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  1. Day 6: Taking it easy today. Husband and I took the pup to the dog park which seems to have worn her out. Trying to get as much writing in as much as I can possibly focus on. Today is Day 11 of sobriety.
  2. Day 5: Took the pup out for a 4 mile hike through our local state park. Didn't seem to tire her out in the slightest but it sure worked me good. Great thing to do to celebrate Day 10 of sobriety though! Goal for today: - Work on Section 1.1 of dissertation (hard to focus when my legs feel like Stonehenge)
  3. Thank you all so much for the advice! I posted another video that includes my deadlift form and better angles of my push-ups and inverted rows. Here
  4. Thank you for all of the advice from my post on Monday! Here is a new video of me doing workout B, which includes my deadlift form and maybe better camera angles for my push-ups and inverted rows on rings. This time I turned my arms inward for the rings to get my elbows closer to my body. Form check pt 2 video Here is my form check post from Monday. I hope you see some improvements. You'll notice my push-ups are at a lower angle. Makin' progress.
  5. Morning of Day 4: Yin yoga class was canceled last night so I did a session on my own using Down Dog at home. Was very nice, especially with kisses when I was on my back. Stopped at Kroger while picking up Chinese take out to get the Fre wine (alcohol removed). Which makes today is Day 9 of sobriety. No morning walk because I had to spend the morning getting things ready for a work picnic. Threw the ball for a bit in the back yard instead. My husband will probably exercise her when he gets home from work. Gave her two chicken treats instead of just one when I left for work as compensation. Going to the gym to do a strength workout after the work picnic. Goals for today: - Work on Ch.2 of my dissertation when I get home this evening, maybe a little bit
  6. Yoga class was canceled so I bouldered for a little bit. My skin was pretty raw from yesterday though so it didn't last. About to do a youtube Yin session at home, just a matter of picking one...\ Edit: Nvm, forgot that I have the Down Dog app
  7. YAY climbing! 6b = 5.10c in NA That's so awesome! I'm struggling with 5.9s. (5b)
  8. I know it's a part of life but I got a job rejection today. Not taking a shot of whiskey when I get home is going to be a difficult task. Might stop and get some of that alcohol-removed wine (Fre). Not until after my Yin Yoga session though. Hopefully that helps a bit.
  9. We plan on moving soon and I am hoping that our new house doesn't have carpet, having a GSD.
  10. May I ask what you mean by running Rosie? Is this some kind of special cleaning device?
  11. This is always a really exciting opportunity! May I ask what your project is?
  12. Pharmacology of Acute Myeloid Leukemia treatment, to make it brief.
  13. Morning of Day 3: I was so tired last night I went to bed an hour early. Woke up at 6:15am at first when my dog had to be let out. Then went straight back to bed until 7:15am. Got a full 2 mile walk today. A few dog reaction incidents. But still better about squirrels. Today is Day 8 of sobriety. Yin Yoga after work. Goals of the day: - Finish reading homework (2 hrs) - Meeting at 12pm, class at 1:30pm - 3:00pm - Work on dissertation (2 hrs) Edit: Forgot to mention that the climbing yesterday went really well! I write it off to being sober for a week. Something to remind myself as I go through this month and consider continuing sobriety afterwards.
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