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  1. Yeah... considering how many years it's taken me to get here, I guess it symbolises quite a big thing. ❤️
  2. I think I should share at least one photo of my sweet little Challenge Derailer. Here she is right now, being all sleepy and adorable.
  3. Do the fillers etc "cook out" that way? I feel like I'd rather just not eat it if I had those concerns... I agree with you, grass fed is the way to go if you can source/afford it, for so many reasons!
  4. Honestly it's mostly down to husband's unusually busy work week. I could get the big ticket stuff done if he were here to baby wrangle. And he's usually here all day Fri/Sat/Sun, just not this week. And yeah... she's sleeping on my lap right now, has been for the past 2 hours. I can smell her sweet milk-breath and she's just quietly breathing, occasionally doing that cute little sleeping dreaming baby-smile. Put her down for five minutes to go to the toilet and she screamed the whole time... back to sleep within 2 minutes back on me. She does at least sleep well in her own cot overni
  5. Do... do people actually drain the meat??? That's a thing??? I can honestly say I've never drained the meat in my life. I did not realise there were people who did! ... Why would someone do that???
  6. Ok, end of week 1, and... well, it has been a shocker!!! Poor choice I guess to start a challenge during a week in which Husband is on call. It kinda throws things out. Fitness Goals: 1. Strength training at least 2x/wk (preferably 3, but Life has a habit of getting in the way, and this isn't a short term habit we're looking at here - my activity has to fit within the demands of a two-doctor, three-child family.) - 2/2, pass 2. Some other movement-focused activity at least 1x/wk (eg BodyJam, Sh'Bam, Yoga, hiking). Can accept third strength workout in this category. -
  7. I have gotten seriously behind here. Been too busy keeping the domestic side afloat and not logging here! I have at least logged within Foodility most of the week. Righto, Wednesday. Breakfast: nectarine with vanilla yoghurt Lunch: Reheated mushroom risotto Dinner: Veggie burger with asparagus, broccoli, tomato/basil salsa (from the garden which is finally producing!), carrot Snacks: Lindt balls x3 (dark chocolate). 1 handful macadamias. And a couple of cheeky cherry tomatoes while I harvested for dinner. Alcohol: None. Exercise: Strength worko
  8. Sigh. Still tired. Still sore. Less headaches this week though. Less sugar. Figured that was the connection, looks like I'm right. Tuesday: Breakfast: reheated eggplant schnitzel with mayo Lunch: reheated Mexican hotpot with avocado and sour cream Dinner: mushroom risotto Snacks: 2 cherries, 1 nectarine. Alcohol: 2 glasses white wine. (It's in the risotto, else I wouldn't have opened it...) Tomorrow = mandated strength workout (unless husband has a work emergency and can't get home in time). Suspect I'll be tailoring it around this bl
  9. Blergh. Tracking has been a bit off since Wednesday! Ah well. Challenge began yesterday yeah? I did work out on Saturday (strength session with PT). My arm is still not better. This is causing me problems. I also went to BodyJam on Thursday, which didn't set anything off but also had a different instructor who was less inspiring than the usual guy. Still, movement - tick. Sunday: Breakfast: Shakshuka Lunch: Zambrero vegetarian nacho bowl Dinner: Mexican bean hotpot with avocado and sour cream Snacks: 1 piece orange and almond cake (Mr 5's second birt
  10. You never know - you might be the outlier who keeps the good habits!!! I still believe that setting them up with a good foundation and normalising good nutrition at the family table will win out in the end. We talk frankly about protein, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and vitamins, and the importance of balancing them, and that every food has its' place etc etc. No demonising, no "clean eating" neuroticism, but loving our bodies by nourishing them so we can do cool things. Our trigger for Miss 8's pickiness was when she started school and started comparing with her friends (before that, dayc
  11. Ok I'm salivating just reading that. Yum!!! We're in the introducing-solids phase with our Littlest Miss too. For Child #1 we had to start at 4mo (as per her paediatrician, we had feeding issues and were doing the mixed-feeding thing like you), we did lots of lovingly prepared single-ingredient purees and mostly spoon feeding. She learned to eat a diverse range of foods including broccoli, olives and capsicum. We patted ourselves on the back. Around age 5, she decided she didn't like those things any more, and we estimate she is now (age 8 ) approximately 10% chicken nug
  12. I have access to NF Yoga, but yoga is something I just don't particularly enjoy. Time is my big limiting factor - with three children and a two-doctor household, scheduling is pretty tight so I'm focusing on activities I love. Lifting, dancing. The rest can wait. I promise my current regimen has *heaps* of core work! I don't get to sit/lie on a bench even once from start to finish!
  13. Lol. Let's go with that. 😂 Nah, my plan is "get strong enough in the core that I can keep it engaged full-time". Done a lot of physio over the years (decades). It helps me get through acute flares but hasn't made a colossal difference to baseline function. Pole dancing has had the best effect long-term; it was all core strength. Can't find a class I can actually get to atm though, so lifting and BodyJam it is for now. I'm optimistic.
  14. Kiki Dee

    RES: FEeD me

    I am so glad I'm not the only one whose brain *immediately* went there. eta: Definitely *not* offended though! May have snorted my coffee...
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