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  1. To wrap up this quest: I just did my third meal plan, with a day of power-cooking: 2 Stroganoff 3 Fajitas 3 Turk'y / greens / mashed cauliflower 2 Green salad / cottage cheese 5 Omelette / frittata / scramble 3 White bean chili _____________________ 18 meals At two meals a day, that's nine days. Yeah, I probably won't be able to eat that much food in one week. That's ok, there's a lady at work who will share my chili and possibly a frittata and/or fajita meal. She likes my cooking and doesn't have a pro
  2. Blah. Kind of fell off the wagon this week. I did go to the doctor Monday, and I did mess up my rotator cuff. Again. I went back for labs on Wednesday, but I keep missing the nurse's phone call, so I still don't know if I've dodged the bullet on diabetes. Friday morning, I had to get really vicious with myself to get me out of bed. I kept doing the morning math, you know, "If I don't do this, I can sleep this many more minutes." Then it was all, "Seriously, you spent almost $1k on that machine, you're going to sleep instead of hauling your ass up and using it?" U
  3. I'm starting on one of my Epic Quest challenges, to get my butt on the elliptical almost every day for the next six weeks. It's worth 25XP. Today is 8/1, so that means until 9/12. I'm building in a rest day, Sundays, so that I can have at least one day during the weekend to sleep in and be rested before the work week starts again. Also, I'm going to the doctor today to find out why my shoulder still hurts and what can be done to fix the problem, because it's hindering me from pushups and I don't want another rotator cuff tendinitis, or worse, tear. I'm also going to make him do all my
  4. First morning on the elliptical, and I only managed 10 minutes and 1 mile. And I had to push myself that last .105. That's ok, that's fine, a mile is good. This is a WiP, not a manuscript that can be written in a day. I've made another step on the journey. My body isn't dying, it's just the fat cells letting go. No pain, no gain. Don't stop until you're proud. OMG, I'm dying! That wasn't walking a mile, that was running motion, running speed. I just ran a mile! (OK, jog, but still...) No wonder I'm dying, I don't run! Except from chainsaws!
  5. IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's set up, it's working, I've been playing with it and OMG, it's gorgeous!
  6. The window of time for the delivery guys to bring and set up my elliptical begins in half an hour. Story-time: Yesterday I was standing in the pest aisle of the local department store, staring at bug spray. Lots and lots and lots of sprays, no bombs. WTF? And 90% of it for roaches. OK, I get it, roaches are hard to kill, but they're the one bug we don't have. I finally had to get spider spray instead of a bomb. I guess I'll be spraying the hell out of the garage. Yesterday, I walked twice! I haven't been, because of the heat. I suppose I could have done it af
  7. I'm mostly ready for the delivery and set up of my elliptical. It's going in the garage. I realize this is probably not where other people would put it, but there's no room on the first floor and if I put it on the second floor or in the attic, I'll shake the whole house. And the basement? Um... OK, look, I can be a total weenie, and there's this hole in the wall of the basement that leads under the kitchen of this century-old farmhouse, which is an addition to the original house, where there's no light, it's dirty and dark and I've seen too many horror movies and let's-not-meet
  8. I want to say thank you for acknowledging that childless people should trust themselves about whether they want a child or not. I've been dead-set against having a child since I was five years old (I've just turned 43). I don't like children. I don't mean that I regularly throw them in the cauldron with some carrots and potatoes, I just don't like being around them. And yet, all my life, people have utterly ignored my dislike of children and told me, "Oh, it'll be different with your own." I asked them, "You willing to bet an innocent child's life on me changing my mind?" An
  9. Yeah? So does my bestie. I don't really like lists. I tend to rely on memory for almost everything, and the list always feels like extra work that wasn't needed. You know how Steve's make-your-bed email says "How you do anything is how you do everything?" I didn't study in school, I don't do an itinerary for vacations, I don't take notes during meetings. Making a list is like doing homework when you and the teacher both know you're going to ace the pop quiz AND the final. I occasionally need to be nagged, but I never need a list. It's also limiting. In the case of the meal
  10. Just for curiosity, this morning I stepped on the scale and it said 231.1... OMFG! SO CLOSE to breaking 230! It's just 1.2 pounds, I can do this by the end of the week!!! Saturday: Lunch: Grilled cheese and small fries; Dinner: Korean BBQ tofu Lunch: Stir fry < Friday while I'm waiting on delivery Dinner: Kim bap Nothing Lunch: PB&J Dinner: Whatever I can scrounge Lunch: Korean BBQ tofu Dinner: Lo mein Lunch: Chick'n nuggets and pasta salad Dinner: Scroungin' Lunch: PB&J Dinner: More scroungin'
  11. MY POP SMAUG HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is every bit as adorable as it looks in pictures!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
  12. *screams in more excitement* We just paid for the elliptical and it's being delivered and assembled next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bummed that I couldn't have it tonight, but I'm hyper with excitement that I actually bit the bullet and bought it. It's not a cheap one - it's got all kinds of resistance and incline and different pre-programmed workouts and a heart rate monitor and a FAN! It's like the one at the gym, but better, because it has a FAN! You know what else I'm bummed/excited about? The fact that my food budget for the next two months is slashed to almost
  13. Someone told me today that it looked like I was losing weight. I mentioned this to someone else and she stopped, gave me a look, and said, yeah, it's obvious I'm losing weight. *squee* Check this out, though: awhile ago, I couldn't wear a shoe on my right foot because the dog hip-checked me on the way inside, and the screen door sliced off part of my Achilles heel. So that healed. (No pun intended.) There's a thick scar on my ankle, but I can wear a shoe again. So, yesterday? She hip-checked me again, and the screen door took a slice off my other heel. Sumbi
  14. Are you coloring? Yay! One of my coworkers re-introduced me to coloring, by giving me one of her coloring books that she didn't think she'd ever be able to use. OMG. Now I have a collection. The mandala ones are my favorites, but there are so many quality, complex, interesting adult coloring books available now. Knitting and crocheting are another thing I do while listening to videos and audibles. Keeping my hands busy is a must, or I start opening new tabs and mindlessly flicking from one thing to another, distracting my attention and ruining it for myself.
  15. *screams in excitement* WE'RE GETTING A HOME ELLIPTICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm giving up my gym membership! I'm putting the money for the membership toward paying for the elliptical and my savings for next year's Camp Nerd Fitness. The elliptical machine is literally the only one in my gym that I care to use at all, mostly because it's easy on my knees while still being a workout. I hate going to the gym, it's boring as hell and I don't like not being able to wear whatever I want and I don't like being around other people, and I don't like be
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