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  1. Seabright! I can't seem to get the board to let me send you a message. I have no idea why. Trying to reply to your note.

    1. JohnnyConfidence


      I won't post everything here public, but hoping you see this. Would love to be involved. Let's get in touch.

    2. Seabright


      I think I figgered it out, Mr. Confidence. Try replying to the message again when you have a sec and let's see what happens.

      You are my hero!

  2. Oh No! Don't want to be the cause of your downfall. Great progress though, kicking butt as usual. Look forward to your final recap.
  3. Just posted my mission recap for the last week. I plan on being back for next challenge so add me to the list for the squadron. Looking forward to it!
  4. Week 6 done! Did my workouts, got everything finished up. Overall I'm very happy with what I turned out. Didn't lose really any weight, but I didn't expect too. Can't outrun a diet. However I can tell a difference in my physical abilities just even 6 weeks in. Easier to move, easier to get up and down, all that jazz. Next challenge I think will be all about diet. Right now I'm basking the glory of success. Here is a rundown of my goals and how I think I did: Fitness Goals: 1. No soda. Grade B+ STATS: 3 CON I did pretty good on this. The big temptation is at work and I was able to abstain.
  5. I'll be back next round if you all are coming back Been great fun.
  6. Sorry all I've been remiss in posting the last week. Back at it this week. I missed workouts on Wednesday and Friday this week. With the holiday things were crazy and I didn't get it done. Overall though I'm back at it this week to finish out strong.
  7. oops. My bent over row weight was incorrect. I added it up wrong. I was at 120lb for those previous ones. Today I went up to 150. Results below Plank:16 sec (+5 pts)12 sec (+4 pts)14 sec (+4 pts)14 sec (+4 pts)Bent Over Barbell Row:150 lb x 3 reps (+33 pts)150 lb x 3 reps (+33 pts)150 lb x 3 reps (+33 pts)150 lb x 3 reps (+33 pts)Close Grip Push-Up:5 reps (+8 pts)6 reps (+9 pts)7 reps (+11 pts)7 reps (+11 pts)Body Weight Lunge:10 reps (+12 pts)10 reps (+12 pts)10 reps (+12 pts)10 reps (+12 pts)Jumping Jacks:25 jumping jacks (+7 pts)25 jumping jacks (+7 pts)
  8. I love kitties! Watching a new kitten explore and then show some love is awesome. Sounds like a great weekend overall!
  9. Thanks for the votes everyone! Cr33g: We're using a DSLR now, Canon 5d mark 2. We toyed around with having music in there too. I went back and forth on it a few times. Not many vlogs have backing tracks, but music can add a lot to it. Good luck on your dreams and aspirations! I am the worst at drawing anything. There have been many times where it would have been awesome to have an artist to partner with. Much respect to anyone who can do it. Look forward to seeing you put out the next big web comic
  10. Oh Location! I'm way, way, way over here on the west coast. Used to live out on the tipity tip of Washington State but this year moved to Redmond for work. Still squarely in the North West. Also I succeeded in the mini challenge 3, added my dex. Working on mini challenge 4.
  11. I'm giving it a shot. Already doing Squats. Easy enough to put points on the board.
  12. Great to hear from you Seabright, always lifts my spirits. Sorry everyone for not updating in a few days! I've been on target with most my goals, but have been swamped and simply didn't make time to get my updates in. Week 3 scorecard: No Soda: "A" holding strong and staying clean. Also meeting my goal of lowering juice intake. So far so good. Drinking LOTS of water. Which is good for me. Track All Food: "F" didn't track a thing. I'm terrible at this. I also think this is made easier with an eating plan. Since I'm not really focusing effort into what I eat, tracking what I eat is a
  13. Workouts Done! Bent Over Barbell Row:170 lb x 8 reps (+53 pts)170 lb x 7 reps (+52 pts)170 lb x 7 reps (+52 pts)170 lb x 7 reps (+52 pts)Plank:23 sec (+8 pts)26 sec (+9 pts)25 sec (+8 pts)Push-Up:7 reps (+10 pts)7 reps (+10 pts)8 reps (+12 pts)7 reps (+10 pts)Body Weight Squat:12 reps (+7 pts)10 reps (+6 pts)10 reps (+6 pts)12 reps (+7 pts)Jumping Jacks:50 jumping jacks (+15 pts)
  14. I think the off topic room is the place for this. I need some help and thought "I bet the rebellion could give me some votes" :-) My friend and I have been working to launch a youtube channel where we make funny, entertaining, and fun puppet videos. We've been doing this on an off for a couple years now. Well last month my partner quit his job and has now dove in to do this thing full time. To get a boost to our launch we have applied to be part of the Geek and Sundry Vlog network. This could be a huge deal for us! To get to the next level though we need votes. That's where I know you all
  15. I always enjoy the part of working out where three weeks in you can still find new and exciting muscle groups to make sore...
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