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  1. Thanks, Tanktimus! Yes you are! I started thinking about that based on Steve's latest post, and then I saw how livinggroovy did it and decided to give it a try. I've realized that phrasing my goals as "I am going to try to do xyz" always ends up being a cop-out. I bet almost everyone needs to think of themselves differently, but I think introverts and nerds have it really bad...I definitely always thought of myself in negative terms, usually exaggerated. Actually, now that I think about it, they were almost all affirmations of what I was afraid I was, or would become, and not who I actually am. A far cry from how I feel about my characters in video games. "You think you can defeat ME!? MUAhaHAHAhahaHA!!!"
  2. Good start to the challenge!

  3. My reading goal is paired with a writing goal, so I'm trying to get 1000 pages of reading in. 5000 is intense. That's like reading War and Peace three times in a row. What's on your list?
  4. Woo! I'm gunna check out your thankfulness blog! Great idea! Whatsa Forhilnor?
  5. Great goals! I also struggle with preparing food at home. It's just so easy to eat out, especially when you're lazy (like me). If you come across neat Paleo recipes, please share!
  6. Agree with what others have said about classes! As someone who injured herself doing a pose wrong repeatedly, please please make sure you go to a class at least every now and then, just for corrections. There is probably one on campus! And it's a great way to meet like-minded people. And oh, how I miss college. What are you studying?
  7. That is so cool! I have never skied (is that right? What is the past tense of ski??) in my life, so your goals sound particularly glamorous to me. Good luck on your race!
  8. Never even heard of Vipassana, but will definitely be looking it up tonight!
  9. Yes! I would love a writing accountability partner. And all of your recipes, ha! I am always open to new recipes, especially as I usually cook for both myself and my boyfriend so I need to keep things interesting, or pizza will appear in my house and I'll have the extra challenge of refusing something right in my face. I recently tried a breakfast thing that is basically soaked chia seeds blended with some cashews and banana, then mixed with some walnuts and spices. It was kinda like a pudding? It was delicious, if you're into that kind of thing. Also spaghetti squash is just about my favorite thing in the universe. Did you do no grains? That's my biggest concern with paleo vegetarian.
  10. So I haven't been so good about the challenges, in the past. Or rather, I haven't been so good at tracking my progress and checking back in. Last challenge I set nebulous goals and by the end, wasn't sure how far I had come. I think I could have done a lot better if I had kept up on the forums! Hopefully having this thread will help me get better. My theme for 2013 is overcoming fear. A lot of aspects of my life have been hamstrung by my fear of failure, and my fear of people's judgement. That's no way to live, so I am trying to ask myself "what would I do if I weren't scared" every morning. It is pinned to my inspiration board at my work table I also read The Happiness Project last fall, which has motivated me to think of myself as more of a work-in-progress (rather than an abysmal failure). It is an interesting read, and while I did not identify with the author's particular set of concerns very much, it was inspiring to follow someone's year-long leveling-up journey. So anyway. On to business. Format shamelessly stolen from livinggroovy. Beginning Stats: Level 1 Half-Elf Druid Height: 5'10" Weight: ~140lbs [sTR] - 1 // [DEX] - 3 // [sTA] - 1 // [CON] - 3 // [WIS] - 4 // [CHA] - 3 Goals: 1. I am a yogaholic. The challenge: Spend at least 3 hours a week doing yoga, plus five minutes daily meditation Grade yoga: A= >3 h/w B= 3 h/w C= 2 h/w D= 1 h/w F= less than 1 h/w Grade meditation: A= 40+ Days. B= 35-39 Days. C= 30-34 Days. D= 25-29 Days. F= 24 or less days. +1 [sTR], +4 [DEX] 2. I eat clean. The challenge: 2 paleo clean (preferably vegetarian) meals per day, no soda, no silly coffee drinks. Grade: A= 40+ Days. B= 35-39 Days. C= 30-34 Days. D= 25-29 Days. F= 24 or less days. +3 [CON] *So I needed to update this. No grains or legumes is impossible for me, without adding meat. I know from a weight loss standpoint, adding meat and subtracting the grains and legumes would be the more expedient choice, but I'm not really doing this for weight loss anyway. I'm doing it to feel better, and I feel crappy when I eat meat. Only whole grains though, and legumes without added sodium! 3. I am strong and balanced. The challenge: 5 full push-ups and 5 unassisted pull-ups Grade: A= >5 push-ups, >5 pull-ups B= 4 push-ups, 4 pull-ups C= 3 push-ups, 3 pull-ups D= 2 push-ups, 2 pull-ups F = 1 or less **I may need to edit this one. I was setting a low goal because upper body and core strength has always been a huge problem for me, especially considering recent injuries to my back. But if I reach this goal quickly, I will modify it to be more ambitious. (I have never been able to do a "real" push-up or pull-up in my life so this will be huge for me!) +4 [sTR], +1 [sTA] 4. I am a writer. The challenge: Complete 30 pages of my book, read 1000 pages. Writing Grade: A= 30 pages. B= 20 pages C= 10 pages D= 5 pages F= 0 pagesReading Grade: A= 1000 pages. B= 750 pages C= 500 pages D= 250 pages F= <250 pages **Reasoning: The writing is the hard part of this challenge, as I already read voraciously. But THE FEAR gets me every time I try to work on my book. So, no more of that! Eff you, fear! +2 [WIS] 5. Extra Bonus Awesomepants goals (accumulated along the way)- Post to this thread. Weekly Tracking! Week 1: Yoga: 2/3 Meditation: 5/7 Clean Meals: 10/14 Pages Written: 0... Pages Read: 336 Week 2: Yoga: 2/3 Meditation: 3/7 Clean Meals: 8/14 Pages Written: 0....!!! Pages Read: 768 Week 3: Yoga: 1/3 Meditation: 3/7 Clean Meals: 1/14 (giving myself a pass, due to illness) Pages Written: 5 Pages Read: 288 Week 4: Yoga: 2/3 Meditation: 4/7 Clean Meals: 12/14 Week 5: Yoga: 2/3 Meditation: 5/7 Clean Meals: 17/14 Pages Written: 3 Week 6: Yoga: 2/3 Meditation: 3/7 Clean Meals: 12/14 TOTALS: Yoga: 11/15 B- Meditation: 23/35 C Clean Meals: 60/70 B Push-Ups: 1/5 D Pull-Ups: 0/5 F Pages Written: 10/30 C Pages Read: 1440/1000 A
  11. I love how you've done your goals! I hope you don't mind my shamelessly stealing (gratefully borrowing?) your format.
