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  1. oh, and i added assisted pullups and assisted dips to my workouts. currently have 112lbs of assistance. i got my first pullup wednesday. this is the first pullup i've done since i can remember. for my dips i started off iwth being able to to 1-2 at a time. wednesday i got between 3-5 each set, so i'm bumping the assistance down friday.
  2. Alright, so, ran two 5k's within a week, then walked for about 1 1/2 hrs with some friends monday. Was down to 371 tuesday morning.
  3. Looking to see if anyone is interested in the Glow run this weekend. :-D
  4. The color vibe 5k was a success. Although I finished it in roughly the same time i finished my first 5k, i was in vastly better shape after the 5k.
  5. So i've somehow lost 6 pounds since monday. O_o I ain't complaining though.
  6. So, had a bit of a binge the last couple of days.... Weighed in at 383 this morning... yay....
  7. it's not a timed 5k, it's more for fun. so really just to complete it and enjoy myself.
  8. macros are a bit over the place. typical workout is weightlifting (stronglifts).
  9. Background: Been working at this for a while now. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve managed to keep heading in an overall downward direction with my weight. I’m surrounded by really good, supporting people, so that helps a lot. Main quest: Reach 365 lbs My ultimate goal is far more ambitious, but for this challenge I want to get to 365 lbs. This will require me to be strict on my calorie goal every day to ensure I lose roughly 2 pounds a week. I am currently at 376 pounds, so this is 11 pounds to lose in 6 weeks. This will be rough. Missions: I will track my
  10. Wrap up: Missions: I will track my food on MyFitnessPal every day, following their calculated calorie recommendation [diet]I missed one day, and one day I didn't put in the whole day. I think overall I did well tracking. I have learned a lot about how much each food costs me calorie wise, and I'm still learning how to each within my goals. During this time I have lost about 8 pounds! If i was completely on target I would have lost roughly 12, but there were slip ups along the way. Overall, I give myself a B for this goal for this challenge. I will work out a minimum of two times a week
  11. oh wow, so i hadn't tracked my body measurements on myfitnesspal is 2 years. looks like i went down an inch on my neck, not quite 3 on my waist, and 4 on my hips.
  12. weird. i somehow managed to match my calorie goal EXACTLY on myfitnesspal today.
  13. Meal preping's difficult when i'm living off of whatever the school's providing that day. I'm trying to keep myself ahead of the game by looking ahead at what they're going to have that day and planning accordingly, but they're not the best at having what's on their website match what they actually put out. on the plus side though Jennifer's pretty awesome at making good meals that are pretty low cal and filling, so eating with her helps a ton, especially since she's keeping track just like me.
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