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  1. Thanks folks!!! This helps me worry less. I actually know how to get out of a bench press (although I've never even considered pushing myself that hard until now...). I'm okay with DL. It's the squats I worry about. We do have 2 racks with pins, so I'll try to monopolize those.
  2. I'm working on developing a serious heavy lifting program. I'm fortunate enough to work with a trainer twice a week, but if I want to do any heavy lifting outside of training, I don't have a spotter. My training sessions are well rounded and not 100% lifting, so lifting outside of training is desirable (and trainer is encouraging it). my gym is it very friendly. In 4 years, I haven't met anyone there (chat w people I already knew). The most gym members are very closed of fish and very cliquish (used to be a restricted gym w no women). No women I know lift heavy. Most men I know don't lift heavy weight either. And husband won't work out with me ( he likes to work out alone). So last night w trainer I'm at 155lb weighted squats going below knee level. I would feel best with a spotter if I did this at the gym. Who spots you? What do you do? Help.....
  3. <delurking> I'm following a primal approach. With that said, the idea is that about 80% of weight and weight problems come from what we eat not exercise. And because I really like my exercise, I don't count exercise calories lost. So, I do track daily calories b/c this is a lifestyle change. I can easily eat breakfast and lunch and only come to 700 calories and not be hungry. I've come down to a total of 1400-1600 everyday without counting exercise. I try to eat 100g protein a day, tons of veg, and <50g carb. So I would split that big steak into two meals (honestly). As for lettuce, I don't touch it - only spinach and kale for biggest bang (and most taste). No salad dressing b/c avoiding sugars - just a bit of olive oil and salt. My day was Breakfast 4 oz (1/2 turkey leg, 1/2 tuna), 2.5 cups spinach raw, some ricotta (about .25 cup). Lunch 2 chick sausage (natural, organic, etc.), 3 cups raw kale & spinach, 1 small-med tomato, chipotle salsa (sugar free, etc.) 3 plain coffees total so far according to fitday = 617 calories, 80g protein, 19g carb I guess what I'm saying is that for me, portion control is helpful - esp when I'm hungry - so I'm counting calories.
  4. Definitely strength - lots of planks, etc. LOL. Also, definitely balance - think standing on one leg (which is also strength). Most athletes fail to work on balance and this leads to a lot of injuries. Back strength - especially back bending. This is super great for your back. I find it especially wonderful after being so conscious of my back when doing DL, squats, etc. Flexibility - 'nuff said there, helps prevent injuries. All classes should be adjustable to wherever you are. If you want a hot, vigorous workout, aim for a vinyasa class (talk to the instructor). If you want mellow, flexibility, breath, etc. class, look for a hatha class. I really struggle with breathing when I'm working hard and yoga is a great reminder for this. Friend of mine taught yoga to a bunch of NFL guys and they said this was a huge take away for them. Yoga is a perfect compliment to my workouts and my trainer actually encourages it (he also does yoga). I take a vigorous, sweaty vinyasa at least once a week. I'm doing a groovy rock n roll workshop for 2 hours tomorrow. And, yes, I'm usually the biggest one in the class b/c I lift weights. I struggle with inversions but man can I hold those planks and lunges. My husband is often one of the least flexible, largest males in the class but his yoga rocks because he's really strong - he can hold plank, he can hold lunges, he can hold squats.
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