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  1. Me too! It's so hard getting into things again, especially when I have to wait until the end of the day to work out. And then I'm exhausted from chasing a toddler around! But carrying my little guy a lot has definitely helped me keep a little bit of strength, which is nice.
  2. There was another lifting session in there, but I never recorded it. And then things went off the rails when my family was in town. But back to better diet and lifting now! Squats: 1x8x5, 1x5x15, 1x3x20, 3x5x30 Floor press: 1x8x10, 1x5x16, 3x5x20 One arm row: 1x8x8, 1x5x10, 1x3x15, 3x5x16 (two 8 lb dumbbells isn't 20 lbs...oops) Plank: 30 sec and felt done I also carried my 17 lb kid on my back for three hilly miles yesterday, while also carrying about 15 lbs of library books and a diaper bag. My lower back is sore today! I also completed two books! I finished Women of the Talmud and also read volume 2 of the graphic novel version of Graveyard Book. I just started a third book, Habitation of the Blessed. At least that part of the challenge is going well. [emoji14]
  3. Weights today! Squats: 1x8x0, 1x5x10, 3x5x20. Worked on staying more upright for last set. But so much better than last time! Floor press: 1x8x10, 1x5x16, 3x5x30 One arm row: 1x8x8, 1x5x10, 3x5x15 Plank: 30 sec, 30 sec Aaaand, I just realized that I don't have any good dumbbell sets that will get me between 30 and 50 lbs. Sigh. I should pick up those adjustable dumbbells soon.
  4. Going to use my rest day today instead of tomorrow. Our family is coming into town to celebrate our son's first birthday, so we spent the evening cleaning. But we have a really clean apartment now! I vacuumed, cleaned out the fridge, and everything! Yay! Our general state is eating beans out of a can with a spoon made of tin foil. But, family coming into town means that my husband is taking off work tomorrow, so I can make him watch the baby in the morning while I lift. More yay! Um, eating also continues to be fairly good. No starch today.
  5. Yay! Snuggle up with a heat pad? I hope you don't feel too icky.
  6. The one positive thing about being restricted to nut flour baking is that it's a big enough pain in the ass that I'm not likely to do it every day. =P Though I probably had more sugar than I should have today-- I found a raw vegan bakery that doesn't have any grainy type things. And then we did sushi and ice cream for dinner to celebrate Ari's birthday. Not my finest dietary day, but sadly better than I've been doing. Fortunately my goal isn't weight loss or anything, though, just keeping my gut healthy.
  7. I used one of my starch passes today for my son's birthday dinner. We went out for sushi, yum! He was pretty adorable shoveling salmon eggs into his mouth. I also did 30 minutes on our exercise bike. It felt better than I expected! So sore today from lifting yesterday, though. Hopefully squats will go better tomorrow?
  8. Ugh, elimination diets are so hard. Good luck resolving food stuff! And yay pullups!
  9. Hugs. I'm also doing this challenge starting at ground negative something and not knowing if I'll be able to do heavy lifting like I did before because yay abdominal surgery. It's humbling and frustrating. You're amazing for getting back into things after having a freaking brain tumor. Be gentle with yourself.
  10. Eeee, I'm so nervous/excited for you with the lady business. Lack of periods is one of my symptoms that things ain't right with my diet, so I totally hear you on that. I'm also working on my diet this challenge. I found trying to conceive to be a total mindfuck. I hope it's less screwy with your head than it was with mine! Good luck. Also, squats! So fun but so hard when you haven't been keeping up with them! Bah.
  11. Oh man, I'm so much weaker than I expected. Sad times. I warmed up with free squats and two 5 lb dumbbells. I managed one set with 2 10 lb dumbbells. Then my quads got all crampy and I couldn't squat anymore. Soooo, we'll stick with that weight for a while. Overhead presses went better. I did 1x8x10, then 1x5x15, then 3x5x20. Easier than I expected. I'm not entirely sure I'm getting the form right for the asymmetric deadlift. So I'll work on that a bit more. But I did a few without any weight, then did 1x5x20 and 1x5x30. My back felt tweaky so I stopped. I'll watch some more videos on this lift before raising the weight any. Then planks. I did one for 30 seconds, then only got to 15 for the last two. Sooooo, not my best workout ever. But we've all got to start somewhere, right? This challenge I'm just working on showing up.
  12. So, after early last week, I totally tanked. Keeping on track was really hard during day two of my interview trip. But I did get a lot of reading done on the plane! This week has been much better. No starch so far. I forgot how hard it is to get enough to eat without starch, but I'm trying. Baby got off course for sleep, too, which interfered with work out time. But I took a long walk yesterday with him on my back and many hills, so that was good. And I'm about to do my first dumbbell workout of the challenge! Wish me luck!
  13. I'm in chemistry, but looking at maybe getting into tech. More jobs in that field. But we'll see. I'm currently en route to a postdoc interview, so maybe I'll stay in chem after all. Speaking of travel, I am doing really well at my eating challenge today. Generally flying would be the perfect excuse for my diet to go to shit. But I ate a plain latte and a parfait with plain yogurt and berries. I dumped the little tray of granola. Hopefully I'll have time for a quick bodyweight work out when I get to the hotel. My husband and I also discussed getting the adjustable dumbbell set and he approved. So I think picking that up will be our Sunday activity.
  14. Bahaha, yeah. I feel your pain. We just kicked our 12 month old out of our bed. He's pissed about it, but we're mean parents who don't care about his feelings. Or something. But when he was sleeping next to me he just wanted to nurse every hour and that was unfun. Also there wasn't enough room for all three of us, so my husband was out on the couch while I was in bed with the baby.
  15. Regarding one of your side quests: IUDs are amazing. Mine is my best fertility preventing friend. That is all.
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