keep working on it. Even if I fail, I’m likely to do better than if I don’t try at all. In life stuff, something I want to work on more consistently is improving my ASL vocabulary. I do 1:1 support with a nearly non-verbal preschooler - although he doesn’t sign much either? But he will supplement some words where he just uses one word for several things (e.g. “blue” for all colours) with a sign? Also I’m enrolled in a Community Support/Educational Assistant program in the fall and I feel like studying ASL is a pretty good career move. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a course sometime but for now building my vocabulary is a good start. Fitness Strength training 2x/week, 5% bonus for workouts 25 minutes + rides again. Running 2x/week gets the added goal of increasing distance on my long run by 1km/week. If I make it to 10k+, that’s a pass, but my goal is 13 by the end of the challenge. For this month I’m just gonna keep on with my plan of “don’t be a lazy runner” and trust that to bring some improvements to my speed. Diet Sticking with 6 snack points for the work week and 15 for evening fun stuff over the whole challenge (3-6 events, depending on whether I make it out to knit night at all and whether anyone at Tuesday D&D, overall a snack-light group, does a dessert). Life Learn 2 signs a week. I’ll score myself up to 4 points for each: one for learning it, up to 2 for using it (any time during the challenge), and one for being able to remember it by the end of the next week. Book my road test.