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  1. Substix and Evenewbie, thanks for the tips! I seriously need all the help I can get. Incidentally, I don't recommend laughing hysterically when trying to do Crow pose. This does not assist the balancing process. Hullo! Yes, you will find that your first challenge's goals make no sense, hahaha. I think that is inevitable. But hey, most people are not taught how to set goals in the first place, so you have to learn somehow! I got no higher than a B on my last challenge, and very nearly failed one of my goals. It's definitely an ongoing learning process. So don't judge yourself too harshly this time around. Just do your very best, and use that as a starting point for the next challenge Aaaand a week one update: Kind of a meh start, to be honest. We were very good about making food at home, and not buying lunches out. I need to rethink that grading system though. (All the grading systems actually. But I digress.) I did a whopping 1.5 hours of yoga this week so I obviously need to step up my game. I have a laundry list of excuses available but the truth is, I just psyched myself out and spent a lot of time sleeping this week. A lot of dramatic "I can't go on" kind of crap. And by "go on" I mean, move or think at all. This weekend was better. I drove up to LA to see a friend and go to the Iliad Bookshop. (If you love books, don't go there. Spare yourself. You should be saving for retirement.) I also did body-weight circuits with my yoga and am now waddling around like a duck. The push-ups are progressing. Basically I picked up the momentum for everything except writing. On to week 2!!
  2. Work it, worrrrk iiiit! (Hahaha) I have nothing really useful to add because everyone seems to have it covered! Keep up the awesome work, as usual. You're inspiring
  3. Buster Posey is on the cover of Men's Health. /fangirl

  4. NOPE! No giving up for you! You haven't failed. You are learning. You can turn it around right now, and tomorrow is a brand new day. Do some stretches tonight -- even if it's just for a few minutes before bed -- and meet tomorrow head-on. And remember: "You can think you can't, or think you can, and either way, you're right."
  5. It is awesome. Or at least I think so. The hemp seeds help offset the goopy chia-seed thing -- it ends up with a texture more like oatmeal than boogers. I may be a little off about the amount of almond milk -- I do it mostly "by feel" at this point. It might be more like 3/4 cup. Today I also added some slivered almonds that were toasted with honey. Ehrmagherd. I do not eat vegan exclusively, but try to be vegan as much as possible. Dairy, as much as I love it, absolutely destroys my system. Meat, as much as I love it, fills me with guilt. I eat both very sparingly. I also found that, when I was vegan for 8 months or so, I could not get enough B12 (my doctor watched my levels plummet over that time, despite vegan supplements and lots of spirulina). So at the very least I will always eat eggs. I'm so glad I'm not the only elderly person, here! I went to bed at 9:30 last night. It was amazing. I might shout it from the rooftops while eating a bowl of soup and wearing velcro sneakers. Thanks, Chanda! I keep trying Crow but all I end up doing is face-planting onto a pillow. Which actually might be worth photographing and sharing, but I'd like to do something impressive, too. I'm confident that we'll both be transitioning smoothly between poses, soon! Apparently core strength also has a lot to do with it. I probably need to do some planks with my push-ups.
  6. Thanks, Substix! Alright. Day 2. The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it. On day 1 I ate an ok lunch at my company's cafe. Tried a vegan protein mix that sounded really great on the package and ended up being REALLY REALLY BAD. I'm curious what everyone thinks of protein mixes, in general. I keep an unsweetened/flavored hemp protein powder on hand in case I have a protein crisis, but I've never really used them much other than that. Anyway, last night we made a not very healthy dinner, but hey, we didn't go out! I didn't do any exercise. Basically a meh start. Started back up today much better. I really am digging my simple paleo breakfast -- 2 heaping tbs chia seeds, 3 heaping tbs hemp seeds, a sliced banana, about a cup of unsweetened almond milk, and usually a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg and vanilla. I mix that up and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I'll often add a handful of crushed walnuts but I didn't this morning. It doesn't sound like a ton of food, but it has about 15g of protein and a ton of fiber in it, so I feel full for quite a while! And it's just so gentle on my stomach. I find that if I eat something greasy for breakfast, like eggs, I just feel really sluggish. Eggs are better for dinner, ha. I was also much better about drinking water today. My habit tends to be drinking 3-5 cups of tea throughout the day and maybe one glass of water. I'm trying for 1-2 cups of tea and 4 glasses of water. It was very very difficult to resist a latte this afternoon (I'm super tired after a late night and we have a starbucks INSIDE our building) but I did it. Christmas Miracle. Made a point to take my lunch outside and actually walk around, enjoying our nice campus. I'm looking forward to doing some push-ups and yoga this evening. Going to try to get to bed early, so I can do the workout first thing in the morning! Last night was an 11:30pm night and ummm that just doesn't work very well for me. If I'm to be honest with myself, I really need to be in bed by 10pm. Maybe earlier. Because I'm 80 years old.
