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  1. So yesterday was a catch up day. Like I said, I haven't been mega consistent. It may have been a bit silly to see if I could jog for the whole 45 minutes when I knew I'd have to run again today.. and subsequently really didn't want to run today. It took a while to talk myself into it (maybe with the help of a shot of coffee), but I finally got out there and am back on schedule. Somehow I (unintentionally) managed to have most of my actual run be on a downward slope, so that made it a little less grueling, but my calves were definitely tight by the time I was done. It also went fast than I thou
  2. Well... I'm first-time scouting it (well, not doing a challenge, but all the same)... so... that's a thing. Flowers are blooming, grass is green, salmon are running. What's not to love? How's yourself? Oh heeeeeey, scouts!
  3. And since I'm still here and it's convenient, here's today's run. Totally a fluke. I've never run this far in my life... still counts even if I was going as slowly as I know how to.
  4. "It's better than bad, it's good" Or so I try to convince myself. Long story short. Actually, there's not much of a story at all. Anyways... partly due to both low funds and living in a coldish place (stupid ice), I have been largely neglecting fitness. I reached the point where I decided I should stop being a fluffy cloud and try to transmogrify into something else. At least a... less poofy cloud? Maybe something more stratus-like than cumulous-y. A little more stream-lined... or something. I'm still not in a position to pay for a gym membership (I miss you, plates
  5. So.... I guess I'm a scout now? This is almost as comical as when This is Seth went Paleo...

  6. Welcome to the rebellion, Chip, way to make it official I only have a B.S. In Biology, but I still like to claim I'm a science nerd.
  7. Welcome (back)! Sounds like you definitely have some challenges to face with your knee, but I'm sure with a bit of awareness and care you'll be able get it feeling strong. You've already made your start, so good job and keep it up!
  8. Hey all! It's a long shot that I'd actually be able to swing a meet-up (don't have my own transportation), but I'm hanging out in Tryon area for a few months and am hoping to make it to Cary to see some cousins at some point during my stay here. So maybe? Anyways, hi! I'm in your state
  9. I'd invite you all to Alaska, but I'm gonna go visit North Carolina instead. But whenever I'm in AK there's plenty of floor space for nerds
  10. So I didn't get any yoga in yesterday because I decided to go to an impromptu local choir thing instead. They're planning for a little Christmas program and I thought it would be fun to sing with a group again I wasn't feeling super enthusiastic about lifting weights today, but I went anyways and felt good. I did my squats at 90 lbs. and moved on to OHP. Eked out the first set of 5 on those and thought, "Uh oh, this is going to be a challenge." Hah. Understatement. Even with 3 minutes rest between sets, I still only got 2 or 3 reps on most of the rest of my sets. It's fine, I know, I'll jus
  11. It was a daaaark and blustery day. Lulu was hunkered down in her home, trying to decide if it was worth braving the elements to seek out other living souls... And while she deliberated, she updated her battle log! Wooo! I made my M, W, F lifting sessions. Friday was a little lame because I happened to be there at the same time as this "Weight Lifting Club" that's just starting up, so there were a bunch of middle school/high school boys in the way. Booo. I stole a bar from them and did my lifts anyways. Also, my app deleted my M/W data for some reason so I had to re-figure my weights. Everyt
  12. Haha, I guess it is kind of funny, but after finding a way to eat that makes you feel good and allows you to cut fat without hardly trying... going back to having little control over your groceries can be a bother
  13. Heya! I'm still here, livin' it up (haha) in rural Alaska. I've been doing a lot of substitute teaching since I got back from my trip to Norway last month and have finally been working my way back towards some healthier habits. I have other things I want to work on too and as always, I don't want to do a challenge, but I might update here once in a while just to share where I'm at A lot of these are things that I'm already slowly incorporating/implementing, so don't freak and be like, "WHOA, Woman! That's too much to start all at once!" I swear I'm not trying to overload myself. I just have a
  14. I just moved out of Portland in May! I was never successful at organizing a meet-up, but if I make it back for a visit, I'll definitely hit you all up! You might get in touch with the Seattle nerds too It's not so very far away!
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