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  1. Ooooh I've seen some of her stuff, recognise her instantly. But I didn't know her name so I couldn't find her by googling "Pretty lady does yoga" Thankyou very much!
  2. Hi, So it's a little more complex than that. Right at the beginning of my last challenge, I messed up the muscles in my core. They're still debating whether it was massive inflammation or an actual tear. Needless to say it's still giving me grief. For now, I'm gonna be sticking with the physio exercises that they're giving me for a slow and steady rehab. But eventually I'm going to want to progress onto some gentle yoga, building my way up. Does anyone have any good recommendations for where to start? I'm essentially looking for youtube videos specifically, as I'm dirt poor and can't afford to pay for too much, and there are no classes in my area. Thanks so much for any advice you have, it's greatly appreciated!
  3. Growing up in the UK, lamb's liver, bacon and onion gravy was a pretty regular meal for us. I've never heard anything about it being unsafe in high quantities? I mean, moderation and all that, but I'm pretty sure we'd have liver once or twice a week without any problems. Never had chicken liver, I don't know if there's all that much difference on the health spectrum between the two.
  4. Thanks you guys who checked in. I appreciate that you did. I'm sorry I vanished, but even loading up the site for a while made my boil boil with anger at myself and my situation. I had to take the time away to just deal with the crapfest. My back is on the mend. I can sit supported for a few hours and unsupported for almost an hour. I'm still limited in what I can do, but it's on the mend and I'm off the full time pain relief finally. Just in time for the end of this challenge and ready to pick up the next one.
  5. Hospital trip happened. Not my kidneys, I managed to trash my core. With walking. Not even fast walking, or more walking than usual. Barely even a km. I've been put on bed rest for two weeks, and then only mild physiotherapy exercises for a while before I can even consider the gym. Need to re-evaluate my entire challenge, because the meds I'm on also make me very high and drowsy, so I can't record either. Or do much in terms of basic chores. And finding new things to try is going to be an exercise in frustration. Thanks for your positive vibes guys, I'm having issues finding my own.
  6. Pretty sure that by the end of the day I'm going to be sitting in a hospital bed. Seeing how things go until my Dad gets home from work because I'm not allowed to drive and callng an ambulance costs money here, plus I'm not in any emergency condition, just a lot of pain. But it's definitely worse. I've struggled immensely with myself over the years, PTSD that went untreated for over a decade, misdiagnosed as borderline personality. For something like this to happen, on the very first day of the challenge....I'm not doing so great mentally with it. I'm aware it can't be helped, but still. It's hard to not feel very put out when you try so hard to get on a productive path to better yourself and you're cut down before you even reach the first hurdle. But my health comes first, I also know this. I can't better myself if I'm dead, after all. I'm just tired of every time I try to make something good happen, something serious gets in my way. The revised challenge for now. One goal. Get better.
  7. I'm already dropping close to 3l a day, this is 'Straya, the heat can be a killer if you don't stay hydrated, so I'm not fretting about drinking more. The pain has been debilitating, I've barely been able to move, and now I'm actually half dead from the meds so there's no chance of me actually recording anything, never mind editing it. That's also taking a backburner. I'm very limited in what I am capable of doing for the next week, at least. I'm just getting on with what I can do, and trying not to let the frustration overwhelm me.
  8. So. Went to the doctors. My temp is up, but no sign of infection on the tests. She's given me some painkillers, and I need to rest for the next couple of days. If it gets worse I have to go to the ER. So at least these next few days I'm out of commission. I'll be checking in here and cheering where I can, doing what I can of my own challenge. She's given me tramadol, so naturally, I'm probably gonna sleep like the dead for a couple of days at least. Sleep is great recovery.
  9. Mmmm turkey chili! Sounds delish! Looking great so far!
  10. If it's anything serious at least it's early enough in the challenge that I can sub out gym
  11. And because everything in my life must be in favor of rubbish things happening, I'm now in so much pain I can't sit, stand, walk or lay down. Good news - Almost positive it's not related to my workouts Bad news - Also pretty positive it's either a kidney stone or a kidney infection Doctors tomorrow if it hasn't eased up by morning
  12. Nothing says a good start to a challenge like hitting the step target on my Garmin by 10am!
  13. I don't get reply notifications for any of the threads I'm following. I never have, not sure why. Gives me an excuse to log on and check every day I guess!
  14. In 14 hours I will be back in the gym, strolling away from zombies at a not-quite-leisurely pace of 3km/h, because 4km/h is a bit much for my hips to handle with the extra 70kg of weight I'm carrying around on the regular. I've got a long way to go this year, and tomorrow I start in earnest.
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