  7. Bahahaha bacon flowers. That's hysterical. Keep it up, Substix! And welcome to the yoga club!
  8. Hi Hrunter! I had that problem, too -- took me a little while to actually finish a 6-week challenge. Have you tried joining an accountibilibuddies group?
  9. I have heard of and followed NaNoWriMo, but never really participated. Always chicken out at the last minute. Also I jealously guard what I am working on and always thought the idea of sharing with strangers over coffee sounded really daunting. BUUUT all of those things are probably reasons why I *should* do it. Maybe this year. I think I would like this Artist's way book because I hand-write almost everything. But yes, it's amazing how strenuous it can be if you haven't done much of it in a while! Those are strange hand-muscles. Kinda like if you ever try making pottery on a wheel, or kneading bread. Artinum: is this a new blog, or one you had already been working on before the challenge? Just curious.
  10. Hi there! Your "creative enemies" prompt is interesting. I'm working through The 90 Day Novel and his process is a little different -- the prompt was basically to identify all the things that you are afraid of, all the reasons you "can't" write your story, and then to realize that those are basically the same fears your characters have. That was really eye-opening for me, personally. But I may have to pick up a copy of The Artist's Way, too -- the reviews are awfully interesting! Do you like it so far, other than the morning doodles?
  11. Welcome, MarieClare! I'm in a pretty similar situation. Actually, your self-description sounds just like mine, except I usually use the adjectives "squishy" or "floppy." Your weigh-in should be really interesting if you haven't been working out before you started this challenge. I know I was surprised when the number went way up at first, even though my clothes were fitting better. I had no idea how much muscle mass I could put on in just a few weeks. So, if you're anything like me, try not to be intimidated if the scale surprises you! You might want to take some measurements, too. It's especially reassuring if that scale number looks scary.
  12. Welcome, Rossamdir! I don't know if you're into photography at all, but I'd love to see pictures of your outside-time. The Rockies are so beautiful! Great goals, and I am glad to hear you haven't had a flare up in some time.
  13. Welcome, Twiggy! Great goals. Do you already wake up pretty early? I love to work out in the morning but I really struggle to do it, because I usually over sleep. >< What's your thesis about?
  14. GASP! Thank you for posting that push-ups link! I also have a push-up goal this challenge and this will be very helpful for me. So glad you are back!
  15. Oh, and here's a quote I just saw that I want to think about, throughout this challenge. Seems to relate to my 2013 goals about overcoming fear.
