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  1. So if that routine looks fairly decent, how many days a week should I be doing that? Should I do the same workout every time? I also have a 20lb weight vest that I can adjust by the pound. Could some in handy, but Im honestly mostly interested in using just my body as a weight. Anyone have any input on the diet? I forgot to mention I usually eat half an avacado in each of those salads. Thanks for all the info and advice folks!
  2. Thanks for the help - and the positive response, I honestly really appreciate it. I am 100% sure of the volume on those pull ups. I was generally doing a 5 sets of 8 every half hour or hour and then 3 sets of 6. I more or less was waking up and beofre work doing 4 sets of 8, along with 4 sets of 20 diamond pushups, then finishing everything else off at work when I get a second. I work at a jail and we have a little workout room with a power rack, so its really easy to sneak in when I get a short break and rip out pull ups and dips. I guess I should maybe back off the volume a bit though by the sounds of it - although it is a great cathartic release. I guess maybe I should just stick to three sets of 6 per day for now? I will add the rows, and try out the handstands. Still freaks me out a bit though - maybe Ill try the pikes first. As for the pistols I'll start to include them regularly for sure. Thinking something like: Diamond pushups x20 Parallel Bar dips x12 Parallel Bar rows x8 Bench pistols x10 (5 per side) Pullups x6 Glute raises/bridge x10 Plank :30 Maybe 3 sets of each in a superset-ish fashion?
  3. Also, how often should I be doing a workout like this?
  4. I will try the slower reps for sure, thanks. I've been working to slow down my reps lately, as I used to just hammer them out at top speed - although I was always sure to use full ROM. Any advice for a time? I see 2:1:1 a lot, but Im not really sure how all that works. Yes, for sure I am interested in learning some new back/pull exercises. The Lebert bars would be perfect for rows too. As far as lower body, I have also been toying with pistols, but am only really at the "bench" pistol stage (lower onto a bench and come up), although i can do quite a few. I dont really have a place around to practice assisted pistols, so kind of unsure how to progress. I also do a lot of uphill hiking, and occasionally jog the inclines. I also play hockey regularly. My legs are fairly strong too, because when I was losing all the weight I focused a lot on squats and straight leg dead - I had gotten some (probably questionable) advice that the bigger muscle groups burnt more calories and also helped naturally boost testosterone. My squats sets (at their best) were 3 sets of 225x20. I will try the handstand pushups, I have always loved the idea of it, and I think my strength is probably there, but I am kinda scared of them.
  5. Hi Folks, So, here is some background on me: Im 28, 6'1, 180-185 lbs. In recent years Ive lost about 60 lbs, and started working out. Originally I ran to get down to about 210, and then lifted weights to get to where I am at now. I am REALLY interested in bodyweight training, and basically getting strong without the use of weights, not necessarily the fancy flips and stuff. I currently have, at my disposal, a door frame pull up bar and Lebert equalizer (portable parallel bars). Ive also started taking Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai classes 2-3 nights a week. I am starting to really feel fit, but have hit a major wall. I seem to really be topping out at 5:30 minute mile, 30-40 diamond pushups, 20-ish dips, but only 8 pull ups! I was actually doing sets of 8 pull ups a while back, but I've regressed to sets of 5-6 and a max of 8 (sometimes I even have to lift my legs on the last couple pull ups). I would REALLY like to improve my pull ups to get to about 12. I try to eat keto and a days worth of meals look like this: Breakfast coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 egg omelette cooked in loads of butter Lunch 2-3 cups spinach olive oil/ranch dressing/sriracha/vinegar dressing some kind of meat (bacon, chicken, fish, beef, etc) Supper Usually same as lunch, usually more meat Snacks Sometimes I eat a handful of almonds, or a tin of sardines I always drink 2-3L of water each day My current workouts have been very unstructured, and basically have been doing, in random sets during the day: 50-60 pullups 60-80 pushups 20-40 dips Im looking to organize and sort out a PROPER workout plan with the equipment I have at my disposal - I know its not much. I really want to work getting my pull ups where I want them to be (sets of 10-12). I also like keto, but Im not sure if Im doing it right... THANKS EVERYONE! Dan
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