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  1. Yes, Yoga is really beneficial. The only thing you need to do be consistent to your routine. Besides you have to take care of your nutrition.
  2. Purely depending what you want to achieve.
  3. While many hormones come into play during resistance training, the four major ones are Testosterone, growth hormone (GH), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), and cortisol. These are the most researched hormones in relation to strength training, and the science supporting their role in the process appears solid.
  4. Cross-training, sometimes referred to as circuit training, refers to combining exercises of other disciplines, different than that of the athlete in training. In reference to running, cross-training is when a runner trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, a fitness class or strength training, to supplement their running.
  5. Mixed Martial Arts; usually considered dangerous among all fighting forms. Indeed, MMA fighters need to be a frightening machine. MMA often renowned for its multidimensional fighters, who mastered several types of MMA techniques and are the strongest one. Everyone who wants to fight there, requires a tremendous amount of skill, stamina, heart and determination.Usually, youngsters in their enthusiasm do the mistake of go for the fight without sufficient preparation, which causes major sports injuries in youth, and even many of them can lose their interest. So, it’s mandatory for everyone who wa
  6. So you think that they need to change their training level to a new level
  7. Are you thinking.... MMA beginners need to change their workout routine?
  8. Bodybuilding exercise is quilt little bit tough and its results seems very late. These exercise build stamina in you and makes your body strong. To see more results you need to more focus towards your exercise. Instead of that you can for for jogging and for running that will also helps you.
  9. The biggest challenge for me for me is not to being focused and diet too. I'm a foodie so have unhealthy eating habits.
  10. As you are a beginner and never went to gym before and never does exercises you need to go slow and start with light exercises. Like: Clean and jerk,snatch, squat, lifts and sprints. Here is an blog that can be helpful for you establish a workout routine
  11. Hey guys..... I don't have any idea about cross training and how its work for your body. And if it is good for women or not?
  12. If you participate in an intense sport like MMA, wrestling or jiu jitsu, you need to be smart enough to make correct choices of muscle building foods, nutrition's and supplements.Here are few benefits of having good pre and post workout nutrition's: Intensify athletic performance (boost stamina, mental focus, and physical potential). Positively affect body composition (building muscle, reduce muscle damage, losing weight).
  13. In my meals there is alots of vegetables and fruits. Good nutritional food is important, so I make sure that in my meal there is correct nutrients of nutrition. Eating good meal is very important for our health.
  14. Great routine. My concern is to really boost anaerobic capacity, improve speed and get in the best shape of their life For that I'm doing HIIT.
  15. For injury prevention you need to find that which shoe is correct for you, because if its hurting whiling walking then you having your problem with your shoe.
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