  12. Welcome! Those liquid calories are such a pain. Good on ya for getting rid of them! If you ever find yourself desperately needing a "sweet" drink, herbal peppermint tea, either hot or iced, does the trick for me. (I struggled with a coffee-drink problem, and that was my savior.) So awesome that you are doing triathlons. I have been thinking of training for one myself, but it is very intimidating. How did you work up to your first race?
  13. I know someone already told you to sacrifice the fruit, but that's really the only sweet that is still Paleo. Here are some with low glycemic impact: Fresh apricots Blackberries Cantaloupe Fresh cherries Grapefruit Grapes Honeydew Kiwi Mandarins Nectarines Oranges Raspberries Fresh watermelon Sometimes cucumber works. IMHO, fruit is a treat/sweet snack, not to be overdone but not to be fully eliminated either. As far as vitamins, though, colorful veggies generally have more of them anyway, without the sugar. Sorry to give you conflicting advice
  14. Hi Guys, just a heads up that I am out of town until Monday, with almost zero internet. So, I probably won't be helpful until I get back. Go team!!
  15. 1155 for me. Turns out I am not yet coordinated enough to sustain double-unders for long, ha!
  16. Jeez you guys are planking machines! Way to go!!!
  17. Oh Man You did that in two days!? I work 9+ hours a day and definitely do not have a place I can do it at work (nor a lunch break to escape)...my numbers are completely dismal. 225 seconds. You can remove me from the running too, if you want.
  18. If you ever do need a vegan protein powder (which does have much less protein payoff, but often has a ton of fiber), try hemp. I've been using an unsweetened, unflavored hemp protein powder for my protein shakes for about a year. It can have a grassy taste if there aren't a lot of other flavors going on, but if that doesn't bother you it might be worth a try.
  19. Yeah there is no possibility of 15 minutes of plank for me either...who are these planking superhumans??? I want to be like them when I grow up... That is ok though!! The point is to do as much as we can. I'm certainly doing way more planking than I have ever done in one stretch.
  20. Planks are, to be honest, my personal hell. But I am doing them anyway! >< Friending-spree!!!
  21. It helps with the pronunciation if you yell it, like Ryu does.
  22. Rising Dragon Fist! Yes, it's Street Fighter Good guess!
  23. Hi Brittany and April! (And...everyone else!! XD) I'm Melinda, 25, in San Diego, CA. That has to be a record number of commas per word. I started from nearly zero in terms of strength, last July, so 90% of my goals overall have to do with getting stronger. In high school I was a swimmer and an equestrian until my family moved from California to North Carolina, where I proceeded to hide in my room like a wimp until graduation. Then I went to the nerdiest college of all time and studied philosophy and other impractical things, which did not consist of many squats. In fact, there was a running joke that my school considered the body just a vehicle for the head. So, I was sort of atrophied by the end of it. On the road to recovery, though! I benched the bar the other day!!! Yee haw! (/Amurrica) I'm trying to define my "level 50" right now. It's hard. In particular, I don't know what I should shoot for in terms of measurements. I know that varies wildly by body type etc, so I'm sure that's why I'm having trouble finding a decent resource, but if anyone knows of any tips that would be fantastic. Since I gave up on scales, I'm looking for all the measurable gains I can get. I like reading books and playing forum-based rpg's (which, I will argue, is the absolute nerdiest thing short of LARPing) and mmorpgs (WoW) and skyrim. I also like hiking and yoga and dance parties and animals. All of the animals. Sometimes I'll even work on an art project: drawing, stone-carving, or photography I am so down if anyone in here happens to be in SD and wants to go on a hike or something sometime! [Edit: one of my goals is to be as awesome as this cat over here on the left.] [EditEdit: Should we make some kind of plank tracker?]
  24. Hello! I apologize for my delay -- was sick and also working. Not the greatest combination. I am also a book nerd and love the name!! Writing a blog update now (and subscribing to all of yours).
  25. In! http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4421-Crank-it-up-to-11
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