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  1. Severine

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    Thanks for the answer! I'll suggest Somersby if we ever see it.
  2. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    I didn't use to be forthcoming about difficulties at all - I never wanted to show weakness or admit faults or ask for support or anything like that. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I began to realize the damage we can do to ourselves that way. And it wasn't until maybe a year ago that I began to translate that realization into an attempt to change my ways. So the attempts here to be candid and open are actually quite selfish - I am doing it because I am trying to become a healthier, more balanced, more successful person. And I think being honest about challenges does help. Not telling everyone you meet, of course, but being honest with yourself and trusted friends and family. Obviously I don't want to go from one extreme to the other - I don't want to talk constantly about challenges or become helpless. But I'm starting to see that when you're prepared to admit your flaws and challenges, you can redirect the energy you were using to try to appear strong and infallible into actually accomplishing things. What a novel idea! (It's necessary to master money, not serve it) There's a Latin lolcat for every situation Throat was worse this morning but I'm battling it with homemade tomato soup, throat soothing tea, and occasional gargling with salt water. And thankfully I am still feeling well enough to work and do stuff, so not a big deal yet. Cheering for my body to battle it off before it develops into more symptoms. I think you're right about the importance of sleep, Tobbe, and actually I slept terribly last night and I think that's part of why I feel worse today. Sadly I sleep with a very heavy snorer and I often find it impossible to fall asleep (or stay asleep) as a result. About 3 a.m. I gave up and went and slept on the couch, and then managed to get a couple hours, but it wasn't deep quality sleep. Anyone have any magic recommendations to stop snoring? We've tried a few things and nothing seems to work reliably.
  3. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    Over 11K steps today, woot. I've gotten into a nice routine where I vary the length of my evening walk based on how many steps I've taken earlier in the day, and that seems to work out pretty well. Food today started off meh because I skipped breakfast, but then I had a nice tuna sandwich from the local Italian deli (they mix the tuna with olive oil instead of mayo, much tastier the Italian way IMO) and for dinner had some leftover chicken and roast veggies that L batch cooked on the weekend, so it ended up all right. Still ate more chocolate than I would have liked (at my desk while working, always a bad move and I know better, but...) but didn't go crazy with it, so not worth dwelling on. I gargled with salt water to try to fend off the start of the sore throat, and as soon as I finish this post I'm going to bed. Hopefully I'll wake up feeling better, or at least the same and not worse. And now just because, enjoy some advice form a Latin proverb of my nerdy amusements. I have to justify my undergrad degree somehow, no? (One who dares nothing, enjoys nothing)
  4. Severine

    The necessities

    So much green!! Really well done, seriously.
  5. Severine

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    This is hilariously specific That reminds me - I wanted to ask about a Swedish thing. My partner D does not like most alcoholic drinks, which is fine obviously, but sometimes it makes him feel awkward when he's at a pub and everyone else is ordering something. Recently he discovered a pear cider from a Swedish company that has a low alcohol content and a sweet flavour he likes, so it has become his favourite option if he wants to order something alcoholic. This is the company - And my question they actually sell this in Sweden too, or is it just something marketed overseas? He was curious how authentic it is.
  6. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    Ugggggh I think I might be starting to get sick. D picked up some kind of cold on his business trip to Texas, and I think he infected me because this afternoon I started feeling the beginnings of a sore throat.
  7. Good luck with tai chi! I know what you mean about the partner work. Having to pair up with strangers was the most stressful part of aikido for me. It did improve over time as I gained confidence and didn't worry as much about the other person feeling disappointed in working with me. Body control and core strength are things I'm working on too. Always a weak point of rock climbing, core strength was my biggest limitation. Frustrating since it is so essential for so many things.
  8. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    One of the funniest things about today: below is the map from the apple picking place - check out the line directly under the map picture. "If you are lost, confused, or frustrated, please ask someone on a segway for assistance" We decided this was funniest if interpreted to be general life advice and not just orchard-specific
  9. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    This morning I went walking and apple picking with my awesome friend K and his girlfriend, who I also know and like. It was fun! A reminder of what I miss about farming. My friend K is actually a former coworker of mine from a farm where we worked together (actually technically I was his supervisor, so we didn't become friends until we both left that place) and he has also left farming, so we often reflect on our mutual reasons for leaving, and also we often share nostalgic moments when we miss it. It's nice to have someone who understands both the good and the bad parts of the industry. At the orchard it's against the rules to climb the trees, so some of the best apples are up high where nobody can reach them. So K asked if he could climb on my shoulders to reach them and it worked out awesome - he weighs maybe 130 pounds or less, so I am strong enough to very easily carry his weight, and he's got good balance and agility so he was able to reach all the good apples. We definitely got some strange looks from other people (I think people aren't so used to seeing a guy on a woman's shoulders?) but whatever. Joke's on them, because we got all the best apples. Anyway, so very active morning - got over 10,000 steps before 2pm. Fun fact: the Charge 3 shows a sweet disco ball animation when you reach 10K steps And then I had to come home and do my accounting homework, which was due tonight. I finished it about an hour ago and submitted it, woo! Yeah, it sucks but in his defense I have to say he doesn't do it on purpose or out of malice. He's got really horrible coping mechanisms and isn't good with emotions, so when things get hard he hides from them. It sucks to be on the receiving end but I do take some comfort knowing that any hurt is accidental, not intentional. Obviously I still don't want to be treated that way but it changes the way I see it, a little. Basically instead of being so angry, I just hope he is able to get help and figure stuff out.
  10. Severine

    Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I hope you went to sleep! Boo for your midsection working against you.
  11. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    You definitely sound like someone comfortable with business language! This sounds like an analysis in a gadget magazine Interesting. I've checked that, and mine does register steps in those situations. I always assumed it was the vibration of my foot hitting the ground that it counted, and not, for example, my arm swinging. Which is good because I usually don't swing my arms when I walk to a noticeable extent. Actually, this is the other friend I mentioned, the one that caused me to not attend an event because I was nervous about seeing him. It's sad that I have two friendships not doing well so I have to clarify! The person I'm talking about this time used to be one of my best friends, but things have been rocky for a while. I posted about him in old challenges and there's no need to rehash it - suffice it to say, he was always very unreliable, but since he was struggling with some troubles of his own (depression, etc.) I kept giving him more and more chances because I figured it wasn't his fault. And then a couple months ago, he drove drunk and got arrested. I got a call at 5AM one Saturday morning to come bail him out of jail. I was obviously very upset and disappointed with him, but I went and bailed him out, and we let him stay at our house, loaned him money to pay the fines, and drove him to and from work so he wouldn't get fired since he lost his licence, and generally tried to help him through the crisis. But the entire experience was awful, because the way he dealt with his shame was to be grumpy and try to pretend it wasn't happening, so we were walking on eggshells the entire time he was here, and it made me angry that he was so selfish he was thinking only about his own feelings and not about the impact he was having on anyone else, even the people helping him. When I talked to him about it to tell him it needed to change, again he was ashamed and said he felt bad for it, but then his response was to start avoiding me, and he has been avoiding me ever since and now he's not talking to me at all. So yeah, that's why I'm not going tonight. Sadly I did already buy my ticket but it was $40 which is not tooo bad to lose. This was interesting. I'd never seen it quantified like that before either. I'll take it with a grain of salt, because personally I always think of very active people as people who do more than just walking - people who run, or bike, or hike, or lift weights, etc. It does reinforce the importance of my daily 10K steps goal, though. I love that you write a forum post with supporting footnotes
  12. Severine

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    My new Fitbit arrived! I really like the Charge 3. It's a lot like the Charge 2, but also obviously next generation -- it's lighter, sleeker, more stylish, more comfortable, with a better interface, a full touch screen and a better side button. This one is also swim-proof which the old one was not. And the smart watch type features are better - I can see my calendar alerts and read text messages and stuff. And I haven't had it long enough to say for sure, but I think it is more accurate with step counts? I've noticed it doesn't seem to register false steps when I'm doing certain chores that involve a lot of hand movement, for example. So far, thumbs up. Edited to add: I remembered that @TimovieMan asked for a report about how I like the Charge 3. It's now a few days after this initial assessment and I still love it! Currently a bit sad because I was supposed to be going to a concert tomorrow, but it's not happening because of a rift with the friend I was supposed to go with - the same friend I mentioned last week. There's really not much else to say about it - it is what it is, and I accept it. I can't help be a little sad, both because of the trouble with the friendship and because I was looking forward to the concert. But I'm trying to use it as an opportunity to practice peaceful acceptance of things I don't like but can't change. The weather has been absolutely wretched the past week (almost constant rain, cold one day, hot and humid the next) and it's made it less appealing to go out for evening walks, so I didn't make my full step goal last night - only got to 7,500. But overall have been doing decently well with movement. With food I have good days and bad days but I'm getting better at seeing the patterns behind things. And although I still experience shame and panic when I feel like I'm failing, I think it's becoming less intense? Like I'm able to see it a little from the outside, and gain some understanding, instead of being so wrapped up in the feeling that I can't make useful observations about how I feel.
  13. Yeah this prevented me from trying meditation for many years. I'm not a religious person and I saw it as being part of that world, which made me think it was fine for other people but not a good fit for me. I also saw it as perhaps being a little bit of superstition or not scientific? But I read more about it, and noticed especially that many secular scientists have begun to study the physical neurological impact of meditation. And they've found that it can and does change brain patterns and pathways. Not because of any magic, but simply because of the way the brain works - we form neural pathways in response to stimuli in the world, and so if we consistently spend time focusing on clarity and calmness, those moods and ways of thinking become more easily and fully incorporated into our brains. That's obviously my layman's synopsis, but if you're interested there's plenty of research and I encourage you to check it out if you like. One of the reasons I like the Headspace app is that it has a fully secular, modern way of approaching it. The guide in the app usually refers to it as "training the mind" rather than meditating. Anyway, it's not for everyone. But I have to say, when I thought it was not for me, I was wrong. I am glad I pushed past my doubts and investigated it more. Jett said everything I wanted to say about that in such a perfect way that it makes more sense to quote it and say I agree than to try to write it out myself
  14. For about 3 months I meditated every single day, 10 minutes in the morning, using the Headspace app. After about 2 weeks I noticed a difference and as I continued I noticed it more and more. Calmer, more focused, better concentration, more even emotionally. It was very helpful. So, of course, I got out of the habit when something urgent came up in life Currently trying to get back into the habit.
  15. Severine

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    Being happy with your weight and consistently exercising is awesome. Why do you think the food stuff is happening? You certainly have knowledge of what to do, so is it a mood thing or like, rebellion, or stress? I go through this in cycles too. I can't pretend to fully understand it, but I try not to stress about it if I don't feel like posting. FWIW I've enjoyed the lower pressure of a battle log. It can feel a little more lonely sometimes but that can also be a good thing. Because then I'm doing it for myself and not because of the obligation to interact or post for other people. And it's lower pressure which is good right now. The buddy thing sounds good too. I imagine you'd have plenty of takers.