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  1. I am in awe of your meditation success. Teach me your ways!
  2. BLAH! I totally missed it! Man, I definitely have a recipe, too It was a crazy work catch-up few days, unfortunately. I haven't even turned on my computer at home yet, since getting back into town. But I will definitely do the next one! Thank you! I did have a wonderful time. It's amazing how much work goes into orchestrating an event of that size, but once you get there and everyone is so joyful (and, in many cases, hysterically drunk) all the stress just melts away. It especially helps when the bride and groom are magnanimous. I honestly don't blame women for turning into "bridezilla," but my friend is so lovely and down-to-earth that we never had to worry about that, with her. I believe someone referred to her as a "superstar bride champion." That's a pretty accurate description, haha. There was also a whole lot of dancing. You both make a good point with the goals. I should probably just stick with them and finish strong...I just feel so bummed that I won't hit the numbers I set for myself because my body was out of commission for over a week. But you're right -- I shouldn't focus on that. Thank you
  3. Hi Sericite! How's it goin'? *poke* *prod* *nudge* Are you feeling better? Man, I got floored by the WORST cold, too. The creeping crud this season is just terrible. I hope your face feels better!
  4. Great work, substix!! Your diet success is really inspiring. That's the hardest part for me. I don't know how it works, but I have seen crossfit people do assisted pullups with a regular bar, by using resistance bands. I think you get a really long resistance band, loop it over the bar and stick your knee or foot in it (depending on length/how much assistance, I guess?). Maybe there's a crossfitter on the forums somewhere that could give you a better description, if you haven't tried this before.
  5. Welcome! Glad to have you here! And there's The Stand again. I really need to read that.
  6. I'm back! The wedding was beautiful. I'm so happy for my friends But, the day after my last post, whatever bug I had suddenly zerged me. Honestly, that was the sickest I have been since I had swine flu, years ago. And the freezing cold weather really exacerbated the whole thing. SO. I am giving myself a diet/exercise pass for last week. I don't know if that's appropriate, but there was absolutely nothing I could have done. Getting around very slowly was exhausting in and of itself, and I was subsisting on a diet of water, tea, orange juice, and the occasional handful of crackers. (Couldn't even find a bowl of soup in that town that wasn't cream based.) Frustrating, because I know this thing is 6-weeks long in order to build new habits. Feeling a whole lot better as of yesterday, though, and eating a full, healthy meal last night felt amazing! I need to find a way to really amp up the last three weeks, to feel like I've made the most of this challenge despite this relentless virus. I am open to suggestions! I am thinking of increasing the yoga requirement to 5/week for weeks 5 and 6, and maybe also the clean meal requirement. I hope everyone else's week went awesome! I'll scamper over to your threads this evening.
  7. Thanks guys! And yes, Chanda, that was effective I think I got about five pages written. None of it is polished but I'm realizing I need to do a lot of foundation work before I get started (The 90 Day Novel is helping me work through this stuff, and has convinced me that the preliminary work should all be world/character building...which happens right after right-brain engagement. Whoooops. So that's why I wasn't getting anywhere ><) I am in DC now and internet is 13 DOLLARS A DAY so I probably won't check in again until I return next Tuesday. The wedding is Saturday, so no festivities yet, but I won't party too hard. I mean, the bride is starting out day of wedding party primping with a private yoga class for her and her maids. The whole thing is going to be beautiful and fun and I am just so happy to be here, even if the weather is reminding me why I love living in southern California. Best of luck to you all this week, or better yet, best of WILL. Thank you for your support and I will be back to stalk all your challenge threads next week >:-D
  8. Ohgod, ilovetomes. I liked the Hobbit movie. I thought some stuff was overdone and I have NO IDEA how this is going to be a trilogy, but it was still entertaining and visually very beautiful. Also, dwarves singing. It is so wonderful to hear an artist's interpretation of the songs in the book! Speaking of trilogies and tomes (although not anywhere near as long), I just started Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. I can't believe I haven't read it before. Another trilogy I love is Garth Nix's Abhorsen. Have you all read either of those? And speaking of reading goals -- apparently I low-balled mine. Passed 1000 this weekend. Hrm.
  9. Awesome job exceeding that yoga goal! I bet that felt great. I hope I get there by the end of the challenge. Have you been using that yoga website? Any favorites, if you have? When you say you are meditating with help, what do you mean? (I'm looking for suggestions as that is by far my biggest struggle.)
  10. What a great update! Keep it up, Substix! I'm so glad to hear you are negotiating your pay. That's a hard skill and a lot of people don't stand up for themselves. Even if it is an entry-level position from which you hope to get experience and a foot in the door, you still deserve to be compensated adequately! Good luck on your surgery.
