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  1. Day 2: Workout: Darebee Foundation Day 2. I couldn't do the lunge steps because of my knees and general bad condition so I did squats instead. Meal: Cobb Salad from Red Robin.
  2. Day 1: Workout: Darebee Foundation Day 1 Meal: Leftover steak & veggies, eaten at about 10:30am.
  3. I was active in these forums a few years ago and had some real success, then lost my motivation, got sidetracked... you know, all the same excuses. A few things have happened since then - I've changed jobs, including working from home full time, my husband nearly died a few times (he got better), he lost one job and left another, I've gone on anti-anxiety medication and am considering going off, a pandemic broke out and the world lost what was left of its mind, and my elderly cat passed away last month. And yet...I'm exactly where I was and where I feel I've always been. How can everything and yet nothing seem to change? So I'm respawning at Level 1 for a new playthrough. I'm starting at a weird time because I'm ready now and if I wait I might wander away again and who knows when I'll get back? I need to move more and since I've been working from home, I don't often bother to really eat during the day. This leads to inevitable overeating and bad food choices around dinner time and later. So I'm going to focus on two habits for the rest of this challenge & probably the next: Habit 1: Do a Darebees Foundation workout each morning as soon as I'm up. These are simple calisthenics that usually take about 15 minutes for the beginner levels. Habit 2: Eat a keto meal everyday before 12pm. Last time around, I had a cunning, intricate leveling and reward system based on my favorite Elder Scrolls character build. It was fun at the time but now just seems too much like work. And besides, I don't brush my teeth everyday for points and rewards, I do it because dirty teeth feel disgusting and clean teeth feel good - plus it's just what you do when you wake up, right? I want these two habits to become as ingrained in my daily routine as toothbrushing. A little accountability can't hurt either, so here I am. Thank you for reading and good luck to your own challenges.