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  1. Many vegetarians do not consider dairy as animal cruelty. I'm just saying that the interpretation is subjective. So I said that considering if he was a vegetarian and worried about animal cruelty involved in culling of male chicks, he could just drop the eggs and prefer dairy products of farms where cows are grass fed and kept in good condition. It's not that apart from Vegans no one is concerned about animal cruelty. A religion known as "Jains" have people wearing a mask in front of their mouths to avoid harming even microorganisms (dunno if its really effective), avoid filtered water and in many things just to avoid injury to small insects and microorganisms. So like they are a step further from Vegans. Now this ideology is more than 3000 years old so they could say if you are considerate of animal cruelty you could follow "Jainism". So I'm just saying that animal cruelty is like really subjective and a Vegetarian could feel that way too.
  2. You can be in a good shape in either of the diet. Assuming you are lacto-ovo-vegetarian, eggs have enough nutrients to supplement your needs and they are pretty tasty.in your diet. But, since you want to avoid animal cruelty you'll have to drop the eggs from your diet. In that case, dairy products will be your only alternative to supplement Vitamin B12. In paleo you would have to avoid dairy too, so buy some B12 supplement from the store.
  3. Hear hear, I second what RittenRemedy wrote too. Get your liver checked, I've suffered from a damaged liver once, it really messes with your digestion. I wanna add that you must not feel low, it happens to the best of us. Seeing a gastroenterologist might help you get rid of your problem quickly.
  4. Sound delicious For me, quinoa pizza bowls work real good for a healthy office lunch.Yeah, I do prefer an oven baked pizza recipe but the office microwave does the job well, plus i don't have to wait for a long time. I've tried experimenting a bit with oregano and pepper and other herbs.
  5. Naruto is a guy that doesn't stop trying no matter what you throw at him. Tell your bf the character he admires a lot is practically the most hard working and dedicated individual in a fiction series. Now I know people try to change but what stops us is our brain that loves the status quo, and healthy diet and exercise is way out of its comfort zone, so it is met with skepticism. Now as for what he can do, well, you can for try abstinence :P, nothing gives a guy a better motivation than to improve his libido. Wait, how is your tolerance for spices, there is a lot of spicy food that you can try, it is healthy and increases metabolism. Then there is quinoa that can be incorporated in his diet. It is super healthy, but if you dislike the taste here is a great for you both to enjoy it- Quinoa Pizza Bowls www.fabhow.com/make-quinoa-pizza.html
  6. Naruto inspires me to push harder every time I slack back into my old habits. Watch Naruto.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Never knew oatmeals could be something more than edible.
  8. K_man has a point here. I would like to add that after thawing your food, reheat it properly (above 165oF)for 5-10 minutes to prevent any form of harmful microbes finding a favorable environment and never freeze reheated food. Make something spicy, it is less prone to bacteria and tastes amazing after reheating.
  9. Garbanzo curry or sprouts with Quinoa. Will be a healthy source of protein and carbs. You can try Quinoa pizza if you are still dicey about whether or not to eat Qinuoa.
  10. Thing's You'll Need: Quinoa, cooked Sweet corn Onions, chopped Capsicum, chopped Carrots, shredded Mozzarella cheese, shredded Pizza sauce Chili flakes Instructions: Put pizza sauce in a microwave-safe bowl Layer quinoa on top of the pizza sauce Cover the quinoa with cheese Add chopped onions, sweet corn, capsicum and shredded carrots Top the bowl with more shredded cheese Sprinkle some chili flakes on top Top off with a little capsicum and carrots Pop in the microwave oven for 2 minutes find complete recipe at- http://www.fabhow.com/make-quinoa-pizza.html P.S.- This is a small thing I've tried. Follow the steps from 1-7 at home. Wrap the bowl in a foil and Microwave it in the office. You've got yourself a healthy and tasty lunch.
  11. Let me begin by saying that being a vegetarian your options are limited (I think so) and it all seems bland, but there is something about Indian cuisine that makes me feel that even vegetables have an eloquent flavor given the right treatment. Initially, I had my reservations regarding my tolerance for spices but I visited this place (Indian Kitchen) in Riverside, CA that changed my perception. I was amazed by the exhaustive vegetarian options, and each one with a different distinctive flavor. Same set of spices used in different proportion can culminate into amazing dishes. It would be an injustice to Indian food by saying its a haven for vegetarians since it equally accommodates non-vegetarians too with their wide assortments. I got to know this later on,that technically what we call Indian food could also mean food originating from Indian subcontinent( Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka). Since the Indian subcontinent shares a common cultural dating back to more than 3000 years. However, many Non-vegetarian recipes have evolved when Mughal cuisine intermingled with traditional Indian cuisine. So all the spice lovers gather around and share your experiences and recipes that you love.
  12. Pressure cooker on low pressure setting (under 10 psi).
  13. I thought the reboot was supposed to be a miniseries. Prison Break was technically the first series I binge watched, so I'm looking forward to the reboot. Kudos on those deleted mails.
  14. Ahhh prison break, used to binge watch it in college. Spoiler Alert: Goes downhill after season 1 (IMO), Season 3 was particularly bad.
  15. Do not go for the uber-organic spice shop, they charge a handful. If you have any South-asian friend ask them or visit an Indian grocery store nearby to get them in a fair price. You can try spicy scrambled eggs with veggies which is quite easy to make. It will be filling meal, moreoever it is light in calories and on your wallet as well. Check the link for the recipe, although its hardly a challenge. http://www.fabhow.com/make-scrambled-eggs.html#Method_2_Scrambled_Eggs_with_Vegges
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