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  1. What kind of workouts do you do winged?
  2. I need a run buddy if you're still looking for someone to work out with.
  3. Sup dude, where in San Diego are you and what kind of workouts do you do? I'm here also and have been looking for a lifting partner
  4. I'm in San Diego and need a partner in crime! Ranger preferred, but Interested in doing it all from hikes to workout seshs! My biggest problem is consistency, so need someone to keep me on track and I'll do the same for you! It also wouldn't hurt if you were a huge fan of either Star Wars, DBZ, Naruto, Samurais, Ninjas, or Gundams
  5. Monday did a little experimenting and ended up lifting way more than I usually do, but I excelled and crushed the new weights! Compare last weeks numbers to this, though the sets did change a little! The new reps are 30,8,6,4,2. I'm just going to post the weight at the rep I'm on! Barbell bench press: 115, 135,185,205,225 inclined bench press: 105, 115, 135,155,175 bent over barbell Dumbbell rows: bb: 115, 135, 185,205,225 db: 30, 35,40,45,45 Dumbell flys & pullover : 30,35,40,45,50 Lat pull downs: 20 reps@90
  6. (Due to daughter having the flu the workout got pushed back a day) same format reps are 30, 12, 10,8,6 FRIDAY Barbell bench press: 105, 125,125,145,145 Incline barbell bench press: bar, 95,95,105,105 dumbell fly and pullover superset(SS): 25, 30,30,35,40 Bent over barbell and two Dumbell row SS: bb:115,135,155,175 Db:25,30,35,40 Seated Lat pull down: 70, 90,90,90 leg lifts: 25reps for five sets made a increase in all weight on each movement on this day* WOD: kandosii= nice one! ;good job!
  7. Alright guys here we are at the last day of the workout week for me. My daughter caught the flu, so in order to finish the full week I have to do a back to back workout due to the limited time frame of gym hours. Not a two-a day. Literally one right after the other! This day is going to test me, I'll let you know how I faired
  8. WEDNESDAY LEG DAY !!! Decline sit-ups: 25 x 5 sets Barbell squats: 115lb x8, 135lb x8, 185lb x8, 205lb x8, 225lb x8. Stiff leg barbell deadlift: 135 x 8, for five sets Good morning: barbell x 8 for five sets standing and seated calf raises: 90lb x 30, 90lb x12 for four sets Leg extension: 70lb x12 for four sets, 90lb x12 Seated leg curl: 50lb x 12 for five sets Cable curl: 57lb x 20 for five sets WOD: Staabi = right
  9. Still killing it, posting the workouts the day after while I'm at work so I'm not overwhelmed trying to squeeze it all in
  10. TUESDAY Same format for set and reps unless otherwise stated clean and press: 45lb barx25, 115lb x 12, bar x 25, 135lb x 8, bar x 25 Dumbell Overhead press& lateral raise superset: OH &LR 25lbx30,10,10,8,6 Side lateral raise & upright barbell row superset SLR: 10lb x 30, 15lbx12,10,8,6 UBR: bar x30,12,10,8,6 Barbell curl: bar x30,12,10,8,6 Close grip barbell bench: 95x30, 115lbx12,10 135lb x8,6 Lying tricep press( nose breakers) & double arm tricep extension SS NB: 45lb x30,12,10,8,6 DATE: 25lbx
  11. Most of the workouts I do are in the format of a 30 rep burnout set then 12,10,8,6. For convenience I'll just post the weight for the current rep unless the movement is in a different rep format Monday: Bench Press: 105, 115, 115, 135,135 Incline Bench: 45, 85, 85, 95,95 Dumbell fly & Dbell pull over superset: 25,30,30,35,35 Bent over Barbell & Dumbell row superset: bb- 115, 145 for the rest of sets db- 25, 30 for the rest of sets 4 sets of max pull-ups on pull assist 10 @ 70lbs 5sets of 25 hanging leg raises
  12. Here is where I'll post my wods, progression, and daily feats! I'll be trying my best to live Ramikadyc, which means in Mandalorian, living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity, motivate others and make yourself stronger physically and mentally. In keeping a log, I'll be able to see myself get stronger and help by keeping me accountable! Enough talk, let's do it
  13. Back at it once again! Jumping in on this challenge mid way, simply because I have the free time now, and am excited to be back! Keeping with the Mandalorian theme, I plan on getting stronger, building mental toughness, increasing my Mandalorian vocabulary, as well as strengthening my body's movement ability! I plan on sharing my trial and tribs, both here and in the daily logs! Let's get to it! Challenges: STRENGTH 1. Complete the daily lift workout 2. Post said workout for tracking methods MENTAL 3. Commit one Mandalorian word to memory
  14. It's been a while nerds! But in back! And I'm hitting the ground running! Workouts and Ramikadyc lifestyle being posted soon!

  15. That's no problem at all, I'm just kinda plan to do something on Saturday's and if anyone wants to join me they'll be more than welcome
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