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  1. You're not boring! I like the updates. CRUSH!
  2. Not bad - it's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so we had a big special dinner tonight, and I am stuffed and exhausted. It was fun though, and delicious, and it was really nice to spend some time with my people. My bad knee is being a jerk (it almost went out on our after-dinner walk last night) and my GI system has been kind of unhappy all weekend. I'm not sure what that's about, so I feel rather decrepit with all these random, inexplicable health annoyances, but I'll live. The wrist is slowly but surely recovering, and I am trying my very best to baby it and not rush the recovery. I can't count the number of times I've rehabbed it to 90% and then overdone it and reinjured it. I need to keep babying it for a good week or so after it feels okay, which is incredibly counterintuitive and hard for me, but I've learned the hard way it's absolutely necessary. The housework point is interesting. I very consistently do housework, in fact more consistently than almost anyone I know. But it has nothing to do with habit and everything to do with the fact that having a not-clean-and-tidy house makes me unhappy and cleaning is a bit of a stress relief coping mechanism for me. So, at least in the moment, I do housework because I want/choose to, even though in a global sense I don't enjoy doing housework or particularly want to do it. And, like you, I do see applications for the break-it-down-and-do-a-little-everyday approach. But very situational. And, like you, I enjoy doing deep dives into something I want to learn. The more I think about it, the more I realize that it's really a matter of having a toolbox of different approaches and using the right one for the right thing.
  3. That reminds me of this story I heard about Torpenhow Hill in the UK: When the Saxons arrived and asked the Welsh the name of that hill the Welsh said “pen” which means “hill” in Welsh. So the Saxons used their word for hill, “tor”, and called it Torpen (hill hill). Then the Norse arrived and the same process added their word for the hill “haugr”. So now it was Torpen Haugr (hill hill hill). Later the English called it Torpenhow Hill (hill hill hill hill).
  4. Or awesome paintings OF jacked women doing deadlifts? 🤔 I had a similar experience - she definitely has a slightly different perspective than me. And for me, working on the same thing for 10+ hours straight is mostly a sign that I am hyperfocused to the point of neglecting my self-care or buried deep in something because I have left it until the last minute and have no choice. Neither of which are things I want to encourage myself to rely on. But I did like some of the ways that she framed certain things, especially normalizing and legitimizing sporadic effort and highlighting that taking a break from something doesn't mean failure or giving up. And I like the idea that dabbling in something (reading posts about it online, watching YouTube videos, collecting resources, etc.) can be a useful and valid priming and preliminary stage before embarking on something.
  5. Posting this video for people who might be interested, because it relates to a conversation last challenge that a bunch of us had, I think on @Countess D'If's thread. People I remember being involved were @RES, @Harriet, @Mad Hatter and @spezzy Was definitely thought-provoking for me. Hopefully someone else enjoys it too.
  6. Is it possible you're suffering a comedown after the adrenaline of the exhibit's launch? You were going going going and now suddenly there's time and space to think about the problems and issues you were too busy to think about before. Try to do something that makes you feel better and is good for you, like go for a walk in nature with the dog or bake something nice or whatever lifts you up that isn't self-destructive. Sending hugs and hope that things feel better soon.
  7. Based on everything I know about durian, my reaction to that is
  8. We're having the same issue with our fridge. We're in a rental house, and it came with one of those fridges with side-by-size freezer and fridge components, except it's not an extra-wide appliance, so the result is two very narrow spaces that are not practically sized at all. We have to do a lot of juggling and we've taken to shopping more frequently to avoid overloading the fridge. The one good thing is that, with space limited, we're a lot more conscious of what is actually in the fridge, which means less food waste. Glad to hear you're back at the piano!!
  9. Sending hugs, and I hope that the money stuff can be juggled. Not sure if you can do some things on payment plans or talk to the local utility companies about assistance? Not sure if there are programs where you are to help with winter heating bills for people with certain incomes. Those programs are lifesavers over here.
  10. Apologies for my absence, but here I am catching up. I am another person who experienced food insecurity as a kid, both due to poverty/homelessness and due to my mother's compulsive and unhealthy food behaviours that led to her imposing extreme restrictions on what we could eat. Like, we'd get a basket from the food bank and she would immediately throw half of it in the garbage for being "unhealthy," leaving us with not enough to get through the week. My brother and sister and I would wake up in the middle of the night and sneak food out of the garbage more often than I care to remember. Probably no surprise that I have issues with food. I have done a lot of work on this, both with therapists and by myself with books and such, but it's definitely still a journey in progress. I'm super interested to see how you tackle the issue in your next challenge and I will definitely be there to take notes and offer support and encouragement. One thing that has somewhat worked for me is an approach my old nutritionist called "celebrating the bounty of the healthy amount." I struggled with binge eating, which her and my therapist both thought was at least partially tied to childhood food scarcity, so we did a lot of work to reframe the ability to eat the healthy/appropriate amount of food as the true sign of security and plenty, because celebrating eating a just-enough portion was a way of recognizing that food scarcity was a thing of the past and I no longer had to hurt myself by overeating in order to hedge against uncertainty, because I was in fact certain of having food tomorrow. It's kind of hard to explain, and it didn't completely solve my issues, but it was a useful framing device. Not sure if any of this will be useful or interesting to you, but hopefully it at least gives you the reassurance that you're 100% not alone in facing this.
  11. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. The loss of a mentor is a tough thing to deal with. I hope your recent work on mental fortitude and spirituality are giving you a good grounding as you work through it.
  12. Just checking in. How are you doing? Have you been eaten by tadpoles?
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