  16. ROUND TWO, FIGHT! I'm really excited about this challenge. For one thing, my boyfriend just joined the rebellion! So we'll be doing parts of this challenge together (the diet parts). I am super pumped about this. For another thing, I learned a lot from my first challenge. I've narrowed the scope of my goals this time around, and am going to be measuring things a lot more accurately. My only compound goal relates to diet. I think my goals are a lot more reasonable this time -- for example, my strength goal is at a more beginner level, and I dropped the easy reading goal from my life challenge, which distracted me last time from the writing goal. (If I keep up the writing goal for these challenges, maybe I'll actually have a draft of the book this year. Wouldn't that be neat!?) I JUST WROTE THE WORD "GOAL" SO MANY TIMES IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE ANYMORE. Anyway. On to business! Beginning Stats: Level 2 Half-Elf Druid Height: 5'10" Measurements: (Wow. These are embarrassing) Weekly tracking marked with **, the rest I'll measure at the end of the challenge, just out of curiosity. Neck: 13" Chest: (tape directly under armpits) 34" Ribcage: 29.5" **Bicep: 10" **High Waist: 28" **Low Waist/belly: 36" **Hips: 38.5" **Thigh: 22" Calf: 14" [sTR] - 3 // [DEX] - 6.5 // [sTA] - 1 // [CON] - 6.5 // [WIS] - 4.5 // [CHA] - 3 Fitness Goals: I will be tracking my measurements this challenge, every Monday morning. I don't want to set goals related to measurements because I don't know what a reasonable expectation would be. I want to take some circumference off my middle and my thighs, and I want to gain some circumference around my arms and calves, but I have no idea how much. Let's call this a "side-effect test." The soft goal here is that I want my arms to look a lot more defined and I want my clothes to hang better. (Eventually I want my whole body to be a lot more defined, and I want to be able to spontaneously walk around on my hands like it's no big deal. Also back flips. But, baby steps!) The other side effects I would like to see relate to flexibility. I'd like to be able to do a real forward fold -- head to knees. I'd like to be able to step my foot through downward dog into a lunge without thumping it on the mat and wiggling it ungracefully up to my palms. I want to be able to do crow pose. Overall, less squishy and floppy, more dense and controlled. 1. I am a yogaholic. The challenge: Spend at least 4 hours a week doing yoga. Last challenge I set a goal of 3 hours and didn't quite make it...but I did go from 0 hours to 2 hours! This time I would like to have the same increase. I only get the strength point if I get a B or above. +2 [sTR], +3 [DEX] 2. I am strong. The challenge: 5 full push-ups in a row This weekend I assessed my push-up ability. It was a push-up state of the union. Long story short, I can do one full push-up, or twelve push-ups from my knees. In order to get to 5, I need to do push-ups at least every other day. I only get the stamina point if I get a B or above. +4 [sTR], +1 [sTA] Extra Bonus Awesomepants goals (accumulated along the way)- Post to this thread. Diet Goal: 3. You are what you eat -- I'm healthy, and I know what I'm made of. The challenge: adhere to the "banned foods/controlled substances" list that Roback3 and I are sharing; eat veggies with two meals every day. Adjusted this because the other one was stupid. Banned foods: - Soda - Coffee Drinks - White bread - Ice cream (this one is Rob's. I can't eat ice cream ) - Sweets at work (this one is mine.) Controlled substances: - basically anything with sugar. +2 [CON] Life Goal: 4. I am a writer. The challenge: Complete 30 pages of my book Yep. 30 more pages. Grading: A = 30 pages, B = 20 pages, C = 10 pages, D = 5 pages, F = 0 pages +3 [WIS]
  17. I really like Vivat, crescat, floreat!
  18. Pondering goals for this challenge...ponderous pondering.

  19. I wish I could favorite individual posts. I want to copy your diet.
  20. Maris Stella


    Hmmm that bitterness might just be the kind you are getting. There is quite a bit of variation from brand to brand. Has anyone made their own? I've been tempted but, as with all things that need to ferment, I worry.
  21. I second the tempeh suggestion! So good and much more versatile than you'd think. You can marinate it, crumble it into chili, slice it and fry it for salads or sandwiches, etc etc etc. Its protein content is insane. I usually get the prepackaged kind that also has flax in it, just for some omega action. Don't know if you drink milk or not, but since you don't have an almond allergy I want to mention that almond milk has more calcium than cow's milk, and quite a bit of protein too! (Oh, and I really wouldn't worry about the fat content in almonds. I highly doubt anyone has gotten fat from eating them.)
  22. Welcome, welcome! I don't have any good advice for craving-curbing, other than remove all of those things from your home. But I wanted to offer greetings. JEEZ. Hopefully the next druid will be more helpful. EDIT: also, that one month transformation is pretty amazing! I am sure this six week challenge will be a huge success for you!
  23. Doh. Turns out I can't go that weekend. I promised my boyfriend months ago that we could go to AZ for spring training, and that's the only weekend he can go, apparently. SO SAD. I was really looking forward to this If anyone in the San Diego area wants to have a smaller get-together after this one, I am down.
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