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  1. Today and yesterday done with EC. I thought I would struggle with todays but nope! Just kept going!
  2. Yesterday was WOW #3 again but only 2 rounds. My mental insecurities are getting to me. I had to stop because I feel like I have not made any progress. I realized my push-up form was wrong and when I tried to do it the proper way I realized now I am back to square one. Grandpa was moved to a nursing home that is 1 hr away from my house. My uncle lives nearby but I really don't feel comfortable with him being so far away. My depression and anxiety are at a high level lately. I think I need to stop drinking at least for the remainder of the semester. I am trying to finish writing my thesis proposal and get a lot of paperwork done so that I can start actually working on my research over the summer. I am also debating on applying to different schools to start my PhD right after completing my Master's. I originally planned to work for a few years before starting the PhD but my mentor has been trying to convince me to get it done as soon as possible so that I can start my personal life (that annoyingly patronizing yet natural inclination to get pregnant before you turn 40). My head has been going a mile a minute and can't just focus on my thesis proposal for a long enough period of time. Therefore, I need to try to pick up meditation again. That's my conclusion and my solution.
  3. Did flutter kicks yesterday in 3 40 sec increments Squats were easy with EC
  4. Only that days dare is counted. You have to do the dare on the day that is given on the Darebee website.
  5. This pretty much sums up WOW #2 for me. A LOT OF BREAKS! My dad's backyard has a trail and a pond that gets pretty muddy in the spring time since it is also right next to a swamp. So we are pretty excited to prep for TM back there!
  6. Yep, doing at least 3 rounds tomorrow of WOW #3 since the dare will be 2 minutes of flutter kicks. SCORE!
  7. So my workout for tomorrow already has 30 second flutter kicks at the end of each round so I will extend those to 40 seconds each round (x3). No way I am doing that 2 minutes straight, if only I had the powah!
  8. Done with EC! I am not surprised honestly. The back of my hands began to hurt during the last minute but I could still use them afterwards. Grip strength FTW! I should do this more often considering the arthritis that runs in my family.
  9. I have been adding the Daily Dares to the workouts for this month (aka Darebee). WOW #3 So I only did 2 rounds again because the dare today was 100 shoulder taps and I had to make it to a very relieving yoga class on time. I did 50 shoulder taps after the 1st round and then the additional 50 after the 2nd. Each round took less than 15 minutes. Friday I will try to go for 3 or 4 rounds. Depending on the Daily Dare that day. I actually really like this workout, which I probably shouldn't admit...be nice @EricMN!
  10. OP should make a new one in the new challenge forum. I am willing to do this again!
  11. I would have killed one of my shoulders if I did 50 in a row on one side (right shoulder injury). So I alternated 1:1 until 100. 50 after the 1st set of my workout then 50 more after the 2nd set. Yesterday I used the 2 min. Toe Tap Hops for a warm-up. Split into two 1 min sets though.
  12. I did the same workout today (WOW #3) with a little more added. Warm-up 1st round 50 shoulder taps 2nd round 50 shoulder taps Yoga class Will do the 3rd round sometime tonight.
  13. Darebee says to do 50 in a row on one side then 50 in a row on another. Do I really have to do it that way? I can't alternate 1 to 1 until I reach 100?
  14. Today I was supposed to do: Obstacle Racers WOW #3 (3 rounds) 10 Push-Ups: Try to get as much depth as possible to maximize your return for the effort. 20 Reverse Lunges: Body-weight only. 10 Plank Push-Ups: Alternate between high-low planks. 20 Squats: Body-weight only. 10 Narrow Push-Ups: Diamond Push-Ups 20 Mountain Climbers: That's 20 each leg. 10 Walking Push-Ups. High plank move to one side, push-up, move to other side, push-up (that's 2 reps) 20 Squat Jumps: Because you love them. 10 Dive-Bomber Push-Ups: Hold a Downward Dog pose and lower head with arms. 20 Lunge Jumps. That's 10 each leg 10 Burpees. You're welcome. Flutter Kicks - 30 seconds How I did it: 1st round Yoga session 2nd round Did not do a 3rd round because I did not have enough time. But I will probably do one tomorrow because it will be rattling my brain. I actually look forward to doing this again on Wednesday!
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