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  1. update: lifting, fight camp, same old stuff. Fight camp on Saturday (before sparring) was all head kicks. Lousy partner. She kept grabbing my toes wrong and ended up hyper extending the damn toe again. Also, I don't know what she did, but top of other foot is all bruised. *sigh* Lifted at coach's yesterday. Such a great session.
  2. Who doesn't love administering aid to bloody fighters? Oh and holding spit covered mouth guards! Yes! Just spit that baby out right into my hands... I gotcha. And yup you got a slap on your sweaty back. (I really wanted to hand out ass slaps but fighters are not really into ass slaps as far as I can tell... at least not my classmates... YET....) Blood doesn't really bother me. I'm sure buckets of it would be a bit distressing. But nonetheless, I'm good in emergencies. I also don't mind being around body fluids. I know what to do and after having worked in the AIDS world for a while... I'm not skeeved easily. So yeah.... when dude was bleeding and his coach didn't have a corner (I was the only one helping corner), I popped right over to administer corner aid so coach could keep coaching. ignore me... let me clean you and stop the bleeding... listen to coach b/c you have more sparring to do. The coaches were all really pleased and impressed. I got a lot of cred. I loved the guy too. He was soooo charming. He was concerned b/c there was blood on his gloves and he saw the paper towels. My friend... it's mixed with sweat. It's more for show... you are not really bleeding as much as it seems. He made great eye contact - you could tell he was deciding if I was being honest and taking care of him... I saw it in his eyes. He trusted me completely and went 100% into listening to the coach. Each round of sparring I popped in and cleaned him up and stopped the blood. He was delightful and sparred well. Anyhow... a fun day. Except we only have one entrance to the cage (we used the cage instead of the ring even thought traditional Muay Thai is fought in a ring) and we had to use regular chairs b/c we didn't have stools. LOL. But okay. I got coach everything he needed, I carted the chair in and out, I cleaned up water, blood, spit, held mouth guards, put them in, taped gloves and head gear. slapped a lot of shoulders. And the one guy who didn't even make it through the first round? (he panicked....) he got a lot of "hey! HEY! You stepped up and stepped in the cage to spar! That's more than anyone else! HEY! You stepped up to try!!!" and he was much better after that. That guy deserves a lot of props b/c sparring is scary sometimes.
  3. yea! Anniversary!!! Whoo hoo!!!! special dinner... mmmmm nom nom As for the in-laws... ahhhhh.... I gave up that guilt battle a while ago re: doing things, etc. Explain you want them to choose their time to spend with you and/or the kids around their schedule. If you have something that cannot be changed, you'll call a sitter. End of story. Whatever. Guilt away in law peoples.... choose to ignore the guilt. They still get to see the kids plenty.
  4. so much fun. I got to corner with one of my coaches. Saw some lousy sparring (to be expected) and a couple of good sparring match ups. AND major props to a guy who did a few rounds in a boxing sparing match and then finished with a few rounds of muay thai sparring. BAM! He was fun to work with. I learn a lot listening to the coaches with athletes in the moment. Trying to coach someone in the middle of the fight is pretty intense. But BEST YET I got to deal with blood! Whoo hoo!!! There will be blood! I got to stop a bloody nose in between rounds and clean the guy up! Sometimes happens in sparring. And yes... I got to stick my finger up some guy's bloody nose. Yessssss.... all the winning right there my friends.
  5. Your phone is drunk. okay. I'm notoriously unlikeable and I don't nerd out on nerdy things. So.... yeah.
  6. Soon there will be Muay Thai. Thurs night all we did was knees!!! I had to work with a newish girl. Not very good so not w great class for me. But OMG was she fun and nice. I kept pushing her. During kick sprints "come on just two more!" Her "ok!" It was so endearing. Man I liked her. And my Finnish friend was there and my deaf friend and get this! A blind guy started with his friend! I'm soooooo humbled by them all. I love this gym. Today I'll go to class and then I get to coach and corner at the smoker!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE all day in the stinky gym!!!
  7. To be honest...just hear me out...your offices are much better places to be. I love that they want to share, that food is fun, and there is a spirit of togetherness. And that is a much healthier perspective on food (to break bread together) then my office. People in my office "don't eat lunch", go on juicing fasts, or fast for 48 hours (which I still don't believe) but then I see them hoarding food from lunch meetings (actually putting food in her purse) and another one secretly eats candy for lunch (giant bags of skittles) but relishes the "legend" she's become bc nobody sees her eat. Meanwhile, I'll bring my own lunch to meetings and people think I'm weird but don't really care.
  8. I know this ^^^^ well. Except in my case my lack of excelling in sports was more bc my parents (who basically ingrained in me I was clumsy and lazy and worthless) and then sometimes a lack if interest or commitment. I loved softball and was so happy to be there but had nobody to practice w at home. So I never got as good as I could have been. On the other hand, my brother played baseball and my dad spent hours practicing w him....he got pretty good. But then he quit. He quit everything. Instead, I became really smart, really intuitive, and pretty popular. It worked for me but left a hole. Anyhow... I totally get it.
  9. Thanks. It was interesting to say the least. We should get trophies for lifting the trophies. We had a group pic at the end and we were all laughing about trying to hold up the trophies.
  10. Not on Philly public transit! Better yet - the mental image of me post fight camp, dripping in sweat getting on a bus with random Chinese woman I've been talking to for 10 mins while we debated what drugs the crazy guy with cd's, a cd player, and heavy metal music entertained us at the bus stop.... That's WHAT SHE SAID.... except for the "that is awesome part" ain't nobody in the history of world prefaced that statement with "that is awesome"
  11. It could be psoas and iliacus. Yes, it's totally possible you've got a hip flexor thing going on. Lax ball is probably too small for the area. A softball is good or an old fashioned foam roller.
  12. Oh My God I'm laughing on a public bus. Like a crazy person Well a crazy person w boxing gloves and shin guards Pardon typos, I'm eating jerky.
  13. I believe this is what you meant....
  14. Nahhh.... I'm waaaay too big for ANW stuff. Those people are tiny. The running commentary in the house is "That MAN weighs 30# less than I do". It's hard to put in context b/c you only see those folks next to one another on the show, but they are TEEEEENY. I know a guy who was on it.... TEEEEENY Who cares if it's less traveled? I'll slap it. It was quite funny.
  15. I kinda wish the next picture was that guy getting ready to smack you upside the head but then deciding "nahhhh.... he'd still be smiling" LOL Excited?
  16. oh okay noted with same enthusiasm as post. WTF?????????????????????? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (okay I got excited for ya)
  17. hallo. Letting go is good. It's okay to give a fuck - that's an emotional response and perfectly normal. It's ok to care and to care what others think. We are social creatures after all. It's what you choose to do with it that matters most. Letting go is soooo hard when you are a caring person. But you can figure out how to grow from that. And then when you do.... tell me.
  18. damn. why you people make me sign in when I'm trying to become more myth, less reality? I'm glad you are still around (although I think you should join us in battle logs). BUT I'm mostest gladest that you are back to your circuits!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE why? because you really like those and do well with them! Still running at all? Remember what Mark says about the social aspect to eating... *sigh* Tis a battle for all. Got your back!
  19. And to be clear, I was not in Ska's pics. I am not that badass. Spousal unit is though. And best part of the day: Ska's friend accepting my offer of an ass slap. I believe it made all the difference.
  20. I was busy. Whatever. "Who the hell eats only two meatballs? !" And "Yes. A half pound of scallops. .. just for me. What? !" - the Art of Clineliness Food Edition
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