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  1. Not been updating lately! No reason, just didn't feel like writing even a short post. #lazy But my goals are going well! I'm losing a little weight slowly and exercising. I still haven't been drinking enough water, but I do what I can. Things are looking good.
  2. Daily Check-In Date: 2/17/17 ~ Friday Day: 6/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 421 over [170 under for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: Yes [4/6] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 103 oz [3/6] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: Yes Notes: I actually did manage to drink enough yesterday! It took a lot of bottled water though. Luckily the boil order is off today.
  3. It's good! My daily budget is around 1,400 and 'under' means I ate x amount of calories below 1,400. I don't think so. I even have premium and it's not an option. Oh well, I'll make do.
  4. Update: okay so I've been really confused by my own calorie count because the app I use to track calories (LoseIt!) starts the week on Monday, and I started this challenge on Sunday so my calorie count for the "week" on my app is different than the one I have here. I'd rather base my report off my app instead of doing the math every day so from this point on, consider me 528 under for the week [since Monday]. Also the boil order is still on for my city, so I've resorted to buying bottled water from the coffee shops. Very expensive. I don't expect to reach my water goal today either
  5. Daily Check-In Date: 2/16/17 ~ Thursday Day: 5/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 261 under [700 over for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: No [3/5] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 40 oz [2/5] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: Yes Notes: Today was a wild day. Still good for staying under budget, but my city was on a boil order so we weren't supposed to drink any water. Needless to say that's why I was so under my water goal. I also didn't get to the gym, but it's okay because I still managed to stay way under my calorie
  6. You should be happy, this is so cool! I hope you're feeling better today. Stay strong. You are strong.
  7. Daily Check-In Date: 2/15/17 ~ Wednesday Day: 4/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 274 under [961 over for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: Yes [3/4] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 90 oz [2/4] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: N/A Notes: Even though I was short of my water goal by 10 ounces, I'm really happy with today!
  8. No worries! I kind of assumed it would be confusing because I didn't explain what my numbers meant. Today is going fine so far, but I just woke up. About to hit the gym. How 'bout you?
  9. Daily Check-In Date: 2/14/17 ~ Tuesday ~ Valentine's Day Day: 3/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 383 under [1,235 over for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: Yes [2/3] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 60 oz [2/3] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: N/A Notes: Much better day for eating. Didn't get enough water though. Maybe I can get all 4 goals in the green for today.
  10. I think the way I show my calories is confusing. When I say I finished the day with "-390" calories, I really mean I am 390 over my budget (my budget for that day was 1,436) meaning I actually ate 1,825 calories. Anyway, I get your point. I am trying to be mindful that 1,400 is still a really low budget, especially with exercise added in the mix. At the same time, it's hard for me not to want to recover from Sunday's diet disaster lol. *** EDIT: Went back and edited all my calorie numbers for clarity
  11. Daily Check-In Date: 2/13/17 ~ Monday Day: 2/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 390 over [1,618 over for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: No [1/2] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 100 oz [2/2] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: N/A Notes: Still a bad day for diet. I'll try to get back under my deficit goal by Sunday or Monday.
  12. My headphones. It's actually embarrassing how many times I've had to leave the gym because I forgot my headphones. I can't work out with no music. I refuse!
  13. Hey! It's my first challenge also! And I'm currently studying to become an ELA teacher. Working with 7th grade at the moment and loving it. And girl... I am with you. I couldn't do 1 push-up with correct form even if it would pay my bills for life. I'm definitely going to have to cop that goal for one of my future challenges. Let us know how the push-up progress goes! I'm following.
  14. Daily Check-In Date: 2/12/17 ~ Sunday Day: 1/28 Goal #1 (Diet) Budget: 1,228 over [1,228 over for week] Goal #2 (Exercise) Work out?: Yes [1/1] Goal #3 (Hydration) Ounces: 108 oz [1/1] Goal #4 (Money) Delivery?: No Eat at work?: N/A Notes: Horrible day for the diet goal. I have no idea how I'm going to recover from that, but whatever. Guess I have to keep going.
  15. Thank you both for your support. I don't want to say I'm happy that so many people are struggling also, but it's comforting to know that this is a common issue and I'm not some kind of freak. It gives me hope that we can help each other succeed in recovery. Can I ask a potentially personal question regarding this? When you slip up, how do you explain yourself to the people you love? I have been failing very often to recover from my eating disorder/addiction, and every time I screw up extra bad, I either tell my boyfriend or he finds out by himself (we have eac
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