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  1. GASP...Youve had a deprived childhood...Eggos are frozen waffles. The older cinnamon toast ones were my childhood breakfast almost everyday if we couldnt have toaster strudels
  2. Who stomped on my foot while I was sleeping?!?! I woke up at 5:15 to go to the gym this morning and could barely stand so I held off and tried to stretch it out and did a hot water soak. This put me in a kind of bad mood (which has been remedied with my noise cancelling headphones and music and coffee at work) since medical issues have been a real hindrance recently. I have a surgery needed that is looming which I am pushing out until spring in order to preserve my ski season since recovery could be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months until full physical activity is possible and feels good again. That has had me in a kind of sour mood as I don't know what I am gonna do without activity for even one week let alone possibly many. For the foot pain, I actually think it was a fallen arch on my right foot because of the shoes I was wearing the last two days. I revived an old pair of dress shoes and they are very minimal with no support and I was doing a lot of walking in them. Wearing my hiking shoes at work today that have some custom orthotic inserts that I got for long hikes and rucking. That plus an advil and foot is feeling much better. Going to the work gym to make up my bench day. Need to ask coach what it entails. Food is trending towards the positive. I was able to convince fiance to skip out on an unhealthy restaurant choice last night in exchange for mongolian hot pot. Dinner was fresh and light as I stuck to meat and greens in my spicy broth. This choice let me maintain the no overly proccessed foods for the day and check off one of those boxes for the day. On track to do the same today with breakfast being my eggs and sausage, lunch being a salad and dinner already planned out to be haddock and broccoli. And best of all weight was down 2lbs this morning so definitely trending well! Goal 1: ☑☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ Goal 2: ☑☑☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ Goal 3: ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐
  3. Can't you just hear that intro music now?!?!(Im very excited for season2)
  4. (note not actually doing low carb...just less than usual which is too high) The whole no boxed pre-processed food is proving to be a bit harder than I expected. The candy temptation at work is real and breakfast yesterday was takeout sandwich. So despite not hitting this yesterday, I am trying to battle back today. Spent some time before bed, despite wanting to just go to sleep, making a couple of egg white and sausage scrambles for breakfast the rest of the week and eliminate that source of failure. Today has been on track because of that and the previously prepped lunch although calories are a bit low still which I don't have a solution for currently since I haven't had time to go to the store. Along the same lines, I am doing my tracking on MFP. The only thing that I want to improve is the timing of the tracking. I want to challenge myself to do it more real time as I have been waiting a while to track, like last nights dinner was tracked this morning. That has lead to some overeating where I assume dinner calories or something of the sort and then have a snack later while watching TV and then once I track later, I realize that the snack put me a couple hundred calories over goal. More on time tracking or better yet pre-planning meal with MFP would help me cut down on those little excesses. Back to the gym tomorrow morning for bench press day. Also since fiance is gone at a work event Wed-Fri, I may be able to squeak in a Thursday night workout which would be a Kettlebell class which would be a nice change of pace from typical powerlifting/crossfitty workouts. Goal 1: ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ Goal 2: ☑☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐ Goal 3: ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐
  5. Odd, I always treated it as a lower back accessory...
  6. Did I miss which program you are running? I'm interested in program that has a 1RM attempt followed by 5x5x90% (sounds like my kind of program!)
  7. I was missing out on PL comp prep and fall boozing event updates...not any more!
  8. What do you use for food delivery and do you like it? I have been contemplating using Instacart but I could never tell if it was going to be good, especially for produce and meats. Like I assume its up to whomever is shopping to pick out the say apples I ordered, so there is nothing stopping them from picking an apple that's all bruised if they are not feeling like spending too much effort.
  9. I did thin sliced pork chops which I chopped into strips/chunks like you would get in a restaurant's pork fried rice. I could see this working fine with any kind of protein really though. Whilst I like bacon, it didnt really scream Asian food to me but I am sure it would be good. Although, not sure about reheated though either.
  10. So I am lazy and get the pre-riced cauliflower from the freezer section of the super market(I think from whole foods but Ive gotten it from trader joes before too). But you can just chop a head of cauliflower and put it in a food processor. But strangely I think the frozen cauliflower stays more dense and less watery and acts more like rice than the fresh cauliflower. Which is almost exactly the opposite of most frozen veggies. I loosely based my version upon something I saw on Nom Nom Paleo except I didnt want to chop veggies so I used a frozen blend of veggies that I had on hand and added eggs, soy and fish sauce, and spices. http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3195098303/asian-cauliflower-fried-rice
  11. So bit of whirlwind longgg weekend but I will keep the update short and sweet. I had DRs appointment Thursday so ended working from home so it feels like I have been away from work for a long time and the weekend felt very long. Pretty solid weekend though...lots of relaxing after gym on Friday, Saturday went down to the Head of the Charles Regatta and then played golf yesterday. Speaking of gym, Friday was a long ass deadlift centric workout. The main set was 5x3x80% which was 360lbs for me. Pair that in with a heavy conditioning set with 300+lb sled pushes and heavy KB Swings and Clean and Jerks and I was in for some sore legs on Saturday. Food was good this weekend as I was on my own most of the weekend so I made mindful decisions. Didnt track but the mindfulness of my food choices kept me grounded when it came to junk. Just splurged a little on Saturday with some dessert and a couple beers. But this morning the scale was down a couple pounds since last week so nothing I did this weekend was very detrimental to the goals. On to a good Week One! Already started tracking for the day and looking pretty good. I meal prepped some cauliflower pork fried rice. It is a pretty big portion but when I plugged it into MFP the calories are really low for a typical lunch, 370cal for the whole tupperware. I am balancing that a bit with 300 calories of snacks through out the day of apples and greek yogurt. Still a bit concerned that it may not be enough food but it is day one of the week and I can adjust as necessary the rest of the week if I need to alter the meals.
  12. Apparently. I find it funny because the first picture of one of the boxes I could find has the most bro of the workout gear besides a curl bar...the grip trainer.
  13. So using zero week to ease back into the challenge mindset. Goal 1: Trying to be mindful of processed foods but work is kinda crazy this week still. Ended up grabbing a smoothie with protein powder after the gym this morning to stay away from commercial breakfast sandwiches or similar. This is my last day at the office for work this week so looking to make more homemade meals as still on a spree of takeout food. Goal 2: I am kind of half heartedly tracking. I am good about tracking while at work despite food not being the best...but at home I start to slack...as evidence by my few weeks of breakfast and lunch tracking with no dinners included. Need to get the MFP app put on my new phone so I less excuses not to track from wherever I may be. That'll be goal by end of zero week. Goal 3: Workout this morning was pretty solid. I was a little disappointed that coach went away from the official Box Programming supplied...but I also understand the tailoring for the entirety of the gym population. The intended programming was to find a 1RM close grip bench press which I agree is a bit overkill considering last week was find a 1RM floor press. But both of those movements, even at 1RM, are not up where a 1RM bench press would be so its not like we are operating at max tilt for two weeks in a row. Plus he swapped out volume snatch work for dips and band face pulls as accessory because of a lack of olympic lifting knowledge. Its those little things like olympic work and such that I was looking forward to on this program so I was a bit bummed that he took them out. Either way though...I enjoyed the work out and got a good response from it(although I can feel that my working out has been slacking over the past few weeks). It however was a total bro sesh and shoulders are a bit smokey as I sit here at work. Did you know there was a Bro Box subscription...because I didnt until right now. Wednesday 10/18
  14. Yeah I finished my degree at the end of August. That frees up a couple nights a week which is a nice time for sleep which I haven't been getting enough of.
  15. Have fun with the tune of this song stuck in your head all day
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