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  1. Nothing particular to add, just wanted to send hugs and fist bumps. We're all in your corner and understand if you need space or just aren't feeling it.
  2. This is a radical medical approach but I think transplanting your dad and brother out of the house would greatly improve things.
  3. Also now because of you I have a challenge - thank you for your many gentle reminders ❤️
  4. Hey, it's me again! I'm making this (late) challenge a bit on a whim, so it's not necessarily the most intricately planned (unlike all my other challenges...hah) but I came here to check up on @fleaball's updates and saw a bunch of familiar faces and then the nostalgia hit, along with the memory of how good this place was for me once upon a time, and I couldn't resist. So let's start with the obvious: Yes, that's right, we still can't find any fucking toilet paper. We have about five days' worth left, so I have time to solve this problem but JESUS BOSTON why can'
  5. Hey! Just figured I would mention that I'm here now, and just caught up. My grandmother spent the last week and a half in hospital up in Toronto (long story, but she is out now, and doesn't have covid unless she caught it in there) and things were pretty fucking stressful for awhile there so I unplugged from just about everything else. I did the Demystifying Mindfulness course! A year or two ago. Liked it pretty well overall. I'm now happily in a state where I mostly look forward to meditating rather than seeing it as a goalish thing I SHOULD do and then end up avoiding. I think th
  6. This is a garbage situation and there's nothing wrong with you for feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. The thing I'm working on is trying to prepare things that I can control, trying to work on accepting that certain things are totally out of my control, and finding things to do that make me feel good. For me, that means: - making sure I have enough meds and figuring out how to teach my classes online (the community centre shut down all in-person classes as of yesterday), preparing to stay at home more than usual - meditating every day, journaling, trying t
  7. Hello everyone! Reporting in from meatspace. I just got over a really unpleasant campylobacter infection, but other than that I am actually....doing better? Which I am almost afraid to say out loud for fear of jinxing it, but yeah. Cancer is still in remission, I'm doing better with food, walking more, and most importantly my mood and stress management and perspective have really improved and I'm in a much better place mentally/emotionally. I missed being here, but I think some time off while I figured other stuff out was a good idea. I needed to dial back my obligations for a bit, even the fu
  8. Not sure if I mentioned it or not, actually. I'm taking accounting classes in the evenings through UMass. Right now I'm taking 'Federal Income Taxation' and 'Intermediate Accounting 1'. Working toward the masters degree - the idea is to combine that with my JD and do some kind of auditing/forensic accounting thing. Hopefully with an international company so I can make use of language skillz. This has helped me in the past, so I should try it. I think part of the issue is I'm outside every day for practical reasons (getting to work etc) so it's easier for me to skip the wa
  9. This is me right now except instead of sleeping late, I have to get up at 7am, teach on like 3.5 hours of sleep, and then I crash at like 5pm and nap until 9pm which results in me staying up late again. We need to go back to sleeping school. FUCK YEAH! This is great.
  10. Update! I'm kinda stressed out. There's a lot going on...I have two final exams this week, lots of doctor's appointments (they're all followups and hopefully, fingers crossed, everything including the MRI will be uneventful), a tonne of shit to do around the house, family stuff this weekend for D's dad's memorial, etc. And I'm not doing as well as I want on my goal. The weather has been pretty consistently shitty and rainy here in Boston and I haven't wanted to go outside for walks, which was fine for the first couple days when it was absolutely pouring, but it has snowballed into
  11. I don't think it's dumb at all that you were upset about the show. There's a lot of stuff going on with it obviously - like, identity is complicated and biphobia is a very real thing in the queer community, so it's not unexpected that you might have anxieties about being queer enough, imposter syndrome or whatever. Like yes, some of that is internal, but some of that is also bullshit created by people bragging that they're gold star lesbians and saying bi people don't really exist. (Speaking from experience here - after some really bad experiences I have a policy where I don't spend time socia
  12. It was super awesome when you asked if I wanted to do hangouts that didn't involve food (I thought that was a really good question given my situation and honestly it hadn't even occurred to me, but yeah, I could see that being a thing in some cases) so even though my answer to that was "nah it's cool" (my problem generally is not with social eating with friends) I did appreciate the question. But other than that? It's just stuff I have to deal with and do the therapy for etc. Honestly just having friends who aren't judgmental jerks about it is awesome.
  13. Oh you totally weren't! I took it in a sympathetic way. No worries whatsoever. It *is* bad and honestly I prefer honest comments to fake positivity where people try to pretend everything will be cool in some easy way. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  14. Haha I totally was waiting! I actually really like hearing stories about people's childhood/teenage/college experiences, not sure why but I always have. I think it's just a kind of fascinating thing that we meet people and we get to know them but at the same time there's this whole previous section of their life that was also super important that we don't know about. It's mysterious and fascinating. Basically I am an old person's dream because I like listening to stories of way back when. To be fair, those are all pretty legit reasons for angst or regret or just ugh type
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