  11. Thank you, substix You always have such encouraging words. I definitely need to envision "super-me." I am sure super-me does not tolerate the nagging quitter voice. And I am definitely looking forward to the wedding. It's going to be lovely! Thanks! Yeah, the silly stuff is definitely the way to go. I'm fortunate to have a very silly household. I think I'll put your suggestions into practice tonight
  12. Ok. This update is not so good. I've been sick all week and have really slacked off on everything. On top of that I am just very down emotionally, which might be a symptom of feeling sick. I'm not an emotional eater, but I'm definitely not an emotional chef, either...so I've been eating inconsistently and not very well. Mostly just working (from home), and sleeping. Got an hour of yoga in on Monday, but haven't done it since. I guess there's still time. This is all very lame because I woke up Tuesday and noticed that my body is already looking slimmer, probably owing to the sudden absence of soda and cheese in my diet. I've also seen progress with the morning yoga stretches (which I don't really count toward my total, because it's only a few minutes at a time). If I can get into crow pose or fold my head down to my knees, there will be pictures. But even with all that, I still have this quitter-voice nagging me, telling me that this is all completely impossible. That voice is always so insistent when anything is hard. Next week I am leaving for a week, starting Wednesday, for my dear friend's wedding. I hope I have fully recovered by then because I *really* can't afford to be sick. Fortunately I don't have to worry about getting my yoga and clean meals in, because it's a very health-conscious group of people.
  13. Just over a DOZEN!? I'm with substix on this one. I like conclusions. If I don't get one after a while, I lose my mind. To be honest, I even resent trilogies. Just a little. But not when they are all complete, and compiled into one book, ha. I'm easily fooled, I guess?
  14. Awesome work!! You should be very proud!
  15. I agree, mais alas. Corporate America. Unfortunately I have a cubicle, and everything is attached to everything else (also: made of steel). As much as I wish this weren't the case, there is no way around my desk's height. They won't even remove the parts of my cube that are desk, and let me bring in my own. This situation is all about cost/benefit analysis. When companies thought about how people should work, they were thinking about how to cram a ton of people in, not about how humans work best. (Which is why my goal this year is to open my own business.) Fortunately there's pressure from forward-thinking companies like Facebook and Google, for companies to change their ways. Maybe someday! In the meantime, I can dream: http://www.geekdesk.com/
  16. Good call. I'll see if I can adjust those. Yes and yes. But you get used to it. I know a lot of people have a bar stool-height chair on hand, just in case, but as long as you wear comfortable shoes that's not an unmanageable length of time. It's honestly less for posture and more for everything else. Sitting all day is basically the worst thing you can do for your body, and we really weren't built to sit in chairs, specifically. The coolest thing I have ever seen are the desks that have HYDRAULICS and can be either sit-down or stand-up. That way you can train yourself over time to stand more, and adjust as needed!
  17. I want one of those stand-up desks SO BAD but they won't let me have it. Apparently it's expensive. But good call on the stool-thing. Have you (or anyone reading) used a ball chair before? They look absurd, but some people seem to love them.
  18. Mantra for the day is, I can't haz cheezburger.

  19. I keep being told to read The Stand. Adding that to my list for this challenge. I am not actively reading The Passage and The Twelve, but since they were recent-ish reads I thought I'd evangelize, for the people who haven't read it. I love them! Did not find The Twelve to be quite the same caliber but, then again, it's the middle book in a trilogy.
  20. ME TOO! omg. That is the worst, I'm so sorry you've got it too. I've heard sometimes a flexible wrist brace can help but I have been reluctant to try, because I think it would be so distracting.
  21. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold. You have my complete admiration! Don't worry about the weight loss in the first week. Your body is probably adjusting to your new habits. Great job on your first week!
  22. Thank you! Honestly I don't normally hate Mondays so much but this week is just going to be crazy crazy. Well...this MONTH, I should say. And I have to leave for a week to attend my best friend's wedding (starting next Wednesday) so I'm just packing so much in before I go. Basically it's a circus. But my team is fantastic, and at the end of the day it feels good to have gotten a lot done. Perspective, right? Thanks! Yes, it's frustrating. Getting a lot stronger is one of my long-term fitness goals, but this challenge I just need to get healthy. I'm in the same boat as far as not knowing for sure the root cause of my injury -- I threw my back out twice in two months, doing really mundane everyday things around the house. I had a pretty serious injury in high school (I was a competitive equestrian) but it hadn't been bothering me for at least five years. The only thing I can think of is that maybe getting this desk warrior job and sitting down all day has compromised my back health. If anyone knows things about good chairs for this problem, let me know. The obvious first step is to get up and walk around more often, but I think it might be wise to switch out my buttholder, if this is chronic. Thank you shortstuff, evenewbie and substix for your kind words of encouragement! We can do this thing!
  23. Pride and Prejudice. Also, everything by Faulkner. Had to read them in high school, when I just didn't have the life experience to appreciate them. When I reread Faulkner in college, I was blown away by how much I suddenly enjoyed his style. Pride and Prejudice was a harder sell. I vehemently hated it, but then one of my professors hounded me about it until I gave it another try. I guess my perspective changed when I realized how progressive and envelope-pushing Austen was for her time. And actually, I confess that I did not love LotR when I first read it. The travel passages got to me. "They walked for days, passing green hills and running streams, rolling hillocks and tender valleys, rocks like houses and houses made from rocks, fields and grass and wheat and oats and barley and more grass and hills again and a river and a cavernous gorge AND THEN THERE WERE MOUNTAINS." My ten-year-old attention span just could not handle the exhaustion. But I guess I got over it because I've read the things, like, 21,034,840,921 times. On a tangentially related note: has anyone/everyone read The Passage?
  24. Awesome, thank you! Great work on your first week. Namaste
  25. Makes sense! I didn't start with a nice mat, either. Actually, my first mat wasn't even really designed for yoga. Anything is better than nothing.
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